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It Is Your In-law From London Calling - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a country called Nigeria, there lived a little Christian boy named Johnny. He was the only son of his single Mum who was working hard night and day to put food on the table and provide school fees for Johnny.   One day, while he and his Mum where sitting in the kitchen waiting for the rice to finish boiling. His Mum got a phone call. The caller on the other end says that he is her your in-law from London.   Johnny’s Mum sighed and clicked the “End Call” button.   Since the volume was on speaker phone, Johnny was able to hear what the caller on the other end had said.   Johnny asks his Mum why she ended the call.She looked at him and said because it’s 4.1.9 {Note: 419 pronounced 4.1.9 is a Nigerian slang for fraud, a fraudster or any shady or fraudulent activity}.Johnny said that he doesn’t think it’s 4.1.9, that has she forgotten that they actually have an in-law in London?   She just ignored him and said, “the rice has finished boiling.”   Johnny tried talking to his Mum about it but she clearly didn’t want to talk about it judging by the “Hush it” she told him.   When his Mum was out of site, Johnny steals his mums phone from her bag and copies the number that called her and keeps the phone back in the bag.   Later, Johnny calls the man who called his Mum and tells him that he apologizes on behalf of his mother; his mother thinks it’s 4.1.9, but he remembers him. However, just to be sure Johnny asked the man some trick questions about their family and the man answered them successfully. Now, Johnny was sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was talking to a relative.Johnny stated telling him about all that has been going on in Nigeria, and before the credit in the phone he was using finished he slyly asked for money. After all, money is the only reason why Nigerians are interested in overseas relations.   Johnny’s relative laughs as Johnny asked for money and he said that Johnny shouldn’t worry, that he understands, that he was once in Nigeria too and he knows how financial situations can be. Johnny’s relative tells him to give him his Mum’s pin number that he wants to surprise his Mum so that the next time she goes to the bank she would find 2 million Euros in her bank account.Johnny was very happy. His Mum was about to become a millionaire. Certainly, when his Mum sees her bank account she would know what kind of opportunity she almost missed. She would know he was right about it not being 4.1.9. He couldn’t do a better thing for his mum than helping her become a millionaire in Euros not even in Naira.   Johnny knew that his Mum didn’t throw away the slip with her pin number on it. She never was good at memorizing numbers and passwords. She never trusted herself to not forget them too so she always wrote them down and put them in a file she hid in her bedroom in a place she thought her son didn’t know about.   After Johnny got the pin, he texted the pin to his relative’s phone. His job was done. He had done something so remarkably good for his Mum that no good boy’s good deed anywhere in the world could even come close to his.   Later the next day, Johnny’s Mum was complaining of her not having enough funds for his schooling and for their feeding. She got so nervous and worried that it looked like she was about to cry.   Johnny laughed and said, “The Irony.”   Johnny’s Mum couldn’t understand why her son was laughing. She wasn’t finding it funny at all.Johnny then tells her that he called her in-law back and he gave him her pin number and he has put 2 million Euros in her bank account. If she thinks he is lying she should go to her bank and ask how much is there now.   Johnny’s Mum fell down on the ground and started crying. Johnny couldn’t understand why his Mum was crying. Why wasn’t she happy?   Johnny’s Mum asked Johnny, “Do dead men make phone calls?”   “No” Johnny answered wondering where this was going.   Then his Mum said, “Your only relative that is in London died a long time ago so that person you gave my pin number cannot be my in-law.”   And as it happened, when his Mum went to check out her bank account it had been wiped clean. Now Johnny would have to stop schooling for sure because they had no money not even a kobo at all.   Johnny’s intentions might have been good but he had to do a lot of wrong things along the way like stealing his Mum’s phone and stealing his Mum’s pin number. Jesus wouldn’t want anyone to do that. The end doesn’t justify the means. You can’t do the wrong things to arrive at the right destination. Jesus won’t have it that way.
The End.

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