Grown 2 Love Books (Unreleased Song) - by A.B.King

Verse One:
Hello all, the name is Alfred Benjamin King/
I was born to win, & I represent the King/
I love reading more than doing any other thing/
I have so many books my room is a library/
I used to love music & always had a plate/
Humming to new tunes while headphones vibrate/
For a while it seemed nothing could compensate/
Until I was asked out by the world of games/
We used to chat always like everyday/
Except when V.G dreams broke our dates/
Like a bird swipes its prey before it can run away/
But I managed to still race thru games without breaks/
The key is to save Ur game after every major break/
Before consciousness goes away without a wave/
Making you see Mario and Donkey Kong getting saved/
By Lara Croft & Leon from Resident Evil's stage/

Verse Two:
In spite of my great love for video games/
I discovered that real life ain't no game/
I felt sick that I played video games all day/
Exchanging the real world for some fantasy/
I put down the pad and picked up a book/
Now its a whole new man when U turn and look/
That don't mean I threw away my P.S Two/
It just means priorities took a whole new look/
And yelp I've always loved cartoons too/
Movies are cool too but not cool as toons/
I remember back then around '92/
Used to creep to the neighbours to watch cartoons/
Back then not everyone had cable/
I sat over there more than their central table/
It's funny how people walk in and out of your life/
I taught my B.F.F then, will be my B.F.F now/

Verse Three:
I can hardly believe that I've changed this much/
I can hardly believe I don't talk as much/
Can U believe Alfred Benjamin loves to read?/
That's a miracle for those who don't believe/
I mean without being forced I pick a book 'n' read/
My brain is now a pet that I love to feed/
At a rate most often attributed to greed/
Eating up text books, like mice eat cheese/
No cat's goin' keep me away from my meal/
Is this the feeling that gripped when they invented the wheel?/
Because I know I feel I just want to scream/
Not the kind that Pops when U watch a scary film/
But the kind that Pops when U celebrating/
Meditating on good books is liberating/
I've found a new friend in reading books/
As far as I never leave, she'll never leave too/

Each Day, Every Day (Unreleased Song) - by A.B.King

Verse One:
You've always been there like the air when I needed help/
Never been fed-up to respond to my cry for help/
Loyal and True, totally dependable/
My best friend, I'll never replace you/
On your lips dwell the diadem of truth/
I can always trust you with dry or muddy shoes/
No matter the weather, in you I take shelter/
You are the Holy Ghost, you stay close like a sweater/
It gets better, everytime we roll together/
Making my life ascend forever 'n' ever/
You love me greater than I could ever/
Love myself, or anyone else could ever/
I love it when we sit and chat in my room/
Intimate and Cool like bride and bridegroom/
Cheers of joys always waft and bloom/
Words lack the salt to say "I Love You"/

Verse Two:
You counsel me, when I don't know, which way to go/
You cancel things, that seek to cast me to the floor/
You shower me with blessings to overflow/
Over the rainbow, I leap and I glow/
You've made me a wonder, that you're glad to show/
To the whole world to freeze and behold/
Be inspired, and begin to grow/
Before you reap, you must 1st of sow/
You defend me from enemies who love trouble/
You keep me calm till danger busts like a bubble/
You empower me to write novels of you/
I'm not envious cause there's enough of you/
To go around to the world more than double/
I love them too and its all because of you/
To everyone, I just want to say that I love you/

Verse Three:
You strengthen me when my knees buckle from the load/
For certain, when I am weak then am I strong/
Because of you it's impossible for me to fall/
The possibility to fail is not in my nature/
Because of you divinity sips through the wall/
Of my skin cells like acupuncture/
It's impossible for me to get sick/
I don't get sick and I don't get healed/
I don't get suffering, I just get peace/
Get a lot of cheese, cause I always love to read/
I love to sink in your words when you talk to me/
You are my teacher and you know all things/
That's some advantage, unbeatable by nothing/
The Holy Spirit & Me, an unbeatable team/
I love you, Pops, 'n' Jesus; and you know/
My heart belongs to you, for you to take abode/

Sinking (Unreleased Song) - by A.B.King

Verse One:
Fear ran thru my skin like a slave now free/
My cells steamed in the heat from the fire around me/
The smoke forces its fingers into my nostrils/
Any more of this and I think, I can't think/
Oh! God please help me find a way outta this/
My head rotates but my thinking suffocates/
I can't think straight, I'll soon be ashes if I wait/
The firemen's best don't seem to help in my case/
Thanks to them most of my employees are now saved/
Based on a quick gaze when the window had no flames/
Don't they know I'm still in the top most floor/
In my next company my office will be on the ground floor/
If there would be a next time and this ain't my last stop/
It looks as if this is my final bus stop/
I can smell my own hair burning like baked bread/
This is the end, I'm helplessly getting roasted/

Verse Two:
I hope after I'm gone I'll be remembered/
I hope this is not the work of an employee I fired/
I hope heaven's gates won't be closed to my soul/
I scream Jesus hysterically as the flames encroach/
Suddenly a lady appears in a SWAT get go/
Am I in heaven, I ask the blue eyed heroine/
She throws a fire repellant coat around me/
U 'R safe now, she put her arm around me/
A surge of hope and cold, fireworks within me/
A strange feeling long forgotten visits me/
A feeling that .... ** UNFINISHED SONG

PG 13 (Unreleased Song) - by A.B.King

Verse One:
It ain't funny to see what eyes wish 2 disbelieve/
Little kids peeping on things they should never see/
Drinking in the fill of mass immorality/
Confiscating thoughts of images with nudity/
Web-Vid feeds is,   SA-TIS-FAC-TORY/
Especially when it's from the devil's factory/
Books!, what losers do in their mentality/
Totally a bore, except their precious fantasy/
It can be anything, but not educative/
Contemplating, meditating is called straining/
Their brain muscles which are adverse to training/
Lovers of playing and haters of taking/
Time out to plan for future mazes/
Youngsters never see time is actually on the run/
They think they got youth so they'll always catch up/
A classic mistake, time should have taught all/

Verse Two:
Kids 'R doing things they shouldn't know exist/
Taking leads from tips in dirty magazines/
They would only read, if it speaks of nasty things/
School books 2 them, ain't fun 2 read/
Then again the schools make condoms free/
So kids could do more than kiss when they sit on trees/
Look it's Mary & John sitting in a tree/
K - I - S - S - I - N - G/
Look - Look, Mary's tummy's     gotten BIG!/
Lets just call it teenage pregnancy/
But everyone is scared, the truth is feared/
Your world is a product of how you made your bed/
The bed-bugs that spread beneath the bed-spread/
Are guests to 'em who invited and welcomed them/
They goin' bite with strength till there's nothing left/
Of society's soul but who would know/

Verse Three:
We need to stop the kids from watching shows/
That show, Show - Girls, putting on a show/
It's a crime 2 'em to actually put on clothes/
They attack those who say, it shouldn't be so/
Too blind to see whose interest they hold/
Porno, hard like rock or soft as slows/
Are both dangerous & damaging 2 Souls/
Inside her bag lyes many destroyed homes/
Murdered folks, stoned folks and prison folks/
All because of her very solid hold/
Escape while you can still say NO!/
Don't listen when she says, "No! don't go"/
Cos we need to stand together and fight this foe/
Who seeks to fill our kids with pics of nude folks/
Business folks make dough so they fighting to/
Get every kid in the world addicted to porno/

The Inquisition (Unreleased Song) - by A.B.King

Verse One:
Have you ever heard of the inquisition/
The slaughter of innocents 4 a different vision/
The inhumane acts in the name of wisdom/
All because of a different proclamation/
The ad exstirpanda was their justification/
Promising them eternal life for participation/
They became slaves of evil for emancipation/
Unwilling-ness to recant meant condemnation/
They called us protestants and they still do/
They said outside the Pope there was no link to/
The one true God who created you/
So all of us, just got to bow to the Catholic crew/
Boo - ooo, I ain't down with the voo-doo, you do/
I only bow to Christ, does that offend you/
I don't bow to Mary or the Saints who/
Are all long dead and never left their tomb/

Verse Two: