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Sleeping With The Bible Under My Pillow - a bedtime story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time not far back in time at all, there lived a little girl named Suzie. She was 9 years old and she had nice Christian parents.

   Suzie had been having nightmares but for some reason she didn’t talk to her parents about it. She talked to her friend about it and her friend told her the solution would be for her to sleep with the bible under her pillow. Suzie asked other friends of hers about it and they all agreed that that would be the solution. A couple of them told Suzie that they used to have bad dreams too but ever since they began sleeping with the bible under their pillow the bad dreams went away.

   Suzie decided to sleep with the bible under her pillow that night. She ended up still having nightmares. Maybe she did something wrong, she thought. Maybe next time she would face the bible in the opposite direction then put her pillow on top of it and when she sleeps she wouldn’t have nightmares.

   That night she did as she had planned but she still had nightmares.

   We wondered what was wrong.

   She decided that the following night she would try getting all the bibles in the house and stacking them under her pillow before she goes to sleep. But after she stacked all the bibles in the house under her pillow her Mum who loves to read the bible regularly caught her. She asked Suzie what in the world she taught she was doing.   Suzie told her Mum everything.

   Her Mum told her that she should have come to her first and not gone to her friends first. Parents are there for you – to guide you – to help you – to give you lots of love and lots of great advice. Those are some of the things that parents are for. Those are things you should never doubt that good parent delight in.

   Suzie’s Mum said that sleeping with a bible under your pillow won’t keep you from having nightmares but praying before you sleep would do that. You would also have to read the word of God often because the word of God produces faith. As it written, faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10: 17)

   When you fill your heart with the word of God, you fill your heart with faith and you create an environment within your heart & soul that is in-conducive for fear or bad dreams.

   Suzie heeded her mother’s advice so she prayed that night before going to bed and she had no bible underneath her pillow. She still had nightmares that night, but over time as she read the bible more during the day and remembered to pray before she went to bed the nightmares totally went away.

   Now Suzie is one happy nightmare free Christian girl. Hurray!!!


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