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Our Financial Crisis Story - by A.B.King

   Robert and Rebecca where a lovely Christian couple. Their love and devotion for each other where unquestionable. They were two halves of the same whole who knew they couldn’t live without each other.They had been married for 15 years and now could only laugh as they always had done about teenagers who believe the lie that love grows stale through the years in marriage.

   However, Robert and Rebecca weren’t laughing about their financial situation. To call a spade a spade they were in financial soup and there was no sign of brighter days on the horizon.

   Robert and Rebecca had two children that where also their pride and joy. But when you have children you have to take good care of them. And taking good care of children takes a good amount of money. If nothing else this experience made the couple appreciate their own parents more now that they had a taste of what it was like to raise children themselves.

   Robert and Rebecca had a 13 year old daughter named Sarah, and their other child was an 8 year old boy that made Rebecca’s life feel like a never ending gym work out session. His name was James.Rebecca worked at a family bookshop that she owned in her own neighborhood. While her husband worked 2 jobs. By day he was the assistant Mall manger and by night he was a security man.

   The couple needed money and they just weren’t getting enough of it.

   One day, while they were in church a guest Pastor came. He delivered a touching sermon and half way through the sermon he paused. He singled out Robert and Rebecca, and then he prophesied over them. He said that they were going to experience a financial outpour of God’s blessings in such a way that it would blow their mind.

   Robert and Rebecca were like, Wow! They had not told anybody that they were going through a financial difficulty. What he said had to be from God.

   Robert and Rebecca looked up from that day forward and expected brighter days ahead.

   Unfortunately, a few weeks later the economy of the nation they were in went bad.If Robert and Rebecca taught that their financial situation looked bad before, now it looked like hell on earth.

   Robert started to work four jobs. In the morning he was the newspaper truck driver, in the afternoon he was a door to door sales man, in the evening he was a telephone advisor on D.I.Y technical problems, and at night he was a security man.

   In-spite of all these jobs, the family was barely keeping their heads above water.

   Rebecca started fasting because of the financial crisis. She decided to go on a 40 days fast although she would eat in the evening of every day. She just wouldn’t eat from 6.00am in the morning to 6.00pm in the evening.

   It really disturbed her but she was desperate. She needed a miracle from God.

   One afternoon, Rebecca’s daughter Sarah saw her saying all kinds of things to a potenital customer about how a particular book in her bookstore can make her rich. She was so convincing that it could make even a pauper sell all he has so that he can buy the book. And of cause, the woman Rebecca was talking to eventually bought the book.

   Later on, when Rebecca was complaining to herself about her desperate financial situation, her daughter spoke up and told her the same thing that she had told the person she bought books from.

   Rebecca was mad, but as she was about to discipline her daughter, it dawned on her that even though her daughter does not know it; God might be speaking through her. Perhaps she should at least try to read the books in her bookstore about fInancial success.

   Rebecca started reading the financial books that were in her bookstore and a few months later she and her husband where not only out of debt but they were on their way to financial excess.

   The prophesy was still fulfilled at the end of the day, but apparently when we receive a word of prophesy; God has his part to play in bringing it to pass and we have our part to play in bringing it to pass.

The End.

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