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The Christmas Card I Got For My Mum - by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Rita. She was an energetic little girl and she loved her Mum more than anything and everyone else in the world except God.   It was Christmas season and Rita’s Dad was pulled away by some important business matters. Unfortunately, he would miss celebrating Christmas with his family but he will be back on the 26th, the day after Christmas.   Rita was going to have to spend the better half of the season with her Mum, but she wasn’t complaining. Mum always made her feel happy: happier than she possibly taught she could feel.One day away from Christmas, while Rita was having a conversation with her best friend; the subject of conversation somehow veered and Rita’s best friend told her what gift she’d got for her Mum. That was when Rita realized that she had’t gotten any gift for her own Mum.Suddenly: that very second, Rita’s Mum shows up and grabs her by the hand to take her to the Amusement Park like she promised.   While at the amusement park, Rita asks her Mum for money to buy some ice cream with the intention of buying her a Christmas card.   Her Mum gives her the money.   Rita tells her Mum to wait right where she is that she would soon be back.   Rita delays and her Mum starts to get a little impatient but then she saw Rita coming back. She was not with any ice cream. Truth is, there weren’t any Christmas cards in that store. Rita told her Mum that she will prefer something else other than ice cream. She then points to a shop that looks like it would have cards. And ice creams too so her mum would not figure out what she is up to.   When they get right to the front of the store, Rita tells her Mum to wait for her outside.   Her mum is like, Why?   Rita answered that it’s because it would only take a minute.   Rita Mum said, So? This is you and me time   Rita is weakened by her Mum’s answer. Then she brightens up and points behind her Mum and says,”Look at that, isn’t that cool?”   Rita’s Mum turns and looks. Rita uses the opportunity to run into the store, alone. But after Rita buys the Christmas card she sees her Mum walking into the store.   Rita quickly ducks the Christmas card into bag someone’s bag who didn’t notice.   Rita’s Mum asks Rita what is wrong.   “Nothing”, Rita answered.   Rita’s Mum begins to tell her that she is acting mighty suspicious.   Just then Rita turns around and notices that the person who she hid the card in her bag had left. Rita said excuse me to her Mum then quickly runs out of the store. Her Mum runs out after her but by the time she reaches the outside of the store she doesn’t see Rita. Her daughter is no where to be found. Rita’s Mum begins to get scared. And thus, her search and worrying for her daughter began.   Rita looks for the woman who had the Christmas card. She searches and searches and she finally spots her in a distance. Rita runs after her but by the time she reaches her she’s on the roller coster. Rita gets on the roller coster too. She was certain she would catch up to the lady when the lady gets down from the roller coaster. But immediately after the lady got down from the roller coster she walked into the hall of mirrors. Rita runs into the hall of mirrors only to get confused. Every time she taught she was close enough to touch the lady she found out it was just a mirror. She began to get frustrated until she got tired of the whole thing and decided to go outside the hall of mirrors and wait for the lady to walk out of the hall of mirrors the same way she went in.   Interestingly, Rita soon notices the error that she made when she sees the lady leaving the hall of mirrors from another passage, a passage with the word “EXIT” written above it. She had waited for the lady in front of the passage written “ENTRANCE” above it.   Rita ran towards the lady but before Rita gets close to the lady, the lady enters the house of horrors. Rita ran into the house of horrors but after 2 minutes she ran back out scared. She then begins to pray and she begs God to intervene. She needed to get back that Christmas card from the lady quickly.   Rita soon sees the lady coming out the house of horrors, but before she can get to her, she walks into the Tunnel of time. Rita is about to follow her but she hears a voice tell her No! that she shouldn’t run into the tunnel. Rather she should run around it and patiently wait at the other end for the lady to come out.   Rita did as she was told. As the lady came out she approached her and explained herself to her. The lady was quite nice. She collected the card and said goodbye to her.Meanwhile, Rita’s Mum was scared out of her mind. She was panicking while looking for Rita. Half her mind was scared off its hinges while the other half was praying to God that he would help her find Rita. Rita’s Mum told herself that if anything happens to Rita she would never forgive herself.   After a long futile search, Rita’s Mum decides to look for one of the amusement park officials and report her daughter is missing.   Meanwhile, Rita however is now faced with one problem: Finding Mum. She looks around and thinks.   Suddenly, the answer hits her. Rita got on a roller coaster ride and anytime the coaster went up she would look around the amusement park for her Mum. This went on and on and on until she finally saw her Mum far away in a distance talking to one of the amusement park officials. She now knew where her Mum was.   Rita’s Mum was scared, worried and confused at the same time as she complained to the amusement park official about her missing daughter. Suddenly, she felt someone pulling against the hem of her shirt to get her attention. Rita’s Mum wondered who it could be that would be disturbing her at a time like this. She looks down and is surprised beyond words to see her daughter, Rita. Rita had a big smile on her face. She holds up the Christmas card to her Mum and says, “Merry Christmas, Mummy!”
The End.

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