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The Business God Gave Birth To - by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called America there lived a young man named James. He came from a rich family. His Dad whom he loved dearly had just passed away from lung cancer and James being an only child inherited everything his father owned.
   Losing his father took a large toll on him and he was going through the most difficult time of his life right now. James had just graduated from school with honors in the art of film making so in this critical time in his life when he was transitioning he had no Dad to direct him. His Dad who had always been there for him especially in difficult times was there no more.   James lived life on the edge and started doing crazy things because of the pain of loosing his father. He’d always dealt with pain that way. However, this time it got him on a hospital bed.
   He had narrowly escaped death. It was in this state that a minister who normally visits hospitals and prays for patients met him. The preacher broke down the gospel of Jesus Christ for James. He spoke with love and he spoke with the anointing.   James gave his life to Christ that day and started living for God from that day.   As James grows in the faith and in his relationship with the Lord, he realizes that it’s his mission in life is to reach out to people with the gospel through his movies.   James tries to make a Christian movie using the usual procedures used to make movies in Hollywood but it was always one excuse or another, no movie studio wanted to get behind him.
   Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months but no studio had shown even the slightest interest in backing up James’ movie.   James’ uncle who’s rather big in the movie industry tells James to forget about making Christian movies and to just concentrate on making regular movies and if he does that every movie studio in Hollywood would be begging him to work with them because he knows James is extraordinarily talented.   James says ‘No’ to his uncle’s suggestion.   Things start getting sore in James’ life and he begins to become a laughing stock for sticking to wanting to make Christian movies when he would surely have it made in the movie business if he makes regular movies that have nothing Godly in them.   James in desperation goes to church when no one else is there and he pours out his heart to God for hours. He didn’t know when he fell asleep. In his dream God appeared to him and told him that he should start his own film company and forget about going about to the existing movie studios in Hollywood hoping to get a job.   James asked God where he would get the money from. God told him he should sell all he has and use the money to register a new company and also make one movie.   Later, James woke up from the dream. He knew that it was more that just a dream. He knew it was God revealing his will to him.   James didn’t want to sell everything he owned. It was just too huge a sacrifice. But one day, while watching a Christian movie that was about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, he was moved when he saw the scene where Jesus was flogged and also nailed upon a cross. James realized and acknowledged the fact that nothing he could do could ever be too much of a sacrifice for Jesus because Jesus gave everything. Jesus died for us in-spite of the fact that he is God.   James goes ahead and sells everything he had to come up with enough money to register the company and to also make one movie. If the movie flopped he would be flat broke and have nothing. All his houses, cars and stuff he inherited from his father would be gone. He would have to start afresh.   After he finished working on the film, only based on the trailer alone a lot of people in the movie industry started giving it bad previews.
   All sort of things about how terrible the movie would be was said on movie preview TV shows, local newspapers, tabloids, and even popular web blogs. It even got proven to be the most widely criticized movie in the world for been horrible even before its release.   James gets downcast and in his apartment, he buried his face into his hands and started to weep. He is not the kind of man that would cry, in fact he can’t remember the last time he cried but what he was going through now was just so overwhelming; words can’t even begin to explain it.
   As James sits crying, he hears the voice of the Lord. God told him to stop crying. God told him not to worry that his new company is his idea and since the idea is from (him) God; the business is from God and anything that comes from God cannot fail. Anything that’s born of God overcometh the world.   James cheered up and he took heart.   Guess what?, when the movie came out it was an instant hit. It grossed higher than any other movie that year and it also did something that no other movie could do, it inspired 800, 000 people to give there lives to Christ and become active members of real Christian churches around America. Hallelujah.

The End.

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