Dark Souls 3 : How Anybody Can Make Money From This Game : Video Game Reviews Series - Post #7

    You'll forgive me I'm sure if I tend to seem too blunt. However, I must confess, I wouldn't play this game for all the tea ☕ in India.
     The trailer of the game even, might as well be called a puzzle. I don't understand what I saw.
      Anyway, tastes are different.

      I congratulate the makers of this game on whatever hardwork they put into the game 🎮

      I personally find the few scenes from the trailer demonic. I advise every Christian or reasonable person not to play this game.

     However, there are people who would play the game, and money would be made off them.

How To Make Money From This:

- The company behind this Game is Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is not traded on any Stock Exchange.
     However, there is much better News: Its Parent company is.
     That means even more money and more product range diversity.
     In this case, we strike Gold.
     The name of the parent company is Bandai Namco Holdings, Inc.

      It is a Japanese holding company (which means it primarily buys up shares of other companies full time) and it is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    The company's annual revenue is ¥580 Billion and still rising.

     Remember, wait till the market undervalues their shares before you start buying.

Tekken 7 Official Rage and Sorrow Trailer - Video Game Trailers Rollout Series - Post #3

     Apparently, the once Fighting Mode heavy game is now leaning towards over doing the Family Feud; father & son want to kill each other story line.

Male Protestor At Women's Right March Hits A Female Reporter And Feminists Support It : How To Make Money From This : Translating News Into Cashflow - With A.B.King

   Protesting Women's Rights By Beating Up A Woman. And All The Female Protesters Who Saw It, Support It. Wow!

How To Make Money From This:

- Create and sell sarcastic T-shirts 👕 about feminism.

- Create a Meme of this video and post it on Tumblr but include a watermark of your monetized website in it.

- Create a monetized YouTube video about this so that it shows up in the Related or Suggested Video feed of everybody who watched it therefore you too could make as much or even more than the original uploader of this video even though you may have fewer YouTube subscribers.

- Invest in Time Warner which owns CNN and other pro-feminist media. Remember to only buy shares when the stocks are undervalued.

Never forget this famous A.B.King quote:

"You make money when you Buy, And you can only lose money when you Sell."

So it is not just about buying, it is about buying at the lowest price possible within the period you're willing to wait to make a purchase.

- Start an Anti-Feminist non-profit organization or website. There is virtually none in existence in the whole world; Zero.
If your new organisation cannot get an audience or customers, then that's News in itself. Perhaps, that's what your company should be about if that is the case. Because it means that feminism should not exist because it's a complete hoax as you couldn't find an Anti-feminist audience anywhere.

- Buy shares in Google when it's Undervalued.

- Create or Rebrand a product offering in your business to show solidarity to Women's Rights and Pro-feminists; and see how it helps your business.
For example: If you own a coffee shop, add a Pro women's quote to pink coffee cups.
Take advantage of the "Pussy Hat" craze and do a buy this much of our products and get a free "Pussy Hat." Or just outright sell the Pussy Hats but with your company's brand on it. Also sell it online; not only one your company's website but on Amazon and E-bay.

Male Pervert Sexually Assaults A Male Preacher And A Female Republican Reporter At The Women's Rights March In Washington : How To Make Money From This : Translating News Into Cashflow - With A.B.King

   It is so sad to see what America has become and how hypocritical the left is.
   So it's Ok! to sexually assault a Preacher and sexually assault a women while claiming to be fighting for women's rights at the same time?

How To Make Money From This:

- Start a News blog and monetise with adsense because there are too many blogs and sites that are pro-Hillary. However, there is obviously only one or two sites that is pro trump.
There is a vast underserved market for those who are pro-trump and who voted for trump.

- Create T-Shirts and other merchandise that speaks to both sides and sell them online. Target products for Pro - Trump supporters to them, and target products for Anti - Trump supporters to them.

- Write a 20 page essay on your thoughts on the March (even though you weren't there). Then publish it using Amazon Createspace (which is a free self-publishing platform owned by Amazon) then sell the book for $2.99 or $4.99

- Invest in Time Warner stocks the next time it takes a dip, because CNN is now building loyalty off misinformed women who would need to start going back to CNN for more misinformation.

- Start a Women's Rights website and in addition to ad revenue, sell merchandise and also ask for donations to keep the website alive.

- Register & Lunch a non-profit women's rights organisation and raise money for worthy women's right issues. Be transparent and truthful about where the money is going. However, you have to take your own cut for management and personal upkeep (just like every other non-profit organisation in the world).

The Kind Of Dress I'll Like My Wife To Wear For Casual Occasions If I Were Married : The Prettiest Dress - Women's Fashion Series - Post #1

   This blue dress is Awesome. This is certainly one of the kind of dresses I would like my wife to wear if she where just casually going about New York with me just around our home.
   It's perfect for outing but not for going anywhere special or really important. It also works for staying at home; entertaining guests or at a barbeque.
     It works well with the sneakers, but I personally feel it would be better with the right women's shoe or scandal.

     Buy the way, if you'll like to get this dress for your wife, click here to get it for a special discount.

     Even if you don't buy this particular dress, make sure you buy something for your wife this week. Tell her just how much you appreciate her with a gift.