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Our Cute Little Friend - by A.B.King

   Mark and Melinda had been married for 6 years. They were both Christians and they both loved the Lord and where partners in their church.

   One day while Mark was still at work, Melinda had come back from work and she was writing a blog on her computer when she heard a small barking sound outside the door. She went out only to met with a little cute puppy that had no collar.

   It was so adorable that Melinda picked it up immediately. The puppy liked Melinda and it started licking her face. Melinda adjusted its distance from her face immediately.

   None of her neighbors had that breed of dog so it certainly didn’t belong to any of them. She figured that she would keep it for the day and then the next day she would take it to the right authorities and see whether she can get to keep it.

   Melinda forgot all about her blog post she had half written and poured out some milk for the dog.

   After the dog happily lapped it up. Melinda played with the dog and enjoyed playing with the dog until her husband came back from work. He wasn’t fond of dogs. He was shocked to see a dog in his house.After a few minutes of a light argument between the couple, Mark consoled himself that his wife would be talking the stray puppy he didn’t like one bit to the authorities the next day. Then finally, the dog would be out of his hair.

   However, 3 weeks later he sat on a couch angrily as he watched Melinda play with the dog. They had let his wife keep the dog.Mark kept his cool on the outside, but on the inside he was boiling. He didn’t know how he could share the house with a dog.

   Later that evening, Melinda told Mark that she would be going out to a friend’s house so he should keep the dog company that it likes to be kept company and hates to be ignored. If nothing else, he should just let the dog fall asleep on his laps. Mark said Ok! Then Melinda walked out the door.

   Mark couldn’t believe what his wife just said. Him? putting a dog on his laps. She can’t be serious. He knew that he said that he would do it, but there was no way in the world he was going to do a thing like that.

   Mark quickly picked up the puppy, put it in a closet upstairs, and went back downstairs to watch TV.

   It didn’t take time before he heard the puppy barking. It barked and barked and barked but it only annoyed Mark. Mark turned up the volume of the TV, if that dog wanted to play and thought that it would play with him; then it has another thing coming.

   Mark ignored the barking until the barking sound got strange. It finally stopped barking and Mark was glad that the little dog had finally figured out that barking won’t do it any good so it had decided to keep quiet. Smart dog.

   After the TV sitcom Mark was watching on TV finished, Mark heard his wife’s car pull up in the drive way. Uh – Oh! he had better get the dog back downstairs and pretend that he had been playing with it.

   Mark ran back upstairs and opened the closet door. He was shocked at what he saw. The dog was dead. It had suffocated. Oh – No! he was dead too. His wife was definitely going to kill him. What is he going to tell his wife? What is he going to do?

   If Mark survives whatever his wife is going to do to him, he would remember next time that a husband should listen to his wife. And when she tells him to do something and he says he would do it; he should actually keep his word and do it.

   Let your wife be able to count on you the same way you want to be able to count on her. 

The End.

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