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If You Don’t Have Discipline You Would Never Be Rich - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Brenda. She belonged to a very wealthy family. Even though Brenda’s parents made sure she went to church every Sunday, her parents didn’t. They were the kind of people who just ticked Christianity when they filled forms that asked about their beliefs, although the last time they went in church was on their wedding day.   Both parents had Christian backgrounds, it was not like they didn’t believe in Go anymore it was just that they kinda got too busy for God. However, they made sure that their little girl went to church every Sunday.   Brenda like most girls loved shopping but unfortunately for her she had the money to buy whatever she wanted whenever she wanted. Her Mum always said that among all the women in her family no one loved shopping and material things more than Brenda.   Brenda’s parents weren’t worried that Brenda would drive them into the poor house with her uncontrollable shopping habits. What got to them was the fact that her habit was bad and dangerous. Her habit of always spending was rich people’s “Thou had better not”   Only poor people think that rich people buy whatever they want but rich people themselves know that they can only buy what is wise to buy and is within their spending budget. Simply put, the more money they spend on buying stuff, the smaller the money they have to invest which is what makes them rich in the first place.   Rich people know that rich people who don’t understand this and discipline themselves in the area of their finances won’t be rich for long. That is why Brenda’s parents where so worried.Brenda’s Dad like most rich people was deeply involved in philanthropy (donating money to the poor), but of course that sort of stuff is never publicized. It is only when a rich person does something bad that rich people are strongly publicized.   Anyway, Brenda’s Dad and two executives from one of his companies where heading to an orphanage in a dangerous neighborhood to donate a lot of money.   A dangerous gang in the neighborhood had heard he was coming so they ambushed him and his executives before he reached the orphanage. They got robbed of their cars and some of the money they had on them. They had planned to give the orphanage a cheque of 2 million dollars. Since it wasn’t in cash with them the thieves couldn’t steal it. They shot Brenda’s Dad and injured one of his executives. It was only Brenda’s Dad’s condition that was critical. 20 minutes later he lay in a coma on a hospital bed.   The news hit Brenda real hard. She loved her Dad dearly and now she had to deal with the fear of probably losing him forever.   Like if the devil wasn’t satisfied, her mum got diagnosed of malignant cancer and was given a few months to live.   Her Mum was greatly downcast by the news but like most rich people she knew that when you are pushed into a tight and uncomfortable spot you should put your head above the water and smile. So Brenda’s Mum was strong. She never let Brenda see her cry and she never allowed herself think much about her situation so she won’t create a breathing ground for depression, fear and worry which are like fertilizers which enhance problems and sickness. So another advantage of her staying strong is that it didn’t make her sickness worse.   Brenda’s Mum knew that there was something important she had to do – Something important she had to do for Brenda’s sake, so she beings to teach her daughter the principles of success.Brenda was still too young to understand all the complex principles of investing so her mum started teaching her about the importance of saving money and the about your assets out-weighing your liabilities.   A simple way to understand it is; your assets are things that put money in your pocket or bank account and a liability are things that take money out of your pocket or bank account.   So lets say you invest a certain about of money in a private company, that investment is an asset because you would be paid dividends regularly even though you do not have to do any work for it all that matters is that initial investment. Or lets say you buy a house and rent it out, all you paid for initially is the price of the house but every month the person would have to pay you rent without you going to work everyday for it; that is an asset.   A liability would be when you spend money on clothes, food, rent, etc. Even though these things are important they are liabilities because it’s you putting putting money in somebody else’s pocket not the other way round.   Brenda understood the theory of what she’s being taught but it is putting it into practice that is the problem.   Brenda’s Mum tried and tried to teach her daughter to practice her teachings but Brenda remained a compulsive shopper. It wasn’t like Brenda wanted to disobey her Mum and not learn what she was teaching her about finances but Brenda just couldn’t discipline herself to watch how she spends money.   Brenda’s Mum ends up losing faith in her daughter and doubts that she would ever be able to have enough discipline to stop spending money lavishly.Brenda becomes deeply sad and in tears she runs to the only place she had ever felt secure – the church. While there, a lady who Brenda knows teaches Sunday school but have never really talked to before notices her and talks to her. The Sunday school teacher finds out what is wrong from Brenda then she counsels Brenda and makes her develop a good self-worth about herself based on how much God values her. She asked Brenda that can you walk into a store and buy a bubble gum with the same amount of money that a limo costs? Brenda answered, No. The Sunday school teacher then told her that God paid for her sins with his own son. He wasn’t overpaying for your life but the thing is that you are that valuable. You are as valuable to God as Jesus is. God loves you that much.   The Sunday school teacher had attacked the problem from the root. Now Brenda didn’t feel like she needed clothes or lots of belongings to feel like she was worth something.   Brenda is glad and when she gets home she tells her mum about everything that happened. After some days, Brenda’s Mum could see that her daughter now had self control – she was now disciplined, she no longer was a compulsive shopper. She now had the chance to remain rich forever.   Brenda’s Mum is so pleased she decides to thank the Sunday school teacher. She goes to church the next Sunday and after the service she locates the Sunday school teacher and thanks her. The Sunday school teacher invites her to her house for coffee on Tuesday. Brenda’s mum thinks about it for about 3 seconds then she agrees to come.   On that Tuesday while they sat down having coffee, the heroine’s mum opens up to the Sunday school teacher they talk for hours. Soon, they feel like they’ve known each other for years and the heroine’s mum begins to tell the Sunday school teacher about her insecurities and her fears about her malignant cancer.   The Sunday school teacher listens patiently and with deep compassion. Then, with the anointing of God strong on her she started to preach to Brenda’s mum about the healing power of God. She spoke about the power of the name of Jesus and she gave her lots of examples of real life people she had known or seen in church that are living proof that God still performs healing miracles today just as he did in bible days.   By the time the Sunday school teacher finished speaking Brenda’s Mum was fully convinced. She told the Sunday school teacher that she used to be a good Christian but she later stopped caring about the things of God, however now, she wanted to come back to God. The Sunday school teacher led Brenda’s mum in a prayer for the repentant back slider and she also prayed a prayer of faith over Brenda’s Mum that she would be healed. Brenda’s Mum felt something leave her body and she actually fell down on the ground under the anointing but she didn’t quite understand what had happened.   Days later, when she went to the hospital for her usual check up the doctor was surprised after checking her and he started running the same series of tests over and over again. Brenda’s Mum was shocked and asks the doctor if anything is wrong. He tells her that he cannot understand it that the malignant cancer is gone and there is not even a tiny little trace of it anymore.   Brenda’s Mum rejoices. Before long, everyone in the hospital celebrates.   Brenda and her Mum are so glad that they rush to the Sunday school teacher’s house and give her the good news.   That Sunday in church, Brenda’s Mum testifies to the glory of God and even Brenda’s Mum’s doctor who was a world renowned atheist came to church that day, he had become a Christian because of Brenda’s Mum’s miracle.   Brenda’s Mum made mention of her husband while she testified and right after she finished testifying, the Pastor went to the mic and told everyone in the church to say a prayer for her husband right then and there.   Brenda’s Mum didn’t know if she should expect the phone to ring any second and then her husband’s doctor would inform her that her husband just woke up from the coma, but she knew one thing; she knew that nothing would stop her from believing God for a miracle.   Nothing happened that day but Brenda’s Mum stayed awake all day singing praises to God.   About a week later she got a phone call from the hospital that her husband had just woken up from the coma. He was going to be alright. He was on the road to recovery. Hallelujah!!!
The End.

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