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If We Can Be Good Without God - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a country called America there lived an interesting couple who believed that they were good and nice. The didn’t know God and they didn’t want to know God. The were Atheists and they believed that everyone who believed in God was just blindly holding on to a fallacy in other to escape the reality that when you die it’s over. The couple believed that these people wanted to believe so bad that their dead relatives and grand parents where in a better place so they held on to religion because it was the only thing that could offer them what they wanted: False Hope.   The Atheist Couple believed that religion was the problem of the world. They believed that all wars were caused by religion when the truth is that it is only recently; in this generation that wars have been fought with religious reasons but even at that it has always been more political and about oil or some other natural resource. Wars have been fought in this century for the same reason men fought wars many centuries ago: GREED. It has always been about the greed of the leader, and war would always be about the greed of the leader.   Technically, no war has ever been fought based on only religious reasons alone. There is talk of Jihad. But Jihad hasn’t happened yet so we can’t count it. And even if Jihad happens not every party or country involved would be involved because of religion. There would be a lot of financial gain to make.   The Atheist Couple didn’t do their research well because anytime they read a book; their eyes where vailed by their hatred for religion so they saw whatever they saw through one lens alone: the lens that made them see what they wanted to see and not what is right before their eyes.The Atheist Couple woke up one morning 6 months ago and after prior months of brooding over the issue decided to have the major talk that thrust them into a phase of their lives. A phase where they would devote their lives to combating religion. And they would start with what they believe is the reason why people go to believe in religion themselves in the first place; which is to be good themselves so that they can go to heaven and also have a place to believe that their friends and relatives who were good would go to after they die. A place that is paradise. A place where they would see them again when they themselves die too.   Thus, The Atheist Couple could either attack the idea of whether there is a Heaven and a Hell. Or they could attack the idea of whether or not a person could be good or bad without God. If they attacked the latter it would be less subtle and they knew that the mind of those who are fond of receiving information on surface value and not look into it deeper wouldn’t see that the latter is the same as the former and would easily embrace the message much more quickly than they would have embraced it if they had packaged it with the former.   The Atheist Couple believed that the only reason why they stepped into this new phase of their lives was to enlighten people with the truth and somehow save humanity by destroying humanity’s HOPE in what happens to them next after they have worked to make the world a better place.The Atheist Couple started with littering the city of New York with signs that read: YOU CAN BE GOOD WITHOUT GOD.   Some rich politicians saw it and liked the idea so they contacted the couple with the address that they left at the bottom. They gave the couple money to buy more ads and thus The Atheist Couple realized that Wow! they could save humanity by killing all their HOPE for their own good and make a lot of money off of it as well. That was when they turned killing the HOPES of humanity into a registered charitable organization. They also put up their websites and had strong support if not financially but verbally from specifically anti-Christian and ‘democrats only’ based organization.   The Atheist Couple brought their two children together for a family meeting to teach them that they can be good without God so that they too could be free from HOPE and become enlightened.   Even though they never raised their kids with Christianity, their kids still had Christian values because all values known to man have their roots in either Christianity or some religion. Hence, their kids had trouble accepting the new message that their parents where trying to instill in them. However, their parents talked and talked and talked until they broke down every wall in their kids minds that prevented them from accepting the new message and now their 12 year old daughter and their 16 year old daughter now not only understood what their parents where saying completely but they also accept it and believed it. They loved it.   After that, The Atheist Couple went on their city to city tour making money and spreading their message in seminars all across America.   When they came back home, they met their 12year old daughter pregnant and their teenage daughter was in police custody for killing a girl that stole her boyfriend away from her in school.The Atheist Couple both had a heart attack.   When they both woke up in the hospital they both hit upon a realization. It was that: IF WE CAN BE GOOD WITHOUT GOD THEN WE DEFINE WHAT GOOD IS OURSELVES. AND IF EVERYBODY CAN DECIDE WHAT GOOD IS FOR THEMSELVES THEN EVERYBODY CAN GO ABOUT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL THEY THINK OF AND CLASSIFY WHAT THEY DO AS GOOD.   So technically, in a world were we can be good without God. We decide what good is ourselves. And guess what? To Osama Bin Laden what he was doing was good in his own mind and it was everybody else who disagreed with him that was evil to him.   To Adolf Hitler, what he was doing was good in his own mind. It was the Jews that were evil to him.   If you look through history you would see that all of the most evil people that ever existed believed that what they were doing was right and that those who didn’t agree with them is wrong.Those who through history who knew what they were doing is wrong and still did it were normally bandits and pirates at most, but they never ever made it to doing something we would classify as catastrophically EVIL today.   The reason is that when we blur the lines between good and evil. Or we do evil and think it is good, then our conscience can never disturb us because we believe that what we are doing is right.   So now you finally understand why Adolf Hitler’s conscience never bothered him.   Now are you sure you want to live in a world where we can be good without God?
The End.

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