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I Received What I Always Wanted This Christmas - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little Christian boy named Jonah. He loved the Lord dearly and he was the only child of very very wealthy and loving Christian parents.   Jonah was very happy today because it was the day before Christmas. That evening as was the custom in their home he’ill get to receive his Christmas gift. His parents didn’t bother telling him that gifts during Christmas are brought by Santa Claus because his parents were smart. And smart people know that if they tell their kids that Santa is real and he operates on Christmas day. And at the same time tells them that the reason for Christmas day is Jesus Christ, when that child grows older and finds out that Santa isn’t real, that child would also question everything else that you told them was connected to Christmas; and I’m talking about Jesus Christ.   Though some kids would find out that Jesus is still real even through Santa is not, why create a potential stumbling block for them to encounter in the future?   Jonah wanted a special limited edition realistic action figure this Christmas. He had been hungry to receive it since his prep school closed for the Christmas season. The special limited edition realistic action figure was very expensive, otherwise he could have bought it himself.   Late that morning, Jonah’s Mum told Jonah that he should escort her to a friend’s house to drop off some gifts that she promised to give her for her charity organization, but the place was far from their house and they would have to drive through quite a few neighborhoods they are not used to.   After they were through and where on their way back, their car breaks down right in the middle of a poor neighborhood.   Jonah’s Mum pulled out her cell phone to call the tow truck but he realizes that the battery is empty. Her genius son had played mobile games on her cell phone all through the better half of the previous night and he had forgotten to charge it.   “Oops!”, Jonah said as he made a cute face and said he was sorry.   Jonah and his Mum had to walk up to the closest house in the neighborhood and ask for help. They were such nice people. They welcomed them into their home, the plump elderly man, Mr. Jacobs told Jonah’s Mum that she didn’t need to use their phone to call the tow truck that he could fix it himself for free.   Jonah’s Mum said that it’s really no big deal that he shouldn’t inconvenience himself, but Mr. Jacobs said that he insists; besides it is Christmas.   While Mr. Jacobs helps fix their car. Mr. Jacobs’ wife treated Jonah’s Mum to a cup of tea. While Jonah got to spend time with Mr. Jacobs’ son, Tommy.   Jonah looks around Mr. Jacobs’ house. He cannot believe that someone could live under such poor conditions. While clandestinely looking around the house and talking to Tommy, he sees a photo of Mr. Jacobs in a pilot’s uniform. He slyly asked Tommy about it and Tommy tells him that his Dad used to be a pilot but he got laid off because of the recession and now he has no job but they are happy because God is faithful and he provides for them.   The more Jonah looked at the picture the more he felt sad. His Dad owned his own airline, and Mr. Jacobs had just been fired from working for one.   After the car was fixed. Jonah and his Mum resumed their drive home. He couldn’t stop thinking about Mr. Jacob’s family and all the disgustingly poor conditions that they had to put up with. Thoughts from one of his Mum’s books by Daisy Osborn swarm to and fro through his mind. The book spoke about success and that being a success means helping people. It also had some beautiful pictures of Daisy doing a lot of charity work at different places all around the country.When Jonah and his Mum arrived home, Jonah still couldn’t stop thinking of it.   That evening when the time his Dad was to present him his Christmas present came. Jonah got the gift he had waited so long to receive this Christmas. He got the gift he’d always wanted since he saw its TV ad. He got the special limited edition realistic action figure.   Jonah plays with it but it doesn’t give him any happiness. He doesn’t feel any joy. Where was that satisfaction in his heart that he was supposed to feel for getting the gift that he’d always wanted?    Jonah’s Mum later sees him playing with his Christmas gift in his room but she notices that he is not happy. She suspected she knew why, but she didn’t say anything about it.   She asked Jonah if anything is wrong but he says that everything is Ok! as he puts on his fake smile. He should have known by now that she knows his fake smile she sees it. But sadly, he didn’t know any better and his Mum pretended like his fake smile fooled her.   She then told him to come to the living room for their family prayer time before bedtime.After the family prayers and Jonah returns to his room, he lyes down to sleep but he had trouble sleeping. He decided to go to his parents room and ask for permission to sleep on their bed with them. They agreed.   However, Jonah still had trouble sleeping but a long while later; he falls asleep.That night, Jonah dreamt that he was in Tommy’s shoes and he had to spend Christmas just like Tommy.   When Jonah woke up the next morning he felt in his heart what he knew for sure that God wanted him to do.   Hence, Jonah told his Mum that he wanted to give Tommy the gift that he had received for Christmas. She smiled and said, “I knew you were going to say that.”   He then turned to his Dad who had just woken up and told him that please there is a guy that really needs to be given a job as a pilot and he’s got the qualification and everything.   40 minutes later, Jonah stood looking at the perfect picture of the perfect family having the perfect Christmas. Tommy was playing happily with his special limited edition realistic action figure. Mr. Jacobs’ wife was thanking Jonah’s Mum and trying very hard to control herself but she was obviously very unsuccessful in the controlling herself part. And Mr. Jacobs himself was thanking Jonah’s Dad and crying tears of joy because of the new job that he had just been offered.   Tears of joy started rolling down Jonah’s eyes. He felt the happiness that was previously missing in his heart. He felt the joy that was previously missing in his heart. He felt the satisfaction within his heart that he thought he was going to feel when he got the gift that he’d always wanted for Christmas. He felt the satisfaction he was looking for when he gave away the gift that he had always wanted and not when he had gotten it. THAT WAS WHEN IT DAWNED ON HIM THAT THE GIFT HE ALWAYS WANTED WAS TO GIVE A GIFT AND NOT RECEIVE A GIFT. IT IS TRULY MORE BLESSED AND SATISFYING TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE. Oh! what a beautiful beautiful Christmas. CHRISTMAS IS NOT CHRISTMAS UNTIL YOU MAKE IT CHRISTMAS FOR SOMEONE ELSE.
The End.

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