No Child Is A Mistake - a poem by Alfred

No child is a mistake, No child is Man - Made/
In the eyes of Destiny there is no Mistake/
The baby in your womb could be the Hero the world awaits/
He could be the one to find the cure for HIV - AIDS/
He might be the Cop who would save your own life one day/
Or the Doctor without borders who keeps death far away/
The Lawyer that saves your Savings from being wiped away/
The Architect that builds bridges between the Future and Today/
Don't walk into that clinic and throw that Destiny away/
What if your Mother was Aborted, where will you be today/
Don't let Fear, Pain, or Shame make you make a mistake/
You can't kill a Destiny to ensure yours is saved/
Yours would be destroyed as well, don't be a Fool today/
Save your Tomorrow by not aborting it Today/

Why Black Lives Matter Is A Cancer To Black People. (White People Are Not The Enemy. We Need Them And They Need Us) - by Alfred

   Black Lives Matters is the worst thing to ever happen to the Black People of America.
   The organisation breeds racists who hate White People and make racism against Whites mainstream.
   They ignore the fact that the Predators of Black Society are Black People in Street Gangs.
   Black People move to White Neighborhoods when they become successful. Why? Because the safest place for Black People is in White Neighborhoods.
    What are the odds that a Black person would get shot in a White Neighborhood? And what are the odds that a Black person would get shot in a Black neighborhood?
    You see my point?
     Over 93% of Black People in America are killed by Black Gangs or Planned Parenthood.
     What is Black Lives Matter doing to address the two real Killers and Oppressors of Black People? Nothing. Black Lives Matter is silent and actually supports these two real destroyers of Black People. Black Lives Matter doesn't care about Black People.
    Who is a Black Person living in a Black Neighborhood most afraid of?
     It's a Black Gang Member.
     If you don't know this, you are probably too Hollywood or too Brainwashed by the mainstream media and out of touch with any Black Neighborhood.
     Have any White person ever ran up with a Gun into Black Neighborhoods and started killing Black People?
     If you are in a Black Neighborhood and you hear gunshots who do you first think is doing the shooting without even seeing the Shooter?
     You think it's probably a Gang Member or The Police.
      How many times have you been proven wrong? None.
     Black Lives Matter is Hypocrisy & Racism on steroids.
     The problem of Black People isn't White People. It is Street Gangs and Planned Parenthood.
     Black Lives Matter can't see that demonizing a Race of people because of what people who are that same Race did hundreds of years ago is Racist.
     They are quick to see that it is Racist to think a Black man might be a criminal because he dresses or acts in a certain way that a Black criminal one may have met or seen in the past acts. Yet, Black Lives Matter can't see it's Racist to blame an entire Race for the crimes of what someone else who happens to be the same Race did hundreds of years ago.

The Lady With The Pro-Life Sign - a poem by Alfred

She stands on the street where women's minds part/
Like a candlelight glowing defiantly in the dark/
She aims to help women see the right path/
So their feet isn't bloodied in the Future by the Past/
No amount of soap can wash away the past/
No amount of tears can bring a Life back/
A bucket of regret can't buy happiness back/
And a spoonful of Relief is your humanity retired/
She is Hope to the Soul that lives within your womb/
Fully Developed waiting for the Body to follow suit/
What words can justify wearing a Killer's Suit /
What excuse Stands to end Life's cue/

My Safe Place - a poem by Alfred

When Fear encircles me like a pack of wolves/
And enemy teeth sparkle through smiles under the moon/
Failure's lips waters at the Dream of my Tomb/
As Pride sizes my heart for its next swimming pool/
Lust plays cool, but waiting to play too/
As Greed's hands jumps forward to knock out my tooth/
I'm cornered on every side by a potential bruise/
Of Potential Sins with Real Shadows upon my shoes/
But when the inevitable is inevitable/
The Author of Life rewrites the inevitable/
Cause my heart hosts his Ghost permanently/
And I exist within Him permanently/
I would never step out of Him temporarily/
For its exposure to be jumped temporarily/

To Be A Man - a poem by Alfred

To be a man is not a day's job/
To be a man is the ambition of every boy/
To be a man is to grow roots beneath your foot/
So you would stand firm when storms run towards you/
To be a man is to stretch the width of your chest/
With the Pride of Achievement under Hardwork's belt/
To be a man is to let experience stroke your beard/
As Wisdom combs your head softly with no end/
To be a man is to provide your family with bread/
So Hunger remains a Stranger, Never a friend/
To be a man is to grow shoulders strong and wide/
To carry the weight of the world and take easy strides/
To be a man is the hardest job in the world/
But to be a man you mustn't think it's hard at all/
It's just you being you, born for the hardest job/
To be a man is Hardwork, and it's not a day's job/