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Above All, The Shield Of Faith - by A.B.King

   James was driving his car one day and he saw his wife, Ellen coming out of a popular divorce lawyer’s office. He got scared but he drove on.   When he gets home and his wife later gets back, he tries to act like he didn’t see what he saw and he begins to observe his wife’s every move.
   Ellen acted like if she hadn’t just been at a divorce lawyer’s office.
   James wondered that if it was really not something that was cause for concern why didn’t she tell him about it. It was clear it had something to do with him but why she’s not telling him about it, he pondered.
   James also figured that she was acting a little distant. He started worrying big time but covered up his worrying the best he could.
   He asked her if anything was wrong and she said that nothing was wrong. But after seven years of marriage he could tell that she was hiding something from him.
   James got scared and started buying things for her just out of the blue. He started asking her if she wanted anything done and anything she asked him to do no matter what it was, he did it for her. It even amazed her sometimes.
   James started petting her, listening to her more, being more considerate, and would even ask her what he can do to make her life with him more joyful and dreamy. He would brainstorm every morning on how to make the day a special day for her before she even woke up. His top priority all through the day even when she was not with him was to give her a reason to smile because she had him in her life.   James was determined to do anything necessary to prevent his wife from getting a divorce. He didn’t know what he would do without her. He didn’t want to live life without her.
   James finally brought the problem to the Holy Spirit dwelling inside him. The Holy Spirit told James to be confident and have faith in Ellen’s love for him and his love for her but to continue with the new improvements he's made in treating his wife like the most valuable gift God has ever given him, for as long as he is on this earth.
   James holds on to what the Holy Spirit told him.   The next day, Ellen told him that she has a surprise for him and told him to wait there were he was that she would bring it.
   James heard a voice telling him that she is going to bring the divorce papers. He started to get frightened but he fought within himself to pull himself together. It won’t be divorce papers, he told himself.
   Ellen came back with the surprise for him.  
   James’ breathing pattern changes as he begins to breathe fast again. He didn’t know what to do but he knew that he could always count on the Holy Spirit. So James forced himself to trust in the love that he and Ellen shared.
   Ellen brings out an envelop and says “TAR – DAHH!” with a lot of dramatic effect.
   Oh – No!, began to well up within James but he pushed it down. He fights to keep his faith up and tells himself that what his wife just gave him is just a poorly packaged gift of some kind. But when James beings to pull out a document his heart started skipping beats again but this time it was faster than before. It was like an antelope skipping through sloppy plains.
   James was about to start crying but then his wife said that it is the documents for a new piece of real estate she bought, and that it’s in both their names. She said she just wanted to surprise him. She also thanked him and said that it was proof that all he had been teaching her about investing in real estate months ago paid off.
   James heart beat returned to normal. He decided that it’s time to just be upfront and confront her about it.She laughed and told him that she went to the divorce lawyer’s office to talk a friend out of having a divorce. Ellen told James that the time he saw her walking out of the divorce lawyer’s office alone it was because her friend had forgot her bag there so she left her friend in her car and went back to get it.
   Ellen told James that she didn’t tell him about it because she wanted to protect her friend’s privacy.
   “Whew!” James was relieved. “Well if nothing else I learnt from all this that I shouldn’t wait till I think that our marriage is in trouble before I treat you like the Queen that you are.”
   Ellen’s cute laugh filled the air. “Did you really think that I would ever live you. You can be really silly sometimes. The last 7 years of my life has been the best years of my life ever. I could never live you. But now you want to step it up a notch and treat me like a Queen, don’t let nothing stop you.”
   “You can count on it, Honey!” James said, “You can count on it my Queen.”
The End.

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Education is the most powerful W.M.D/
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