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Say It The Moment You Wake Up Every Morning - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Judy. She loved the Lord and she was fortunate to be a part of a good Christian home.   She lived with her Mum and her twin sister, Diana . Their Dad had died fighting for his country sometime after the twins were born. He was on the battle front when the babies where delivered. He didn’t even get to see his girls.   Anyway, that was a long time ago. Right now, Judy had a problem. She wasn’t doing well with her school work but her twin sister, Diana was doing quite well.   Diana always used her stellar academic performance to make fun of Judy. It was also the edge she used to gain favor from adults even their Mum.   Judy knew that if she didn’t step up in her academics she wouldn’t make it. She knew that if she didn’t improve in her academics she would spend the rest of her life poor. Her Mum had always told them that she was struggling to pay the bills. They may be living like the middle class now but after she grows old and the company she works for retires her, the pension money wouldn’t be able to support 3 people. If they can’t get good jobs themselves they would be poor and live in a project somewhere.   Their Mum told them that would have to become high or at least average income earners themselves if they were ever going to escape poverty when she is retired, and they would never make it if they don’t get great grades.   Both twins knew the importance of good grades. However, Judy had a problem. She liked watching TV and playing causal games on the family computer too much. She knew that those habits where eating up her time which she should have spent reading, but she just couldn’t pull herself away from watching TV.   Judy wondered if she would ever be free. She didn’t want to call it an addiction but she knew that it might as well be.   Her love for watching TV was hindering her from reading books.   Watching TV had no long term value if anything else, when she grows up and looks back she would regret having spent all that time watching TV, even though it may be fun and difficult to draw away from now. Whereas, reading had an undoubtable long time value and everybody knew that especially Judy.   Judy would get jealous when she sees Diana reading. She would wish that she could just tuck herself in a corner and read books like her. Judy hated the fact that anytime she forced herself to sit down quietly to read; her mind would fly off to wondering what is happening on TV at that moment. In addition to her unsuccessfully trying to keep her mind on the book she is reading, she also found reading boring. She just couldn’t help it. She knew how important it was but at the same time she just couldn’t help how boring it was to her.   Judy wished that she could do something to change the disastrous destination that she knew her life was heading in.   She also didn’t like the fact that she was coming dangerously close to being very very envious of her twin sister. She feared that she might be walking down the path that Cain walked.   One day, after church, while chatting with one of her close friends in church, the friend tells her about how the female children’s Pastor of the church helped her.Judy decides to ask the the female children’s Pastor for help. She finally mustered up the courage to approach her two Sunday’s later and ask her if she would have time for them to speak in private.   After the female children’s Pastor listens to what Judy had to say in a corner of the children’s church where everybody can see them and not an enclosed room. The female children’s Pastor prays for Judy and tells her that the problem is; she doesn’t understand the importance of wisdom even though she knows the importance of reading. They are two different things.The Pastor told Judy that the solution is for her to understand the importance of wisdom so she can fall in love with wisdom.   She told Judy that she should read Proverbs chapter 4, along with Proverbs chapter 8 everyday.   She also told Judy that she should say, “I am in Love with wisdom. I go after wisdom”, every single day as the first thing that comes out of her mouth when she wakes up every morning. That way she would be reprogramming her mind differently.   Judy taught it was a strange thing to do every morning but she decided that she might as well just do it. What other choice did she have?   Judy did what she was told to do for weeks but she soon feels like giving up. It was not working. She however had gotten used to it and it’s not like it took anything out of her so she kept on doing it.   One day, a friend of Judy came over and as her Mum opened the door, the friend asked if Judy was around.   And Judy from her room overheard her Mum say, “She’s probably reading like her room like she always does.”   Those words struck Judy with shock. Then she looked at the book wide open beneath her that she had been reading. She had not realized it but she had been reading the bible a lot everyday. She had been reading the book of Proverbs a lot. She was now a reader who loved reading and even her Mum had noticed it, but she herself hadn’t realized it until now.Judy was so happy. She now started practicing what the Pastor told her more than ever and the more she read, the more she loved to read. The more she read, the more her interest in watching TV decreased.   Judy soon joined a local library and reading became fun to her. Anytime she read she found that she was having more fun than when she did any other thing.   Judy begin to read a great assortment of relevant books for her age and soon begins to have higher scores in her school work than her twin sister after a few months.Days later, Diana her twin sister came to her and asked her, “What is your secret?”
The End.

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