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If Your Parents Are Racist Don’t Put Your Footprints In Theirs - by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called America. An African American family taught their little daughter that the white man is the enemy. They told her that the white man is going to do all he can to keep her down like he had done to many black people. They told their daughter that she should never ever make friends with a white person; it would be like a frog making friends with a snake. The friendship would only last still the snake gets hungry and wants to have dinner.   One day the African – American parents found their daughter kneeling down by the side of her bed praying to God and using the name of Jesus. They were outraged and they grounded her. They told her that Jesus is white – Jesus is the God of the white man. Worshiping the white man’s God is falling into one of the traps of white people.   Their daughter whose name was Sasha was only 10 years old but she had been so fed with all these kind of anti – white / black – power teachings for so long that she had come to hate white people and felt on the inside that they exist for her downfall.    Whenever an inevitable dealing with a white teacher or student popped up Sasha translated whatever happened to mean that the white person wanted to take advantage of her.   One day while Sasha was playing with her all black friends in an abandoned old building where they weren’t supposed to be in; Sasha got seriously but  accidentally injured by a wooden structure that wasn’t stable and used to be part of the building.   All Sasha’s friends ran away in fear. They didn’t want their parents to punish them  for being where they should never have been in the first place. They knew that if they helped Sasha they would have to take her to the hospital and then not only would Sasha’s parent’s find out but their own parents would find out too. Sasha lay there on the floor crying out for help from her all black friends who she watched run away – not running to get help but running away to go and hide, tell nobody what had happened to her and act like they had nothing to do with it. They priced forgoing a little punishment over her own life. The very taught of that fact hurt Sasha inside even more than the way her body hurt on the outside.   Sasha managed to crawl out of the building in great pain. If the worst came to the worst she would crawl to the hospital but hopefully someone would see her in time and help her.   A few people saw Sasha call out to them as they passed by a distance away but they never cared enough to suspend going to wherever they were going for a few seconds to find out why a little girl lying on the floor some distance away from them was calling them.   Of course, since Sasha was a racist who hated white people she only called out to the black passer-bys. You would think that the pain she was feeling in her body would make her suspend her racism for the time being and get some help first but it didn’t.   Sasha called out from black person to black person but not one would help her. Time was going, and time was crucial. It had turned out that crawling all the way to the hospital by her self wasn’t going to be difficult as she had taught. It was actually quite impossible.   Sasha began to fear that she might die if she doesn’t receive any medical treatment any time soon.   Suddenly, a white lady who she didn’t call out to stopped in her tracks when she saw Sasha from a distance. She walked curiously towards her, “Are you all right?”, the white lady asked.   Sasha didn’t respond. She kinda turned her face away as she lay on the ground, kinda giving out the air that she wanted the white lady to go away.   When the white lady came close enough to see that Sasha was wounded. She ran to her saying, “We’ve got to get you to a doctor.”    The white lady took off her expensive coat and tore it to substitute it for bandages and she wrapped Sasha’s seriously bleeding wounds with it.   She carried Sasha in her arms all the way to the hospital. She paid the hospital bill and stayed beside Sasha’s bedside to make sure she was Ok. She even got her some children’s books and some candy later on.    Sasha soon couldn’t help it. She looked up at the white lady from her hospital bed and asked, “Why are you so nice to me?”    “Because anyone Jesus died for must be the most special person in the world.”   The statement was deep but some how Sasha understood it. In spite of the fact that Jesus died for everybody in the world every single person is so unique and deeply loved by God that  God loves everyone like if they are the only one in the world. (And they are because they are unique – nobody else is like them. There is no two or anybody in the world.)    And also, the white lady had helped her because anyone Jesus died for is worth dying for – is worth dying to protect. Does that mean that she a white lady would die to protect a little black girl? Wow! The white lady’s statement was truly a powerful statement. Sasha couldn’t get over it. In spite of the fact that the white lady hadn’t physically proved she would willingly die to protect Sasha, she sure went out her way to help her. Technically, she had saved her.    Sasha talked to the white lady about herself and of all her parents had taught her.   The white lady then told Sasha the truth about the injustice to black people by white  people during the past era from an unbiased perspective and then told Sasha one very important point and it was that she and her parents are making the same mistake that the whites made that caused great suffering for black people in America. They (Sasha’s family) are hating white people just because of their skin color just as white people hated black people just because of their skin color. They (Sasha’s family) didn’t even brother to know the person under the skin, the assumed that the skin color told them all they needed to know about the person just as white people did with black people.   The white lady told Sasha that one of her favorite quotes in the world and a quote that helped white people to embrace black people is a sentence from the  ”I have a dream” speech of the great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King. It was, “I have a dream, my four little children would one day live in a nation where they would be not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”   After a long talk, the white lady led Sasha in a salvation prayer to receive Jesus into her heart. Sasha also received the Holy Ghost when the white lady laid hands on her.    Later the white lady gave Sasha a small pocket bible and a cute teddy bear then she said her good byes.   An hour later, Sasha’s parents finally arrived at the hospital. As the racist couple rushed to their daughter on her hospital bed. Sasha looked up at them with the brightest smile ever and said, “MOMMY. DADDY. I LOVE WHITE PEOPLE.”
The End.

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