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The Boy Who Laughed At Bald Old People - by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Steven. He loved to make fun of people that are bald and he inspired other kids to laugh at them too. Even though Steven had said the salvation prayer and was privileged to belong to a nice Christian home with both parents still alive, Steven still delighted in making fun of others.   Steven had the most beautiful blonde hair that a boy his age had ever had. He took pride in his hair and took care of it more than the 3 times a day that he brushed his teeth.   Even though Steven didn’t even know what love or attraction between couples on any level meant because he was too young, Steven loved how everyone said he was cute and would admire him or say something about his hair. You could say that Steven was full of himself that he believed he was the most handsome boy in the world.   For some reason, Steven had become particularly obsessed with making fun of bald people. He soon became notorious and popularly known as the boy who laughed at bald old people. Even though none of his age mates called him that name to his face, the title fit perfectly.Steven’s elder sister, Rose called him aside one day and told him that not only is it against good ettituque to make fun of people no matter what the reason is, but as Christians it is really not acceptable and it’s totally uncharacteristic of a Christian.   Steven was a little boy and was afraid that his big sister would beat him up if he made any rude comments that he would still do what he wants so Steven kept quiet and nodded his head like he understood.   However, what young folks don’t know is that they aren’t wiser than older folks. Apart from the fact that Rose knew her little brother like the back of her hand and therefore knew what he would have really said if he was really sorry, Steven’s body language alone told Rose that he was only pretending to be sorry. So Rose simply waited for the next time she would catch Steven making fun of a bald person again and then she would tell her Mum. And it happened the very next day.   Steven’s Mum not only warned him but she also spanked him. However Steven’s repentance from making fun of bald old people only lasted two week. After that he was right back to his sick behavior that made him happy.   Rose noticed Steven had gone back to square one. She didn’t know what to do so she prayed that God would one way or the other do something to teach Steven a lesson and make him stop making fun of bald old people.   One beautiful morning, after Steven took a shower he was distracted by a cartoon on the TV that his elder brother had installed in the bathroom because he saw on TV that celebrites are buying TV and installing it in their backrooms and even inside the toilet seats all in the name of being cool.   In his distraction, while Steven reached for his shampoo he picked up something else. Steven poured if over his head in vast amounts and rubbed it while his eyes where still on the TV. When the time came for him to wash it off he discovered that clumps of hair was falling to the ground also. Steven hoped it was something else and not his hair but the more he felt it in-between his palms the more it felt like hair. Steven stopped washing his hair and rose up his head. He wiped a towel over his forehead so that no water or shampoo would trickle down from his hair into his eyes. Steven looked at the mirror and what he saw made him faint.   When Steven woke up he picked himself up from the bathroom floor. He looked into the mirror once again hoping he wouldn’t see the same thing he saw before but that wasn’t the case. He saw what his worst nightmare would have even been too scared to show him. He was bald. Handsome Steven was bald. All his beautiful hair was gone.   When Steven later finished cleaning himself up, dressed up, and he had gone to his room to cry; Steven’s sister caught him crying in his room. She asked him what was wrong and he refused to tell her what was wrong. Rose asked him why he was wearing a head warmer and a face cap at the same time inside the house when it was already hot.   She tried to remove it sensing that there was more it than things appeared.   Steven struggled to keep his elder sister from removing it but she was older and stronger than him so she removed it. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what she saw. How in the world did happen she wondered?   When Mum saw her bald son, her heart skipped a beat the same way Dad’s heart skipped a beat too.   The next day was going to be only the first of the worst days of his life and he knew it.   When Steven’s friends saw him in school they began to laugh. They began to ask questions and they answered the questions themselves.   Every single day it grow worse and everybody who had known him as the boy who laughed at bald old people laughed at him even at the mention of his name alone.   Everyone is school started telling him that his hair would never grow back and Steven for the first time since the incident happened noticed that he hadn’t seen as much a strand of hair grow on his head. His head was just a really smooth surface that reflexed the sun rays without remorse. With each passing day of Steven looking into the mirror and not seeing any hope at all, Steven began to believe that his hair would never grow back and that he is going to be bald forever.   After only a week, Steven was not only convinced that his hair was never going to grow back ever, but he was also sorry for all the times he had ever made fun of bald old people. Now he knew just how much it hurt to be made fun. He may have found it funny when he was on the giving end of the insults but now that he was on the receiving end and everyone in school made fun of him; he knew it wasn’t funny at all.   Steven sat in bed crying and begging God for forgiveness with a repentant heart. He told God he was sorry for all the times he had made fun of bald people. He told God to please make his hair grow back once more and whether it does or it doesn’t he would still never make fun of another bald person again. He told God that if his hair grew back he wouldn’t let it become a reason for him to get puffed up with pride of how beautiful his hair is but rather each time he sees it in the mirror it would be a reminder of how awesome and glorious a creator God is. He would give the glory to the creator of the hair and not the hair that is the creation.   After Steven finished praying he felt a peace in his heart and he felt like God had heard him and answered his prayer.   Steven went to the mirror and looked carefully for any trace of air. His mouth curved into a smile when he saw a single strand of hair that wasn’t there days before.It turned out that the cream that Steven had used on his head was just his elder brother’s new hair removal cream that he used to shave his beard because a celebrity on TV said that it was cooler than a battery clipper.
The End.

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