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A Lady Of Dignity - a short story by Alfred

   Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, a little chocolate skin girl named Mary smiled from ear to ear along with every other girl in her class.
   The school's vice principal had excused the teacher and told the class of a once in a lifetime opportunity only open to female students in their age range.
   A major wrist watch company was running a campaign among a few select schools from across the country and theirs was among. The wrist watch company was looking for a new face for their TV, Billboard & Online Ads in other to boost their wrist watch brand for little girls in their age group.
Whoever gets chosen gets a 5 year contract which includes a 5 year scholarship package in addition to reasonably priced recurring endorsement fees for that 5 year period.
Students who plan to enter the contest must have a signed permission letter from their parents.
   All the girls where excited by the News.
The next day, Mary was the second in line to submit her signed permission letter from her Mum & Dad. She had been so enthusiastic when telling them about it that they had to beg her to clam down several times because they had never seen anyone so worked up & excited about anything like she was.
   There was going to be a Talent Show hosted by one of the bigger schools, featuring all the contestants from all over the country. The wealthy owner of the wrist watch company would be there & he would decide who he likes the most at the end of the Talent Show.
   In preparation for this, Mary's school began holding Talent Show prepping sessions during Recess for its students. It wasn't mandatory for every student but it was mandatory for everyone who submitted a permission letter and intended to participate in the contest.
   During the Prepping Session all the girls were allowed to change into whatever costume or attire they planned to wear at the talent show.
   A lot of the girls walked out from the girls' changing room wearing outfits that looked like what their favorite secular celebrities would wear. They where even wearing designer brands of popular clothing lines for girls that either revealed skin or was a little bit suggestive in one area of the design or the other.
   It's the signs of the time. Only a few years ago no one would dare make clothes for little girls that revealed skin, but decades of exposure to indecent presentations of women on MTV, in Movies, in Comic Books, in Secular Magazines,  in Cartoons, on Billboards, and On everything else around us; has desensitized us and evaporated the very broad gap between Modesty & Immodesty.
   Now parents are the ones who buy their little girls these clothes because they see no difference between Beauty & Sexy; thanks to years of propaganda lead by the fashion industry.
   There is now nothing wrong with trying to make your little baby girl look Sexy, and anyone who is against the idea is just outdated and a 'Judgemental Weirdo'.
If only people knew the obvious: 'Sexy' means 'Sexually Provocative.'
DUH! I mean. It's Obvious. The word is self - explanatory.
   Why would anyone want to teach their daughter to dress 'Sexually Provocatively'? Why would even an adult female dress Sexually Provocatively? Why would any society that hopes to uplift women make make them respected & honoured members of society prompt them into thriving to dress in a manner that is Sexy (i.e. Sexually Provocative).
   A woman should have 'Complimenting Beauty' on her mind when in her Beauty Room, not striving to look Sexy.
   Little Mary was displeased to see her classmates dressed that way. She didn't say anything. She had expected the teachers to say something about it but to her surprise none of the teachers saw anything wrong with little girls wearing suggestive clothing. Even the female teachers saw nothing wrong with it.
   Mary changed into a Beautiful new dress with commendable designs & patterns but it didn't show off any skin on any part of her body. Even her knees weren't showing; unlike those of all the other girls, many of whom wore Short Shorts & Short Skirts to show off their thighs.
   None of the girls could knock Mary's dress but their was something about it that was to strange to them. They looked intensely at Mary's attire, they couldn't put their finger on it but there was something very very different about it... Something... Something... Weird!
   Then all of a sudden one of the girls said, "My, that is the most Un-Sexy dress I've ever seen in my life."
   That was it. That was what was different about it; the girls taught. That was what made it Weird. It wasn't Sexy therefore it wasn't Cool. It wasn't Sexy therefore it wasn't Beautiful.
   "Did your Grandma buy you that dress, Mary?", mocked another girl with laughter around the edges of each word.
   "That's not cool, Mary. I taught you where Cool", said another girl.
   "You must want to lose the Talent Show", another girl blurted out. "I can't believe you are wearing that."
   The place was beginning to get more and more noisy & stuffy for Mary, so Mary shouted at the top of her lungs words she had heard her mother tell her over and over again: "A WOMAN'S GLORY IS IN HER DIGNITY".
   "QUIET!" shouted a teacher who wasn't paying attention to the girls squabbles, but very irritated at Mary's screaming. "Mary, if I hear you scream one more time, you're taking a time out."
   That night, Mary told her mother what happened. She believed in what she stood for but it doesn't always feel good standing alone and the whole world against you.
Mary's Mum praised Mary and gave her all the encouragement she needed to forget how it felt when no one stood with her.
   Dad came into Mary's room, and the three of them said their Goodnight Prayer & everyone was off to bed.
   The remaining period that passed before the big day, Mary held her chin up & dressed with dignity & grace which matched her actions. She didn't listen to all the ignorant & unkind words all the other girls had to say about her Un-Sexy dress. That was until someone brought to her notice that the owner of the wrist watch company did an interview two years ago on where he defended his decision to invest in a company that makes Sexy clothing for little girls.
   A new wave of fear & worry hit Mary.
  Satan used that opportunity to really work on Mary. Every now on then Satan would introduce thoughts like, "Only you & your mother believe in dressing decently". "There is nothing wrong with being Sexy,  express yourself." "Everybody else is doing it, why don't you do it too. Dress Sexy."
   Every now & then thoughts like this would come to her mind but each time she would rebuke the Devil using the name of Jesus and then say those glorious words: "A WOMAN'S GLORY IS IN HER DIGNITY."
   The thoughts would stop for a while but later come back.
   The worst temptation of all came when the big day was just close by. Satan dropped the idea of cutting holes in all the inappropriate places in an old clean dress she owned. Mum would never know, all Mary had to do was hide the cut - down clothes in her school bag tucked nearly between books while wearing the dress Mum & her agreed she would wear. She would change to the cut-down clothes at the venue, and then change back after her performance.
   The temptation was so great this time that Mary ran to her room to kneel down & pray.
   While praying the Holy Spirit spoke to her and told her that the sure way to end this particular temptation was to tell her Mum & Dad about it.
   Tell her Mum & Dad that she was planning to deceive them? WHAT? That didn't sound like a good idea but God helped her see quicker why it was the best sure way to end the temptation.
   So, with her head down a little bit, Mary told Mum & Dad that she had something to tell them. When they sat down, She told them everything. Every single thing.
   Dad broke down in tears. That was the first time Mary had ever seen her father crying.
   Mum was lifting up her hands & waving them to God in worship.
   Mum & Dad both hugged their little girl & kissed her repeatedly on her forehead.
Mary hadn't expected this kind of happiness as a reaction in a million years.
Mary's parents thanked God for giving them such an honest, wise & wonderful child.
Then Mum & Dad introduced Mary to the teachings of Alfred Benjamin King on Victorian Etiquette which they got from which is the official website of Mr. King's country club.
   After a long talk & watching a lot of entertaining movies & documentaries from the website, Mary was completely turned inside out. No trace of the desire to be unlady like was left in her. It was now impossible for her to ever desire to be like over 60% of the women of today who shun decency & integrity. Mary knew better. She now had knowledge that they lacked. She could now see that those women are slaves of ignorance. It was the women & men of Victorian England who got it right.
   Mary now knew how she wanted to live her life. She now had a self-worth & self value as a woman that she could have never had before. She now had an imprinted self value that forbade every fiber of her being & every cell in her body from even entertaining the thought of acting less than a lady. She had now begun to see what it truly means to be feminine. Something that many women today never had because it died before they were even born. It died when Victorian Values died.
   That day marked the beginning of a new day for Mary. Everyone who knew Mary noticed the change in Mary's personality & mannerisms from that day forward.         There was a certain charm about her now that differentiated her from everyone else around her.
   Eventually, the day of the contest finally arrived.
   When all the contestants were assembled Backstage making their last minute pre-show arrangements, the wealthy owner of the wrist watch company was shown backstage by the hosting school's principal to receive a surprise prearranged welcome greeting from all the girls.
   As soon as the owner of the company stepped into the room, all the girls broke into a specially written welcome chrous. But suddenly a little dog dashed out of nowhere and bit the owner's leg. It sunk its teeth in and wouldn't let go.
   The singing stopped immediately, everyone was frightened; some people froze while others tried to get the dog away from the now frantic & terrified Business Tycoon.
   One of the girls had come to the show with her little dog in her bag. Perhaps it was to help with her act during the Talent Show. Unfortunately, it had slipped out of the bag without anybody knowing and had proceeded to ruin things for everybody by sinking its teeth into the Business Tycoon's leg & refusing to let go.
   It took five whole minutes that seemed like an eternity to get the dog away from the Tycoon.
   The Tycoon demanded to know who the owner of the dog is but nobody came forward and nobody volunteered to speak up because none of the girls truly noticed the dog with anyone before, their minds were all too preoccupied with their presentations for the Talent Show.
   After the very irritated Business Tycoon looked around and demanded for the owner of the dog one last time, he got so angry and said, "I wouldn't want any of you future thieves & criminals as the face of my brand, but I guess it would ruin me in the press if I don't pick one of you. You there!" the Tycoon said pointing at Mary,"You are the only decent looking girl in the room. I PICK YOU."
   It was then that some of the girls including Mary had an epiphany. It was that: when push comes to shove; both consciously & unconsciously even those who encourage females to wear Sexy clothing assume those who aren't wearing Sexy Clothes are more likely to be honest, decent & more trustworthy than those who are wearing Sexy Clothing.


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