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It Is Not What It Looks Like - by A.B.King

   Tony stood there shocked. He was holding flowers that he bought for his wife in his hands as he looked at her standing there in the bathroom with nothing but a towel on and a cable guy with his shirt off and his trousers down below his waist.
   When everyone regained their breath. Tony’s wife, Emma said; “Honey, it is not what it looks like.”
   Tony threw the flowers down on the bathroom floor. He turned and started to walk away as fast as he could. Not replying to what his wife had said.Emma touched Tony’s shoulder and started to explain but he shrugged his shoulder, sending her palm flying off him.
   Emma grabbed her robe from the hanger by the bathroom door and tried to dress decently as she also tried to explain things to her husband.
   The next time she tried to touch him, he was so fumed that he pushed her to the floor. She still tried to talk to him but he was too angry. Too fumed up. His head was on fire.
   The cable guy tried to explain things too but Tony was out the door and in his car in a twinkling of an eye.
   Tony drove as fast as he could. How could she do this to him? How could she betray him like that? For how long has it been going on?
   As Tony drove, only angry thoughts blazed through his mind. What hurt him most was that he still loved her – He still loved her but she clearly never loved him in the first place. The one he lived for didn’t love him back. There was no reason for him to live anymore.
   Tony stopped by a bridge and climbed up on the edge. He was going to jump.
   As he was about to jump he heard the voice of God say, “Do you now know how bad I feel each time you betray me by going back to the sin I saved you from?”
   Tony remembered all the sins he had committed against God that week. He understood what God meant. It was as though he was looking eyeball to eyeball at God’s love. There was no turning away from what he saw.
   Then Tony heard God speaking to him again. God said, “In any case, what you saw at home is really not what it looks like, go ask your wife for her explanation. You love her so much that you can’t live without her. She can’t live without you too. Have faith in her. Have faith in your love even beyond what you can see with your optical eyes. She has sacrificed a lot for you through the years and you know it.”
   Tony got down the edge of the bridge. He got down the edge of the side of the bridge. He wiped the tears from his eyes. Images of all the beautiful memories he’s had with his wife and all the sacrifices she’s made for him through the years flashed through him mind. It seemed they had no end. He and his wife had truly been through a lot. How could he stop believing in her? How could he doubt for a second in their love? He never knew a woman that had ever loved a man the way his wife loved him.
   Tony pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and he called his wife.
   She had been driving around the city in her car looking for him. She asked him where he was over the phone and he told her. She told him to stay there that she is coming.
   A few minutes later her car pulled up beside him and she ran out of the car to meet him. She got on her knees and begged him to give her time to explain. She told him that what happened was that she had called the cable guy to come over to fixed the cable, and while working he was also drinking a canned beverage that he came with. He later asked if he could use the men’s room and she showed him the way to their joined toilet and bath which as Tony knows was the only one they had.
   Tony’s wife told him that after he finished he got right back to work. He was taking too much time, and because the air conditioner had broken and he was doing heavy work he was sweating heavily so he took off his shirt.
   Tony’s wife decided that she should go on with the rest of her day as usually rather than waiting for him to finish working, so she went into the bathroom to take a shower and right after her shower, as she pulled back the shower curtain and started coming out of the shower she saw the cable guy about to take a piss in the toilet. He didn’t know she was there. He probably figured that since he felt like he had to go he might as well go where the lady of the house showed him before and just take a leak. And it was at that moment Tony had walked in with the flowers.
   Tony got on his knees beside his wife after he had listened to his wife’s explanation. He saw nothing but love when he looked into her eyes. He just knew she wasn’t lying. He burst out in tears. She burst out in tears too. They hugged each other as they both were kneeing on the bridge. They started laughing. They were laughing and crying at the same time but the laughing was swallowing up the crying. Soon they were laughing uncontrollably but it was all love. Snow started falling and they looked up to the sky.
   Tony kissed his wife, taking her by surprise. He broke the kiss, looked up to the skies and said; “THANK YOU LORD JESUS. YOU ARE AWESOME.”

The End.

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