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I Am Shy, I Can’t Look At A Lady Straight In The Eye - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in an elementary school, a few of Jacob’s friends stood laughing at him because they just found out that he was shy around girls.
   A nice Christian girl named Sally who felt sorry for Jacob approached him to help him out but Jacob ran away because she is a girl.
   Sally later over-heard a plot by the mean boys who laughed at Jacob who  where supposed to be his friends. They were planning to set Jacob up the next day in the playground by getting a girl to talk to him when everyone is looking so that all the kids in school would know that he is shy and around girls. They wanted to laugh at Jacob some more and embarrass him for their own amusement.
   Sally tried talking to Jacob and telling him about the plan, but Jacob was just too nervous around her and anytime she would come near him to tell him, he couldn’t stand still with running away in the next 30 seconds.
   Sally decided to get another boy who was a Christian and who also liked Jacob, to intervene and help him out before the mean boys pulled off their plan.
   Sally told Leon, the Christian boy; what to tell Jacob, and so Leon visited Jacob in his home. Leon acted like he was just trying to make a new friend. He asked Jacob if he could play with him.
Jacob agreed. So Jacob and Leon played together.
   While they were playing, out of no where Leon brought up the real reason why he came and he tells Jacob what his so – called friends in school are planning to do to him in the school playground the next day.
   Jacob suddenly starts to panic, but Leon tells him that he can help him, but only if he wants to be helped.
   Jacob desperately told Leon that he wants to be helped.
   Leon told Jacob about Jesus, then he told him about the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit
brings boldness into people’s lives. Like how he brought boldness into the life of Peter who was afraid of standing up for Jesus when persecution filled the air that he denied Jesus three times, but after the day of Pentecost when the Holy Ghost came upon him he received boldness and preached to people who he would have normally been afraid to stand up for Christ to and thousands of people got saved. It was never written that after the Holy Ghost came upon Peter or any other disciple that they ever denied Christ or lacked the boldness to stand up for Christ ever again.
   Leon told Jacob that if he received Christ not only would he be saved and be sure of a place in heaven, but he would also receive supernatural boldness from the Holy Ghost if he receives the Holy Ghost too.
   Leon had to make sure that it didn’t look like he was manipulating Jacob into receiving Jesus. So Leon
told Jacob everything that he himself was told that made him receive Jesus into his own heart years ago. He told Jacob the whole story such that when Jacob agreed to receive Christ, Leon was sure that he wasn’t just doing it to get the boldness to talk to girls.
   Within minutes, Jacob had not only received Christ but he was also speaking in other tongues which was definite proof to Leon that Jacob had received the Holy Ghost.
   Leon also gave Jacob some advise concerning his being shy around girls problem which was already gone because Jacob had received the Holy Ghost.
   Leon told Jacob to make more female friends, stay away from boyfriend – girlfriend TV programs staring people his own age, as well as Comics Books that had the same theme or had females drawn degradingly in them.
   Leon told Jacob that he would like him to come with him and play in the park outside for a while.
   Leon agreed.
   While they  where there Sally showed up with a mask. Jacob didn’t know that it was Sally because she had carefully tucked away her long hair, she wore her sports clothes, and she talked with a fake voice.
   Jacob taught that it was another boy.
   When Jacob asked the new comer about the mask, the response he got was; “I’m wearing it for fun.” And that was that.
   The three of them played in the playground very happily. Five minutes later, Sally took off her mask and Jacob almost freaked out. He wanted to get up and run away but Sally told him to wait that doesn’t he see that he is not afraid of girls anymore. He is not afraid ot talk to her.
   Jacob paused. He realizes it’s true. He wasn’t afraid anymore. He wasn’t afraid to talk to her. He was bold.
   Jacob’s two new friends rejoiced with Jacob
because an obstacle in his social life had been removed. Jacob was now free.
The three of them played some more together. Then later on, Sally’s friends who saw her playing in the park joined them.
   Jacob checked himself to see if he would start sweating or feeling nervous again but that wasn’t the case. They all talked and played together like if he had never been afraid to talk to girls before.
   Jacob was now 100% convinced and confident that the Holy Ghost had taken away his fears forever. He was not shy around girls anymore and he never ever would be again. Not only could he stand and look a female in the eye now, but he could also talk and play with them for hours with getting nervous or running away.
   The next day in school, during recess which was the time he knew his so – called friends had planned to embarrass him, Jacob went to the playground and sat down in a corner where everybody in the playground would see him so his so – called friends would see it as a position that works perfectly for their evil plan.
   Unfailingly, the girl in their class that his so – called friends had arranged to appear out of nowhere and talk to him while his so – called friend draw everyone’s attention to her and Jacob showed up.
   Jacob saw his so – called friends watching from a distance and getting ready to laugh as they gathered everyone’s attention to him and the girl standing in front of him. However, what Jacob really enjoyed next was watching their mouths drop wide open as he talked freely and fluently with the girl. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The people whose attention they had tried to gather returned back to what they where doing because they felt like Jacob’s so – called friends had only succeeded in wasting their time.
   After Jacob had had enough fun watching his so – called friends watch in total shock, Jacob told the girl standing in front of him that she can go back to those who sent her and tell them that her mission had failed, and he is also no longer interested in being friends with them anymore. He has found true friends: friends that help you in your time of need and not friends that laugh at you and take advantage of you in your time of need and in your areas of weakness.

The End.

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