Brazilian Amazon Fires Threatens To Wipe Out The Awá Tribe

   The Government and Guajajara Indians who live in the region are doing all they can to solve the problem permanently.

Puerto Rico Welcomes Home Olympic Delegates : Puerto Rican News - posted by A.B.King

   Puerto Rico celebrates at the airport.

FLOW gives $80 Million To Jamaica To Forward Education : Jamaican News - posted by A.B.King

   FLOW is a major telecommunications giant in Jamaica. It is doing a well  intended job and a rather typical one.

Iran Moves To Improve Relations With Cuba : Cuban News - posted by A.B.King

    A move made by Iran because of the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between America & Cuba. Iran doesn't want to fall on the sour end of that deal.

A Beautiful Baby Boy That Has Been Missing For 12 Days Has Been Found : Mexico News - posted by A.B.King

    Mario Sepúlveda Moreno was abducted about two weeks ago by two armed robbers in Chachapa, Amozoc, where the baby’s mother worked. The robbers also took money and cellphones from people.
    Thankfully, the prayers of a praying mother works and the baby has been safely returned to his mother without any ram-some demand.