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Smile Even When The Road Is Rough - by A.B.King

   Tim and Lucy where a lovely Christian couple. Their lives where a bed of roses until a recession hit.

   People started getting laid off here and there. Tim and Lucy prayed that Tim won’t get laid off, and Tim’s wife encouraged too.Tim stayed positive.

   He went to work one day and he saw a letter on his desk. His heart starts beating fast. He opens up the letter and he feels like the rug he was standing on was literally pulled from under him as he sees it was what he feared the most.

   Tim told his wife the bad news as he came back home very unsually early from work that day.

   Lucy couldn’t believe it. How did it happen? But she prayed?

   Lucy tried to encourage her husband but he gets mad.

   She clamed him down but changing the topic and suggesting he take a dip in the Jacuzzi, while she would get him something from the fridge to help him relax. Tim was too tired and downcast to refuse. Thus, that quarrel was evaded.

   As the months worn on, Tim tried to find a job every single day. The money that Lucy was making on her job alone was not enough to sustain their house, their feeds and all the other bills. Soon the quarrelthat was evaded that first day he told her he got laid off became inevitable. And they where quarrelling pretty much everyday because of their finances. Lucy was smart so she knew how to manipulate her words doing every quarrel such that she calmed her husband and the never ended a quarrel without a kiss and him apologizing.

   But on one day, while they where quarreling; Tim insulted her. She got mad and walked away. He had never insulted her before when they quarrelled but hearing him insult her now really got to her.

   Neither of them talked to each other. They just ignored each other anytime they passed by each other when they walked around the house.

   After 30 minutes of the excruciating pain of missing his wife even though she was in the same house with him, Tim got on his knees and begged his wife for forgiveness.

   Lucy cooed and blushed at the same time. She picked him up and told him that she accepts his apology.

   Lucy told him that she just wants him to be enthuastic and remain believing in faith that he would get a job no matter how difficult it is. She told him that she just wants him to keep his head up and keep a smile on his face all the time even he is at a job interview. She told him to promise that he would smile all through his next job interview.

   Tim wasn’t quite sure if he should say that he promises. But at he saw the look of love and seriousness in the beautiful eyes of his wife’s eyes, he said he promised.

   Lucy told Tim to smile right now as they spoke and Tim smiled as she playfully helped to curve his lips upwards. They laughed. Soon the kissed.

   For the rest of that day Tim’s contenance was sky high and he and his wife played together, talked together and laughed together in-spite of their financial difficulties. All his worries where gone even though his troubles where till there. His troubles just weren’t troubling him any more, thanks to his wife. He felt so much joy in the presence of his wife that being beside her alone was like breathing in the sweet perfume of beautiful paradise. She was awesome. She was his pillar, his back bone without which he would be in serious trobule. She was his perfect rose of encouragement. She sure made it easy to apply the scripture where Jesus tells us not to worry because if not even one sparrow falls to the ground with God knowing, and God numbering the number of hairs on our hair; how much more does he care for us.

   The next day, Tim set out as usual on his job hunt, but this time he had a smile on his face. His spirit was up. He felt good.

   Half way during his first interview, the interviewer interuptted him and told him that he’s got the job. He told him that for a while now they’ve not see someone walk into their office with a smile on their face who was happy and enthusiastic to work.

   Tim realized that what the interviewer was telling him was that why he received the job was because he was smiling.

   As Tim walked out of the interviewer’s office ready to text his wife and give her the good news he realised that he hadn’t been smiling in the other interviews. He had been too worried about his financial state to even know that he didn’t smile and look happy during his last interviews. He must have looked like an unhappy miserable man. That was when it dawned on Tim that no company would want to employ a miserable looking man who shows up for a job interview with a sad face, a poor countenance and a generally unenthuastic demeanor. Who would want to give a job to someone who is unenthusiastic?It was his not smiling that had a large part to play in his not getting a job since even though he had a beautiful resume.

   You really have to smile and keep you head up when you are going through your worst days. It’s not just some positive thing that people say. It’s a positive thing that you must do. It really pays.

   This interview for a job that paid even bigger than his last job went fine and it was all because he smiled. And it was his wife that told him to smile. Wow! “At least I know what I would do with part of my first pay check” Tim thought. “I would buy my Queen a new car.”

The End.

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