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Annie Sits & Thinks - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Annie. She loved the Lord and she was blessed to have good Christian parents and good Christian friends.   One day, Annie found her Dad sitting down alone, quietly in a dark and quiet part of the house. It was weird.   Annie was too scared to interrupt her Dad. She had never been afraid of her Dad before but he just looked too different now that she didn’t know what he might do.   Annie hid and watched her father. She soon got bored and went to the living room to watch cartoons.   After 2 hours of cartoons, Annie decided to go to the ice box to get some orange juice. As Annie was on her way to the ice box she found out that her Dad was still sitting were she last saw him. He hadn’t moved. He wasn’t dead, but he wasn’t acting like if he was alive either.   Annie was still too scared to approach her Dad in that state. She wondered if something was wrong with him. She forgot all about the orange juice and she hid and watched him. He wasn’t moving. He was just sitting alone quietly. 5 minutes passed and she was still watching him. She didn’t notice that someone had come up behind her.   “BOO!!!”   Annie jumped right out of her skin. She turned and saw her mother standing there with a wide smile on her face.   “You scared me”, said Annie.   “Never mind that sweetie. What are you doing spying on your Dad?”   “There is something wrong with Daddy” Annie said. “It’s like he is dead but he is not dead at the same time.”   Mum looked at Dad who was sitting in a distance and totally oblivious of what they were saying. And then she looked back at Annie and laughed.   She explained to Annie that Dad was only thinking. That anytime he had a problem he liked to go somewhere where he would be by himself and have absolute silence around him so that he can peacefully think of the solution of the problem.   “Wow! is that what daddy is doing?”   “Yes, that is what daddy is doing.”, Mum answered as she tugged Annie’s cheek as she made a funny Mummy face at Annie. “Common, I would fix you a sandwich.”   “Yeah!!!”   Two days after that, Annie had a problem with another girl in school. She decided to do what she saw her father do so she would come up with a solution for her problem.   Annie sat still. She tried not to move a muscle. She stayed there for 20 minutes struggling not to move a muscle until she finally couldn’t feel any muscle in her body.   Annie felt strange. She felt like she was sinking into a spiral that was in a spiral that was in another spiral of dizziness.   Annie didn’t know if she could move. She screamed out help and her Mother came running. Her Mum didn’t know what Annie was doing but like every mother when they hear their child screaming, she came running.   Mum spent the rest of that evening nursing Annie back to health. When she found out what Annie was doing that got her in her present predicament, Mum shook her head and said, “It’s not about how STILL you sit when you think. It’s about thinking in the position that you are most comfortable and least distracted, in a quiet environment.”
The End.

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Our Boys In Blue - a poem by Alfred

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They Carry our Troubles, All Night, All Day/
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