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Daddy, I Feel God Wants You To Put Your Trust In Him And Not In Man - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Amy. She was 12 years old and she was the only child of her Christian parents. Amy’s Mum was a school teacher while Amy’s Dad was a banker although a substantial amount of his income came from the stock market.   A recession hit their country and the entire financial structure of the nation was shaken to its core.   Amy’s Mum thankfully wasn’t laid off like the thousands of teachers in her country who got laid off but her salary was greatly decreased and the tasks she was given in school increased too as the responsibilities of the teachers that were laid off in their school was distributed amongst the remaining teachers.   Amy’s Dad’s case was worst. He got laid off at his job as a banker and since there was a recession it means that the stock market crashed. Which means that Amy’s Dad lost a lot of money in the stock market.   Working another job was out of the question for Amy’s Mum but her Dad was a different matter. He had no job so he was free to take any a job. The problem however was that there was no job to take.   Amy’s Dad kept doing all that he could to get a job but he just couldn’t find one.   Amy didn’t fully understand what was going on. As far as she was concerned, her Dad was fired and is now looking for a new job so that he can be paid money to take care of her and Mum without which they would be poor. To her, everybody in the country was suddenly worried about being poor and her Mum and Dad’s worries where soon becoming her worries.   Amy decided to get on her knees and pray every night before she goes to bed that her parent’s worries to go away.   Amy’s Dad would walk around town all day with a suitcase containing his resume. And instead of coming home with a job, he would come home with feet that has seen better days and were in dire need of rest.   Amy’s Mum got tired of it all and would often complain to God and tell him to do something but unsurprisingly nothing happened because complaining to God and praying to God are not the same thing.   Amy’s Dad decides to stop aiming for the level of his former position in a company and try a small time job like plumbing. He had a little idea about plumbing. However, after Amy’s Dad’s first day on the job it was a miracle that he didn’t get sued because he turned his clients plumbing problems from bad to worse.   Amy’s Dad decided that he would try being a door to door sale man but after being told No! so many times in one day, having doors slammed in his face and being chased down the street back into his house by a ferocious dog Amy’s Dad decided that being a sales man just wasn’t for him.Amy’s Dad decided that he would start his own business that whether there is a depression or not, he is the office type and cannot take anything other than an office job.   Amy’s Dad tried to raise money from friends and family but all his efforts failed until he heard that there was an old millionaire friend of his late Dad who was very fond of him that was coming to town for a special tea party.   Amy’s Dad viewed him as his only hope. If he could only ask him for help he would get the money.Amy’s Dad was so exicted about it that it seemed to be the only thing that Amy and her Mum ever heard him talk about these days. It was the only thing that gave him hope in these trying economic times.   Amy got excited about it but as she prayed about it one night she heard the words, “When someone puts their trust in man they often end up getting disappointed, but when they put their trust in God and then God sends a man to help them they cannot be disappointed.”   Those words disturbed Amy, she knew what it meant. God uses people to help you but he wants you to look up to him.   On the day of the tea party, Amy’s Dad went to the party with his best suit on. He was sure that his late Dad’s friend would be excited to see him. As he walked up to him and introduced himself. The man said, “I’m sorry I don’t remember you.”   Then his wife who was standing beside him explained to Amy’s Dad that he had an old age related sickness and often did not recognize even his old friends.   On hearing this, Amy’s Dad was crushed. There was no way that he could now try to explain who his father was and then ask for money. It would look like trying to take advantage of a man who has lost his memory and if his wife hears him trying to do that he would get into a lot of trouble and also end up looking like a heartless crook.   Amy’s Dad left the party early. When he got home, he fell into a chair and started crying.Amy’s Mum was not around but Amy was. She heard her Dad crying in the living room and remembered the words that she had heard when she prayed. Trusting in God had failed her Dad.Amy went out from where she was hiding and watching her Dad and hugged him.   He didn’t know where she came from. He didn’t know she was watching otherwise he wouldn’t have cried in front of his daughter. He couldn’t do anything about that now. He just simply cried some more and wrapped his arms around his daughter too.   After the hug, Amy told her Dad, “Daddy, I feel God wants you to put your trust in him and not in man.”   After she said that she said, “I love you, Daddy”, then she walked away.   Amy’s Dad stopped crying immediately. All he could think of was what his daughter said about trust. He was a Christian so he knew what it meant. It was then that he realized that he had been putting his trust in men and in his own efforts and not in God. He hadn’t even prayed about his situation once from the moment he got laid off from work.   Amy’s Dad got on his knees immediately and he started praying to God about his financial situation.   He ended up praying and worshiping God for over 30 minutes and when his wife came back home from work she immediately joined him. As he opened his eyes and saw her he hugged her and welcomed her back home while still on his knees then they returned back to lifting up their eyes and worshiping God.   At this point Amy decided to join them.   They were having a wonderful time in worship just when God spoke to Amy’s Mum and Amy’s Mum told Amy’s Dad that she knows that they are hard pressed for cash but she believes that God is leading her to give to those who needed money more than they do in-spite of their own lack   It sounded crazy. Amy’s Dad knew how crazy it sounded but he also knew that it sounded like something God would want them to do. Amy’s Dad agreed and Amy’s Mum wrote out a check for an orphanage that operated in their city.   Frankly, after writing that check, Amy’s parents didn’t know whether they would make it to the end of the month because the money they had left would only last for one more week.   The next day, very early in the morning the phone rang. It was the C.E.O of the bank that Amy’s Dad got laid off from on the line. As Amy’s Dad picked up the phone and said Hello along with who he was, Amy’s Dad heard; “It’s me Mr. Smith, I would like to offer you your job back and I would pay you for all the time you were laid off too. We just found out that you are one of our most productive employees. Your absence here has shown us how vital you are to the bank. Even customers are complaining and asking after you. I would like to have you back and in case you’ve gotten an offer from another bank. I’ve talked to the board of directors to double your salary.”
The End.

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