Black Blues Singer Changes 25 Ku Klux Khan Members - reviewed by A.B.King

   Things like this proof that rather than hating those that hate you, love them instead. It produces a much better result.


FIFA 17 - The Journey - review by A.B.King


    More sports games are now beginning to come with storylines.


Samsung's Virtual Reality Plans 4 The Future - reviewed by A.B.King

      The Virtual Reality Tech design from one of my favourite cartoons from my childhood: The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest; that characters in the cartoon series used to enter a fictional virtual reality world called "Quest World" was first replicated by the VR company Mark Zuckerberg (the owner of Facebook) bought a few years ago.
      Now that same design is being used in Samsung's Virtual Reality device that would soon be a regular device among the masses in years to come just like the cell phone.
      I remember watching 'The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest' as a kid and just thinking about the device just like something you would thing of any device from Star Trek or Voltron: an over done futuristic technology prop to help the plot advance to create a desired setting.
      I wonder what the creators of the cartoon would think now if they saw their design today and where it is apparently going tomorrow.
      It's funny that some of the best technological advancements & Tech designs all appeared first in a Cartoon, Video Game, Comic Book, or as a Children's Toy.
      Some of the cars we see today only existed as toy cars yesterday. It was considered unrealistic back in the day. Now they are carrying humans today. Especially, the designs Formula 1 racing cars.
      All these things where once fiction. That just goes to show you the power of the mind.
      Don't take your thoughts lightly. don't take your imaginations lightly. Don't take your aspirations lightly and the ideas that come to you no matter how out of the way and never done before they may seem.
      You might just be the person to do it. You might just be the person to bring it into reality.
      And even if you fail, the steps you have taken may have just planted a seed in a child's mind that might grow up and bring that plan or idea to fruition; making it a blessing & a much needed advancement for a new generation and generations to come.
      Don't down play the power of your mind. That's why I'll recommed the book 'The Power Of Your Mind' to you. Read it & Improve yourself.

A Transgender Celebrity Preaches To Preachers & Teaches Them How To Pray - posted by A.B.King

Apparently ex-ministries was right about these Preachers and their intentions years ago.

Barack Obama's Blood - Brother Is Voting For Donald Trump - posted by A.B.King

Ha! Ha! This is very funny.

The Headlander: Another Transhumanist Video Game Coming Soon To PS4 - posted by A.B.King

You're the last human on earth ....

Young Turks vs Infowars | Alex Jones Gets Spit On | Young Turks Lie | YouTube Helps Young Turks - reviewed by A.B.King

The Video That Young Turks Posted:

The Video That Alex Jones Posted:

    You see the propaganda of the Young Turks. The same thing happening seen from a different camera angle can tell a different story.
    In the video the Young Turks posted when the Young Turks started doing unethical things they changed the camera angle and took the camera view to the back, far away from what was going on so we couldn't see the assault on Alex Jones and the spiting on Alex Jones.
    In the video that Alex Jones posted we can see the Truth.

At San Diego Comic-Con: Wonder Woman & Blue Beetle To Be In The Injustice 2 Video Game

Wonder Woman’s Powers & Abilities In The Game:
- The ability to switch between her Sword & Shield attacks and her Lasso of Truth.
- The ability to reflect fireballs with her Bracelets.

Blue Beetle's Powers & Abilities In The Game:
- Blue Beetle’s hands can turn into shields, blades, and clubs.
- He can attack from a distance by turning his hand into an energy cannon that fires quick blasts from the ground or air.
- He can use the wings on his back for air mobility, both to advance or escape from the opponent.

In My Opinion:
    Typical. I must confess I'm unimpressed.

I Have Seen A Blind Rich Man But Never A Dumb Rich Man

"Your mouth is the architect of your future. I have seen a blind rich man but I have never seen a dumb rich man​.​"

   - Pastor T.T. Edun.

102 University Students Won To Christ By Pastor T.T. Edun Of Christ Embassy Church

     The meeting took place at the Imo International Convention Center. It was a two day program.
     Thousands of students in campuses around the venue showed up.
    102 answered the Altar Call and wrote their names and phone numbers down which the church would use to follow them up and ensure they are planted in one of Christ Embassy's numerous branches.
    Free copies of "The Power Of Your Mind", the bestselling book by Pastor Chris was given to all new converts. 

     The impact of the meeting and the long established presence of Christ Embassy's Outreaches to Universities in the area has helped halt gang activities as many high ranking gang members in the Universities and around the area have often given their lives to Christ and via special programs by Christ Embassy in conjuction with the police have escape the repercussions of living the gangs.

       Thus, such programs and churches like Christ Embassy not only bless and give regular citizens the tools and the wisdom required for success but also they make the cities they are allowed to thrive in safe  for all citizens.
      You see yet another reason why the Gospel should be supported and we shouldn't give way to organisations like the ACLU, LGBT groups, and other Anti - Christian Groups that want to stamp out Christianity from every society.

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