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A.B.King's 2nd Open Response To Nigeria's Punch Online Newspaper For Their Shameless Propaganda Against Christianity

   I thank you so much for proving my point. So you proudly admit that the entire undertone & point of a report of the apprehension of robbers is that the church & the embracing of Christianity by Nigerians is to blame because according to you the Church doesn't have a moral compass; your proof of which is that they don't investigate the trail of movement behind every bank note put in an offering basket.
   Then you go on to further blame Pastors & Christianity because the church doors are open and they allow anyone & everyone enter in without asking questions (seeing that you are angry that one of the thieves went to church). I guess you would prefer all churches did background checks on everybody and made sure that only Saints entered and no sinner or thief would ever enter, and only Saints would hear the gospel (which they wouldn't need since they are already Saints; which they somehow became without hearing the gospel).
   It's amazing you are blaming Pastors for the criminals activities (even though it is only one that went to church out of a gang with yet many uncaught & unknown members) you are obviously proposing that the Pastor's sermons made them go and rob & kill people for years then keep hundreds of millions of it for themselves and bring only N150,000 to him (even though he is their Boss since he is responsible for all their activities according to you).
   Then to top it off, their Boss (The Pastor according to you) used the N150,000 for the roofing of his church not even for his own personal use. Surely, Pastors don't need school fees for their kids or money to buy food like ordinarily people, that is why he spent all of it on the roofing of the church that all the members of the congregation could see everytime rain falls that, that is where the money went.
   Let us not forget that the donation of money for the church's roof is UNVERIFIED. The reporter did not follow up that led to see if it was true yet he decided to use it as the headline.
   It might as well be a line of a robber to seem somewhat humane and inspire what little sympathy he could from the police men who tortured & interrogated him to extract an extremely detailed confession from him in front of a reporter who would publish their confession online and make a lot of money from the publication.
   The thief knew that the publication would make a public spectacle of him, so it is only natural he would say things in his defense or to give him some credit as a human being or to even justify his actions and lifestyle.
   I'm sure you missed the fact that he blamed the 'Unemployment Situation' as being the reason he joined the gang of thieves within the Vikings after his graduation from the university.
   I won't be at all surprised if in addition to blaming the nation's economy, he directly blamed the nation's politicians and used that as one of his pathetic reasons to use to try to justify his choices. That of course makes him like the reporters of Punch Online and commenters like you who blame the Nigerian government for everything (forgetting that the Nigerian government are picked from the people, so if new government officials have been picked from the Nigerian people since its independence and all of them are evil, it therefore means that the Nigerian people are evil. At least, it therefore isn't a stretch to say so).
    Not to mention that the confession itself is all on Punch's word alone. There is no video or audio recording that proves anything. This is just all based on whatever Punch says. We are to take the word of an online publication that has no qualms engaging in shameless & public propaganda against Christianity. We are to take the word of a publication that indirectly admits it sat through the torture of a criminal to extract information from him so that they can make money and then in the same article blame every Pastor in Nigeria for only caring about making money and bring responsible for a criminal gang‘s activities.
   However, let us give them (Punch Online) the benefit of the doubt.
   I also notice that like other commenters (or Christianity Haters in this case) you only singled out Pastors. He also said he gave up orphanages. As a matter of fact, according to the article he gave to a church only once which was for the church's roof. However, he gave to orphanages after every successful operation. Shouldn't that make the founder of the orphanage the Boss of the gang by your twisted standard of judging matters?
   Anyone any easily drop an envelop in an offering basket or give to a church online or drop a cheque or envelop on the altar. Many people give in a church. The church officials cannot stop people and individually ask and follow up everybody regarding where they got the N20 or N150,000 (which might be spread over multiple days or months) that they drop in the offering basket. That would make church services over 38 hours long for offering alone, then the time for sermons would be only maybe 10 mins. Then people like you would come online on Punch and complain that churches today only care about money, they spend 38 hrs on offerings and only 10 mins on the sermon.
   Anyway, why don't you also blame the orphanages that were the major recipients of his contributions?
   Why is the church to blame for not asking where the money came from but the orphanage is not to blame? Unless of cause you are just an evil person that wants to blame innocent people (Pastors) for what they did not do.
    You and Punch Online obviously hate Christianity & Pastors and are just doing all you can to turn the hearts of Nigerians against Pastors & Christianity. Otherwise why would you leave out blaming the officials at the orphanage who obviously had to deal with the criminal on a one on one basis and doesn't have to deal with a crowd of people trying to give or donate money at one time.
    Why do the commenters leave out the orphanage & blame the Pastor? Why else?
   Not to mention the fact that the comments are carefully moderated by Punch Online so only commenters that are in line with their agenda or the think they can checkmate get posted.
    It is actually illegal & unethical for a news site to censor and moderate comments to their favor but I'm sure Punch Online doesn't know that.
   Also, after the criminals steal money, didn't they put it in their bank accounts? Did the criminals hide all those millions and hundreds of millions under their pillows?
   No! They put it in their bank accounts.
   Why didn't their Account Officer at the bank ask them where they were suddenly getting hundreds of millions from?
   Why didn't the bank ask them where they where getting millions from in all the various foreign currencies plus the local currency of Nigeria?
    To make matters worse, weren't these cash deposits they were making in the banks to their own accounts. It wasn't wire transfers from companies that they could say so and so company paid them. It wasn't cheque payments from a company that a bank would have to verify. It was cash deposits.
   You mean these criminals worked into banks with millions of cash of various currencies and made deposits and the bank didn't ask any questions.
   Yet you blame Pastors for not asking every individual who puts money in an offering basket where they got the money from and that if they cannot provide prove he would call the police to arrest that person in his congregation.
   How Evil You Are!
    This is an article that should have been about thanking the Nigerian Police and celebrating the Nigerian Police for catching these criminals after spending so many years trying to and losing over 20 good Police officers in the process. Yet, Punch Online has made it an article for blaming Christianity & Pastors for the activities of thieves.
   Punch Online would justly be called criminals themselves for doing this.
   The willingness to hurt the innocent only because of money.
   I notice you say in today's world everything is about money. If you truly believe that and are not a liar, that means that you are all about money yourself and everything you do is all about money including your intentions & motivations behind your online comment.
   Unless of cause you are a liar and everything isn't about money after all.
   If you disagree, how come your "everything is about money" exempts you and Punch Online but includes all Pastors all around Nigeria who you've never met but feel you have the right to judge,
   You talk about your Pastor measuring Tithes in England, nobody said anything about the thief paying tithes, it was just one donation for a church's roof, not tithe. So the Givers income (even if we were to try to measure) cannot be estimated by what was given.
   You talk about England, are you measuring the standard of things in England with the things in Nigeria and suggesting that Nigeria must abide by the laws & lifestyle of England? How disrespectful can you become.
    Nigeria is an independent nation. Nigeria has its own laws and Nigerians are not subject to do whatever England does.
    I suppose you want Nigerians to start building Gay & Tramsexual Night Clubs like it's done in England too, and have things like that replace churches like it was done in England too.
    I'm sorry, but Nigerians have minds of their own and they are not slaves of England who as supposed to obey England laws and do whatever is done in England.
    New York becomes increasingly uncomfortable and I would rather Nigeria be free to be themselves and not jump into the hell hole New York & England has gotten themselves into.
    By the way, what about the money people invest in the mother company of Punch Online, does Punch ask its investors where it gets its money from?
    Hmmm? I'm asking.
    All the people that give gifts to the the writer of this article either at Christmas or New Year, does he ask them where they got the money from.
   As a matter of fact is N150,000 money? How much does a Samsung or Apple smart phone cost in Nigeria? Surely it's not N50. If you think anyone should be suspicious of a N150,000 donation; then everyone should be suspicious of anyone in Nigeria carrying a smart phone. And the Nigerian police should go about questioning and arresting anyone who has a Samsung or Apple smart phone.
   Do schools ask parents for their source of income before collecting school fees from parents? Why don't you write that schools should ask for and spend money to conduct investigations to find out where parents are getting money to pay school fees from.
    I recall in addition to orphanages, the criminal also gave money to his Mum & His sister as well. Aren't they the most logical people to ask him where he got the money from? Why didn't they ask him where he got the money from & if you must blame anyone for not asking, how come you ignore the most logical people to ask and then blame the Pastor?
   How many millions of dollars is Punch Online making from AdSense revenue alone each month? It's a Premium website with well over 10,000,000 unique monthly visitors per month.
   Log-in to your AdWords and in the section for targeting individual sites; entire in the Punch Online URL and see things for yourself.
   What has Punch Online done with all that money to ever help any Nigerian?
   Aren't the owners of Punch Online shareholders in a mother company that is also a Newspaper Syndicate that also owns & operates several other newspapers, magazines, and media houses in Nigeria.
    The company behind Punch is worth over $1,000,000,000 on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Look it up!
    What has its Multi-Millionaire Shareholders done for Nigeria? If the filthy rich are the ones destroying Nigeria and sponsoring Politicians, aren't they among?
    As for your comment, and I quote: "I have my suspicion you have more than a vested interest in this story. I put it to you that you are a practising "Pastor" and your cage has just been "Rattled". "
   Firstly, that comment proves beyond a doubt that the objective of this article was to destroy & disrupt all practising Pastors in Nigeria.
   Secondly, you missed. You cannot destroy God's people or God's work. And by the way, I'm not a practising Pastor in Nigeria (not to mention your amusing use of the legal term "practising").
   I rep NY.

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