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One Of The Worst Things That Could Ever Happen At A Crusade - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called Nigeria there lived a teenage girl named Sandra. She basically grew up in church and had been surrounded by good Christian folks all her life.Sandra had a problem. The problem was that she had been crippled since birth. Right now she had been using a wheel chair.   Sandra’s local church and the friends she grew up with weren’t big on the miraculous. They weren’t really into faith healing and stories of great healing ministers after the 1st century church like Kathryn Kuhlman, John. G. Lake, Aimee Semple McPherson, or Pastor Benny Hinn. It’s not like they didn’t believe in the miraculous but it was just that they didn’t care to study it or show any serious interest in that aspect of Christianity. Maybe, it was because their Pastor preached on righteousness, love, soul winning and every other important thing except on divine healing. He would just mention that he believed in it only when he accidentally swayed off topic because of a story that had to do with it in the bible. This only happened once in a blue moon. He seemed to think that there are more important things than divine healing in the bible instead of thinking that divine healing is just as important as other things in the bible.   Sandra however was in a different boat in her thinking. Perhaps, it was because she was in need of healing, and medical science couldn’t do anything for her. Maybe, that’s what made her desperately seek knowledge in this area that was untouched & so delicately avoided by her Pastor. Sandra already had the healthy habit of reading. Her parents and all her friends loved reading too. However, Sandra was now spending her time in their family’s private library reading and researching on a topic that none of them were interested in.   One day, Sandra got wind of the fact that a popular healing minster would be coming to Port Harcourt; the city in which she lived.   Sandra was Super – Excited, she got her friends and her parents to get ready for the crusade. By now she had read a lot about divine healing and had read about the spiritual concept of setting a time for your healing. Sandra made up her mind that she was going to get healed at that crusade. She had read a lot about faith and had rejoiced in testimonies about people who made up their mind that they would receive their healing immediately they see the man of God or stepped into the church building. In like manner, Sandra made up her mind that she would get healed at the crusade no matter what.   The preacher on the other hand was extremely expectant that God is going to move mightily at the crusade. He prayed and prepared himself to host the crusade.   The people of the city of Port Harcourt where expectant of great things happening at the crusade. They had heard and seen on TV all the wonderful things that God has done in crusades that the preacher has held in other cities and nations.   On the day of the crusade, the crusade grounds was packed out with thousands upon thousands of people. They had all come seeking a touch from God.   After the praise and worship session the anointing was so strong in the atmosphere you could tell that something great was going to happen. The preacher mounted the podium. He had just gotten 10 minutes into the sermon and it started pouring down rain. Now this would have been OK but the thing was that it was an open air crusade ground so the rain was pouring down on all those who attended the crusade. This was a terrible thing. One of the worst things that could ever happen at a crusade was happening before the preacher’s eyes.   The rain made the people start leaving. Some were looking for any building structure with a shade or someone with an umbrella or something. With each passing minute they were getting soaked by the rain.   The preacher didn’t know what to do. He felt like Satan had just jabbed him one; right in the stomach. Oh!, What would he do? Should he pray for the rain to stop right there in front of everybody? He’d never done anything like that before. If it didn’t work he hates to think of what people would think.   Should he even be despising the rain the way he did right now, after all God created the rain? But then again the rain was in the the way of him doing God’s work right now.   The Preacher then decided to pray a simple prayer using the mic so that everybody could hear. He said, “Father, your word says in all things we should give thanks so I give you thanks this day in-spite of what is happening right now. I pray that you use this for your glory and I know that all things are going to work together for good. Amen.”   The Preacher waited for something to happen. He didn’t know what he waited for to happen but it certainly wasn’t what was happening right now. People were still running from the rain or to their homes or which ever one it was. This would surely go down as the most unfortunate crusade ever held in the city of Port Harcourt.   Sandra wasn’t disappointed. She was annoyed. She wasn’t annoyed at God but she was annoyed at the prospect of the devil taking away her opportunity to get healed.   Sandra’s family didn’t expect Sandra to get healed so they weren’t disappointed to say the least. There concern right now was that they get Sandra who was sitting in a wheel chair; back home.   The preacher still stood on the pulpit. Rather than just stand there moping, he instructed the choir to start singing a worship song. Not like he knew where that would lead or if it would even help.   Sandra’s parents were about to wheel her away to where they packed their car but she struggled with them and rolled the wheel chair herself away from them, to a point where the rain would really wet her and she lifted up her hands and started singing the worship song that the choir was singing. She blocked out everything that was around her. She blocked out people running away from the rain, looking for an umbrella or a place with a shade they can stay under. She blocked away the people running past her heading for their homes and forgetting about the crusade all together. She blocked everything out and focused on Jesus. She focused on worshiping Jesus. Then seconds later she felt like she was in a trance. She could see Jesus shinning in glory standing right in front of her. He stretched out his right hand to her and said, “Get Up.”   She took his hand and got out from the wheel chair still in the trance. Then she heard someone screaming in the real world. She snapped out of the trance. The screams had now multiplied and those around her started pointing at her. Everyone was looking at her strangely. Most of the people who were running near her had stopped running and where looking at her with their mouths wide open. She wondered what was wrong. Then she noticed her Mum and Dad were looking at her with tears in their eyes. It was then that she just knew that she should look at her legs. She was standing. She started jumping and people started screaming more and then more people started becoming aware of what was happening in that part of the crusade ground.The preacher noticed something was happening there from the distance he was standing and then he sent a camera man to go there and film what was happening so it would be viewed live on the two extremely large projector screens that were on the opposite sides of the podium.The camera man got down there as fast as he could and he aired Sandra’s miracle on the live projector screens so everyone on the crusade ground including those who where very far away could see it.   People who were going home stopped in their tracks in the rain and watched what was happening on the projector screens.   Then someone else who was near Sandra and was using a clutches and had observed that Sandra was praising God before she got her miracle began to worship God herself. She sang along with the choir with all her focus on worshiping Jesus such that she didn’t even know that she had gotten the camera man’s attention because she was doing something nobody else was doing. Suddenly, she felt compelled to lift up her hands to praise God properly. She was brought back to earth when she heard the sound of her clutches fall on the floor. That was when it dawned on her that she was standing without clutches. She decided to try walking and she actually was walking. People all over the crusade ground were seeing this on the projector screens. They started screaming and rejoicing in-spite of the rain. They figured out that it was the praise and worship that brought about the miracle. So all over the crusade ground with rain pouring down on everybody, people lifted up their hands and started singing worship songs with the choir.   Then things just became explosive. Miracles began to happen everywhere. There were cries of joy everywhere. The more they worshiped God the stronger the presence of God filled the place. Everyone just ignored the rain and worshiped God.   A few minutes later, the rain stopped and the sun was back in the sky. It had been a great day. A fabulous day.   The next day it was all over the news.   From that day on the city of Port Harcourt was never the same again. The city had been spiritually awakened.
The End.

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