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Mummy, We Don’t Hate Gays, Why Do They Hate Us So? - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a country called America, there lived a little boy called Tommy. He was a nice Christian boy. He was raised by a loving and hardworking Christian Mum. She loved the Lord with all her heart and she taught her son, Tommy to do the same.   In school, Tommy was known as the Christian kid. In-spite of all pressure he would always stand for his Christian values and refuse to talk ill of teachers, play expensive pranks at the expense of other people or talk dirty about the girls in his class behind their back with the boys in his class.Everybody knew Tommy as a Christian kid. What Tommy wasn’t aware of was the growing hatred towards him. Even though he was friendly with everybody, every time they saw him make a right choice or do something admirable or righteous, it only made them feel guilty. It only made them feel like he was better than them. It made them feel he had done something they couldn’t do.   Instead of asking Tommy to tell them the secret of why he is so firm at doing what is right even when it is against popularity; they choose to hate him in secret but smile back in public whenever he smiles at them.   Some of the boys who just couldn’t stand how good Tommy was came up with a plan that in his goody – good nature as they called it he was sure to fall for. They got their class teacher in on the plan and he polished the plan properly and promised the students that it must work. He especially congratulated the Gay students for their zeal and role in the plan.While in school the next day, in the middle of the class a student nudges Tommy and asks him, “Does you Christian beliefs tell you that homosexuality is wrong?”   Tommy turned to look at him and then said, “Yes!”   Immediately, the teacher who was supposed to be teaching and unable to hear the conversation between the two boys at the back of his class, cried out in outrage.   He called Tommy a bully and an evil person. He sent Tommy to the principal’s office and Tommy was given an indefinite suspension.   When Tommy got home and told his Mum, his Mum burst into tears and said, “Are we in America or are we somewhere else? What happened to the country that stood for freedom of beliefs?”Tommy’s Mum prayed and cried day after day. She wasn’t only crying for her son but she was also crying for America. She was crying for how her (America’s) enemies invaded her (America), became her (America) and therefore the enemies principles became her (America’s) principles.Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and Tommy had not yet been called back. It begun to dawn on her that indefinite in Tommy’s case could mean forever. The thought of it brought great pain to Tommy’s Mum’s heart. Should her son suffer because he is a Christian? Oh! What has happened to America? Where is the America for which the founding fathers fought for? Where did it go?   Soon newspaper articles started coming out, and online blog posts where spreading around that said that Tommy was a bully of Gay people and that the school had done a good job by getting rid of him.   Tommy approached his Mother and asked, “Mummy, We don’t hate Gays, why do they hate us so?”   That was a good question. Tommy’s Mum only wished she knew the answer.   One evening as she prayed feeling almost depressed, she heard the Spirit of God tell her that she would never have the victory if she doesn’t stand up strong in faith. He referred her to a passage of the scriptures in the book of Acts. After she read it, she discovered that in the story where God sent an angel to break Peter out of prison, it was because the believers rallied together and prayed without ceasing for Peter. Peter could have died if they hadn’t prayed, because the same way they took Peter is the same way they took James before him. James was equally very close to Jesus. He was at the Mount of the transfiguration with Jesus. Yet when he was taken; the church didn’t pray at all. Only God knows what the saints were expecting by not praying for James when he was arrested for preaching the gospel. If they had prayed for James like the prayed for Peter, James wouldn’t have been killed.   Tommy’s Mum now understood that when Christians are being persecuted and they do not pray a lot and take non – violent legal action they would be massacred because that is the devil’s bottom line wish for all Christians.   Tommy’s Mum brought her problem out to her church and also sent letters to other churches in the area that they should stand up and fight against this injustice. We don’t hate gays. We are not fighting against gays. We are just want justice. We want our right to believe what we believe back. We want our America back.   Weeks later, Tommy’s Mum had organized a march – a peaceful protest. She established the fact that Christians were not against gays and soon even gays who believed that everyone has the right to believe what they believe in America where on Tommy’s Mum’s side. Only gays that didn’t believe in people having the freedom to pick their beliefs where against Tommy’s Mum.After the media got in on it, the government tried to intimidate Tommy’s Mum and tell her to shut up, they also called her son a bully and a cruel person who has no compassion in his heart for others.   Tommy’s Mum was angry. They don’t even know her son yet they have the nerve to come up with such an outlandish claim.   Some of Tommy’s age mates that he had been nice to and now started to like him started making and posting videos online and telling the world about what a nice person Tommy is.Christian voices got louder and soon the whole world had to look at the issue.   Tommy’s Mum sued the government for intimidating the very people that it is supposed to protect.   With the whole world watching the government couldn’t play any funny games and so they had to be fair about it, and when things are done fairly; good people win. Thus, Tommy’s Mum won. Not only was Tommy allowed back in school but some gay people finally realized that Christians are not against them, they are just a group of people who have beliefs that are different from theirs. However, some other gay people still hated Christians and blamed Christians for anything wrong that happened to them. Whenever someone did something mean and unfair towards gay people, they would call the people who wronged them Christians. But no matter what, we would never hate them. Christ took the ability to hate away from our hearts. We may not agree with the choices of gay people but we would love them any way. We would stand by love, we would stand by what we believe and we would stand by freedom.
The End.

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