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All Things Are Possible - by A.B.King

   Franklin and Betty where a lovely Christian couple. They both loved the Lord with all their hearts and they both loved each other very deeply too. They had been married for 15 years so their love, familiarity and attachment to each other was over 15 times strong.

   For Betty’s birthday, Franklin wanted to do something really special for his most beloveth. So after brain storming for something memorable to do for his wife: something so out there that his wife would never forget it; he came up with the idea of taking her on a wild adventure in the jungle. That was the only thing he could think of. His wife loved adventure and they had pretty much done just about everything together. They were rich and she believed in living live to the full because life is short. So she had been told, and so she had believed, and hence had she lived.

   Since, Betty had done just about everything from sky diving to taking commercial trips to space to touring every major tourist spot; Franklin figured that taking her on a wild adventure in the jungle was the one thing that since she had never done before would be truely special and memorable for her. After all, the fact that it was going to be a first time experience for her was definitely going to make it a memorable one.

   Sadly, during their wild jungle experience Betty caught a strange and malignant disease.

   Franklin took Betty back to their country and Betty was placed under the best doctor in the country. After the doctor looks at her he tells Franklin that he is sorry that there is nothing he can do, that the best he can do is to make her remaining time on earth less painful.

   Franklin was mad at the doctor. He took his wife to a different hospital but the doctor there said the same thing.

   Franklin then took his wife to a totally different hospital but the doctor there just gave a worse diagnosis than the other two doctors had given.   At this point, Franklin was getting desperate and a battle between hope and giving up hope raged within his heart.

   He had started blaming himself for his wife’s condition. It was his bright idea to take his wife to the jungle for adventure that had put her in the predicament that she was in.

   At the point of the progression of the disease she was in, she could no longer talk. He wondered whether if she could, whether she would not just blame him for her condition. After all, he was the only one to blame.

   The guilt ate at him everyday and he couldn’t sleep well at night any longer. Some nights he would just simply lay awake in bed with his eyes shut but with sleep refusing to come. All that would play in his head like a video reel where the fun times that he and his wife had together. And every thought imaginable that suggests that he is responsible for putting an end to a life that was such a radiant rose on an earth full of stones flowed through his mind.

   In the past he had hated it when she bossed him around, with her it was always “Honey could you be a dear and get me a cup of coffee” or “Honey could you be a dear and run down to the store for me” or “Honey could you be a dear and take out the garbage for me.”

   But now, Oh – My – Gosh! What he won’t give to hear her boss him around one more time.   Franklin spent all his time taking Betty on a stretcher from one doctor to another doctor. She had long lost the ability to speak but now she was losing the ability to move. She was progressing into a complete coma before she finally progresses unto the other side.

   Franklin figured that he had better keep her in one hospital, rather than shuttling her all around the globe from one world renowned doctor to the other. Besides he had spent all his fortune on doctors who couldn’t do anything and didn’t do anything but tell him what he had already been told before. One thing was for sure; after his wife dies he would be flat broke. He had spent all his millions on her medical condition that he felt responsible for causing.   Now he found himself in a hospital in Hong Kong. He figured that he rather stayed there than move his wife around again.

   One day while sitting in the hospital’s waiting room, a TV program about a man of God who prays for people with cases that the doctor say is hopeless came on air.

   Franklin realized that even though he was a Christian, he had not thought about bringing the matter to God since the problem started.

   A fresh breath of hope swept over Franklin’s heart. Franklin decided that no matter what it takes, he is going to take his wife to see this man of God. He still had some money left.

   Franklin held fast unto hope in his heart and he started praying for the first time about his wife’s condition which had gotten so bad now that according to the doctors she was only less than 2 days away from death.

   Franklin conducted an intense online search on the man of God and after watching some of the healing videos he found; he was convinced that if the man of God prayed for his wife, that she would definitely be healed. The man of God had prayed for people in worse cases before and as everyone who watched his videos online could see, they got their miracles.

   Franklin took his wife who was now officially in a coma on a journey to travel to the country that the man of God was in. Everybody taught that he was insane, but he prayed to God and stood fast believing God for a miracle. He’d heard about people doing crazy things courtesy of faith. Well, this was his own crazy act of faith, God had to reward him. God had to give his wife a miracle.   As Franklin got there and explained to the church officials who worked under the ministry of the man of God he had been researching, they told him to take a sit and to just wait there. For some reason, Franklin smelt something fishy. He smelt something was not quite right.

   5 minutes later, another man came out and told Franklin that he is really sorry that the man of God passed on that morning and it had hit everybody hard with shock, and then the man walked away almost as quickly as he came. He left Franklin just standing there, with his wife on a stretcher on the floor beside him.

   All of Franklin’s hopes had been crushed. He thought of suing the ministry but what good would that do? It wouldn’t change his wife’s state and at this point he didn’t know if he had enough money to sue anybody.

   Suddenly, Betty stated acting up. She hadn’t moved in days but now she was acting like spasmodic waves of electricity where following through her body. It didn’t look good. It didn’t look good one bit.

   Franklin feared that what he taught was happening was happening. He feared that his wife was moving on.

   Franklin started calling for help and in-spite of the fact that he was in an empty church building that was attached to church offices that had people in it, nobody came to help him.

   Franklin screamed and screamed but nobody came to his aid.

   Finally, his wife stopped moving. She looked peaceful. Calm.

   Franklin felt her pulse and his own heart almost stopped beating. She had stopped moving forever. She had passed on.   

   “WHYYYYYYYYYY !!!”, Franklin screamed on his knees as he looked up into the heavens way beyond the roof of the church.

   Franklin had never been so mad at God in his life before. He flung the bible in his hand to the side. Then he realized what he had done. He felt a little guilty about that on top of all the other feelings he felt about his wife passing on.

   Franklin got up and walked to his Bible to pick it up. As he bent down to pick it up he saw that it had opened up to a potion of scripture that was high-lighted with a green marker. It caught his attention and that portion of the scripture read, “And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. 8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, RAISE THE DEAD, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10: 7 – 8)

   The part that said “RAISE THE DEAD” caught Franklin’s attention. Perhaps God was telling him something. He certainly felt like God was telling him something.

   He read it again, it was crystal clear. The Spirit of God revealed to Franklin that Jesus wasn’t just talking about what the 12 disciples where able to do for believing in him, but he was also talking about what anyone who believed in him was able to do. You don’t have to have a PhD in theology first, all you have to do is believe.  


   As soon as Franklin finished praying he had his fingers crossed. He couldn’t help but hold his breath as he reached to feel his wife’s pulse. It was over a long time ago but perhaps God had performed a miracle. As Franklin’s hand felt for his wife’s pulse: Nothing.

   Franklin quickly pulled his hand away. What was he thinking anyway expecting a miracle to happen?

   Franklin knelt beside the dead body of his wife with his head touching his knees, and there he wept for the loss of his wife.

   Suddenly, Franklin heard someone cough. Then he heard the voice of his wife saying, “HONEY, WOULD YOU BE A DEAR AND GET ME SOME WATER TO DRINK?”

   Franklin looked back towards the stretcher and he saw his wife sitting down and looking back at him.

The End.

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