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Daddy, Is Mummy A Saint? - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time, a man and his two children where at the graveyard for the lowering of the coffin of his wife and their mother. She had been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver.   “Daddy, is Mummy a Saint?” the boy asks his father while his sister beside him is crying.   “Yes she is. And so are you as well as your sister”   “But I’m not dead”, his son said shocked at what his father just said.   “A saint is not someone who is dead. A saint is anyone who has all his sins paid for by Jesus and since you; like every other Christian has received Christ into your heart and had your sins washed away, then you are a Saint. As a matter of fact, in the first century church they didn’t use the word Christian to refer to one another. The word Christian was formed in a place called Antioch by unbelievers. However, the believers called themselves Saints no matter how many good works the person they were calling had done or not. When you read the Bible you would see that Apostle Paul or any other person after the resurrection of Jesus ever began a letter with, ‘To the Christians that are at so and so place.’ Apostle Paul especially, would always begin his letters with ‘To the Saints that are in so and so’, He was talking to people that are on earth and not people that are in heaven. Every Christian is a Saint.”   “Wow so that means that Mum is certainly in heaven.”   “Yes”, the father answered.   His son then says that he no more has a reason to cry and so he starts smiling very happily.An old lady looks at him weird and he knows what she is thinking. He leans over and tells her that he has no reason to cry anymore that his Mummy, Abraham and Jesus are probably drinking tea and chatting right now in heaven.   The old lady’s look turns into a confused one.   The boy turns to his father and asks that why is it that Grown Ups always cry at funerals, that don’t they know that if the person being buried is a Christian the person is only going to heaven?   The father responds that the problem is that Grown Ups only know it in their heads but the don’t know it in their hearts. They have forgotten that Jesus said that we should come to him as little children.   The father told his son and daughter that the way they have easily believed him and has given what he has said 100% faith which is child-like because when children believe in something they believe in it 100% not because of the facts but because they trust the person speaking.In this case, the only way to get the facts is for someone to die themselves. The only other opinion is to approach it as a child and trust the person speaking. If God says that we would go to heaven when we die if we are Christians, then like a child we should trust the person speaking. We should trust God. And adults at funerals whether they admit it or not have a problem with doing that. They have a problem with trusting God. The only reason why anyone should cry at a funeral is because they believe that they would miss that person until the day they die themselves or the rapture takes place.   The Man’s daughter then asks him, “Why are you not crying Daddy? Don’t you miss Mummy.”   “Do you want to know the truth?”   “Yes”   “The truth is I don’t miss your Mother”   “You don’t?”   “I don’t. Not one bit. I don’t miss your Mother because your mother lives in my heart. I love your mother very much. She is in my heart and she is in my soul. Your mother will always be in my heart. The only way I can miss your mother is if my heart and soul is separated from me. Obviously, I still have both. And technically, my soul cannot be separated from me because I am my soul. All human beings are really just spirits with souls that live in physical bodies in other for them to operate in the physical world. Since we are born with all three parts (spirit, soul and body) and we live in a physical world, people tend to be more conscious of their body and tend to be less conscious or even overlook the fact that they have a spirit and soul.   Well, I am not one of those people. I am also however aware that your mother and I are soul mates. Our souls are intertwined. Our souls would always be intertwined. We are one soul. And only God can separate our oneness, which he has not done. At least not on my end because I am not dead yet.   So, do I miss your mother you ask? No I don’t.”   Then his daughter smiles satisfied that her question has been answered. She writes “SEE YOU AGAIN LATER” on a piece of paper, then she gets up and starts walking towards the coffin that has been lowered into the grave.   Everyone's attention goes to her. Even those crying stop crying and wonder what she is doing.   As she gets to the coffin, she drops the note inside the coffin and waves goodbye to the coffin, all the while wearing a very large smile on her face. She knew better. She knew she would see her Mummy again.
The End.

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