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I Had The Worst Christmas Ever - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called America, there lived a little boy named Marcus. He belonged to a large, loving Christian family. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. There was always something going on amongst them and sometimes it looked like the activities on Time Square couldn’t touch the activities that were going on in their house. But at the end of the day they all loved each other.   On Christmas morning Marcus woke up first. He had set his little alarm clock to wake him up as soon as the sun woke up.   Marcus was the most rambunctious of all the kids. He was so excited that it was Christmas that he decided to play a prank on the whole family.   He wrote two notes on two separate pieces of paper. He kept one in an easy to find place and the other in a not too easy to find place. In other words, he kept one on his bed then he kept the other under his pillow. After that, Marcus quietly brushed his teeth then sneaked out of the house.   When the rest of the house woke up, they were all glad that it was Christmas morning and there was a lot of Merry Christmas being said all around the house with everyone hurrying to get ready for their Christmas day celebration. They had all planed to go to TBN’s Holy Land Experience theme park. They were all very excited about it and couldn’t wait to get there.After everyone had managed to finish getting ready and had gathered in the dinning room for their General morning prayers and for breakfast, Mum asked, “Where is Marcus?”After everyone looked around and no one could even remember seeing Marcus that day, everyone started to panic.   They looked around the house for Marcus and they found the note he left on his bed.15 minutes later, Marcus watched his family drive off to go look for him from where he hid across the street.   Marcus wondered what went wrong. He only wanted to pull a simple prank on his family and not scared them out of the house to go looking for him.   If they went looking for him they would be late for the TBN Holy Land Experience theme park visit. Or even worse, they would end up not go at all.   Marcus tried to run out of his hiding place and wave the family car down but sadly it was too late. They had already driven far away.   Marcus had no choice but to go into his house take his bath and go out into the city and start looking for them. He didn’t know where to look but he figured he had to start somewhere.As Marcus was about to leave the house. He remembered that both Mum and Dad had cell phones. That was good news. He hadn’t memorized the numbers yet but he had it written down and tucked away in a drawer just in case of emergencies.   Marcus called Mum’s number first. It would be easier to beg her not to give him a spanking than if he called Dad. And if he could calm Mum down, then she can calm Dad down.   As Marcus dialed Mum’s number, he heard a ringing sound from somewhere inside the house. He followed the sound and found himself staring face to face with Mum’s phone that was lying on her bed.   Ok! that was bad news. Mum had left in such a hurry that she had forgotten her phone.Marcus decided to call Dad’s number but he stopped dialing when he noticed Dad’s phone was lying beside a few of his medical books on his reading table.   Wow! talk about bad getting worse.   Marcus had no choice but to go out into the city and look for them. And he had to find them as quickly as possible so they could be able to make it to the TBN Holy Land Experience theme park. He didn’t know where to start searching for them but he had to start somewhere. His parents had never let him go anywhere alone. He was still too young and maybe even younger than he actually was in his parent’s eyes. Now be had to go from the kid who had never been let to go anywhere alone to the kid who was faced with the challenge of sweeping through every part of the city imaginable in search of his parents.   Marcus decided to check the mall. Maybe his family is looking for him in there.As Marcus walked in and looked around. Just then a bunch of guys wearing Santa hats with their faces covered with plastic masks of old presidents ran into the mall with guns and said, “ALRIGHT! EVERYBODY GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR.”   Marcus couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t pray in tongues but he could pray in English. He got down on the fall as instructed but he began to pray to God silently under his voice.   About an hour later, when the thieves were through and trying their best to get away from the police cars that where behind their car, Marcus ran out of the mall scared to tips of every strand of hair on his head.   He thanked God that he was alive. He took a deep breath of fresh air and never in his life had he appreciated breathing more than he did right now.   He then decided to check the train station. Maybe they taught he got on a train to go somewhere in search of adventure or something.   As Marcus got to a train station. He got knocked down by the stream of people pouring out of the train and they almost marched over him to death but thankfully one kind soul saw him and pick him up and carried him away from harms way.   Apparently, the kind soul had other things to do himself because he didn’t ask Marcus any questions, he just quickly took off and got into the train.   Marcus couched and wished his rescuer stuck around long enough for him to at least say, Thank You.   Marcus looked a little bit more around the train station and he didn’t see any trace of his family.   Marcus decided that he better check other places. He left the train station and just started working around the city, carefully observing everything also so that he would be able to find his way home.   He came across a crowd of people and decided to check it out. He soon found himself standing beside the Mayor at a ribbon cutting ceremony. All those people had gathered because of the ribbon cutting ceremony.   The Mayor taught that Marcus was the kid that was appointed to present him with flowers but the Mayor wondered why Marcus didn’t have any flowers and so did the Mayor’s bodyguards. The Mayor thought that Oh Well they had been doing things the same was for years maybe the wanted to try something different. The Mayor thought that perhaps they wanted him to pat the little boy on the head so he patted Marcus on his head making his scattered hair look even more scattered. Just then the real flower barer showed up and as the Mayor’s bodyguards saw this they immediately pulled out their guns and pointed it at Marcus.   Marcus spent his next few hours being checked and examined to make sure that he was not a terrorist, or an assassin or a spy. Later he was let go when they were sure he didn’t come to kill the Mayor. They apparently didn’t care enough or care at all to even ask him if anything was wrong or to even listen to him when he said that he was looking for his parents.Marcus had to continue his search by himself. By now it was getting late and he was getting scared, tired and discouraged.   As Marcus walked along the side of the road. Someone behind him snatched a purse from a lady and as he was running away he knocked Marcus into the road. Marcus was still recovering from the blow and trying to get up when he saw headlights heading towards him. He didn’t know if he had the strength to move. Just then a man ran out of nowhere and swooped Marcus off the road. It was a close call. He shouted at Marcus to be more careful and asked him where his parents where.   “I am looking for them”, Marcus answered sounding frustrated.   “Well, look for them .You are not safe without them”, the man responded then turned to walk away.   Marcus didn’t know what to do. He sat on a large stone and started crying. It was already starting to get dark.   As Marcus was crying he remembered something that his mother always told him. She told him that anytime he found himself in a tough spot and didn’t know what to do that he should talk to God and he would always answer and tell him what to do.   Marcus prayed with tears in his eyes to God and asked him what he should do.God told Marcus to wipe the tears from his eyes, and that he should go back home.Marcus obeyed. He started walking back home. It was a great distance for his tiny little legs but after about 3 hours of asking for directions and trying to trace back his steps he found himself at the door of his home.   When Marcus entered he found one of his elder sisters waiting for him. Everyone else was still out looking for Marcus. Mum and Dad had come back home before just to see if Marcus had come back but when they didn’t see him there they decided to go back out and continue the search but leave one family member at home so that the family member would call them in case Marcus returned. Mum and Dad had found out that they were not with their cell phones so they took their cell phones with them this time.   Marcus’ little prank of writing “I’M OFF TO HAVE AN ADVENTURE” on one piece of paper and leaving it on his bed. And writing “IT WAS A JOKE. I GOT YOU” on another piece of paper and leaving it under his pillow had turned into a disaster of catastrophic proportions.   Marcus’ elder sister called Mum and Dad and told them that they can return home that Marcus had come back.   Marcus’ elder sister scolded Marcus. Then she hugged him and said that she was glad he was Ok! as tears dripped down her eyes. She took him to the kitchen and got out some snacks from the refrigerator for him to eat.   Marcus ate like a hungry lion and his sister happily gave him more to eat.   When he was through eating. She told him that he was in big trouble that not only did he cost the entire family their Christmas but he also had them all worried to the extreme.   She told him that she didn’t know what Mum and Dad would do to him as they come back but she doubts that they would be so lenient.   10 minutes later, the family car pulled up in front of the house faster than they had ever heard it pulled up before.   Mum and Dad rushed through the door like a gush of wind.   Marcus’ heart almost stopped beating. He taught that he was going to get it. He closed his eyes and just stood there.   Instead of getting a scolding, he felt a warm and strong hug from his Mum and Dad around him.   He opened one eye still a little bit scared then he opened his other eye to see what he felt was happening. His parents where crying and hugging him.   The rest of the family stood behind Mum and Dad with their arms folded and their eyes fixed on Marcus. Marcus knew that his brothers and sisters where both pleased to see that he was alright but also mad that he had ruined their Christmas at the same time.Marcus got on his knees and apologized to his whole family. He cried as he explained what he had tried to do and how everything literally blew up in his face. He narrated all the events that he had been through through out that day and told his brothers and sisters that if it is any consolation for ruining this Christmas for them that this Christmas had been his worst Christmas ever.Marcus’ Mum said it was Ok! and then she asked the rest of the family including Dad if they had forgiven Marcus for ruining their Christmas. They all said, Yes! and they all meant it. There were no hard feelings.   Mum then said that she knew a way to turn this Christmas from the worst Christmas ever to the best Christmas ever. She told all of them to get into the car no questions asked and she would do the driving. Then she drove to an eatery and bought everyone packs and packs of all variety of foods as take outs.   They all loved food but they were kinda shocked that Mum idea of turning the worst Christmas ever to the best Christmas ever was by buying take out. How could take out food which they could have anytime they wanted in-spite of how great it tasted compare to a fun family day out at the TBN Holy Land Experience theme park which they certainly couldn’t take time out to experience everyday.   However, as they all got into the car and wanted to start eating their food she told them not to touch their food. They shouldn’t even dare to open up any of the covers.They taught that was weird but they were like, Ok!   Mum then put on the car and started driving.   Soon everyone but Mum was confused and Dad was saying, “Honey, I think you are driving in the wrong direction.”   “Don’t worry Honey I know what and doing”, Mum responded as she kept her eyes on the road and a smile on her face.   A few minutes later, they found themselves in one of the poorest neighborhoods they had ever seen.   Mum stopped in front of an alley filled with a lot of poor and homeless people just sitting there doing nothing.   Mum then ordered everybody out of the car. Then she said, “Give all the food you are with to them. That is how to turn the worst Christmas ever into the best Christmas ever.”
The End

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