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The Facebook Account Of The Founder Of Facebook Was Recently Hacked. On The Other Side Of The Coin - by A.B.King

    There are certain things in life that we find ourselves inclined to think would never happen.
   It is not that those things are within the realms of the impossible, but we just have reason to believe it might as well be classified as impossible.
   One of those things is the online account of the founder of the largest online social network in the world being hacked.
   Yelp! It's so unthinkable that it's almost funny.

What Actually Happened:
    Some hours ago, the Twitter, Pinterest, & Instagram accounts of Mark Zuckerberg displayed bio descriptions and posts that announced that they are the "OurMine Team" and they had taken over the account of Mark Zuckerberg after discovering his LinkedIn password was "dadada"; which they had obtained after a security breach at Linked In in which over 117 million account details where leaked online.
   Unfortunately for Mr.Zuckerberg, he used the same password on all his other accounts. So the key (ie. password) which was gotten from the LinkedIn was successfully used to open the doors of his other social accounts.

A Simple Step The Hackers Could Have Taken To Ensure Mark Zuckerberg Never Found Out:
   If the Hackers had kept quiet about the break in and not changed Mr. Zuckerberg's bio descriptions and posted any posts, no attention or knowledge of the compromise would have ever been known.
   The Hackers would simply have been an invisible ghost waiting in the shadows; forever listening in on every conversation and communication made by the Founder of one of the biggest Tech companies.
   The Hackers obviously had no creativity & criminal ingenuity. Not that I would want to encourage it in anyone, but things would have gone a lot more differently if they had.
   The Hackers were in a position to obtain streams of information that many competing tech companies would have paid millions for.
   Such a position of anonymity would have certainly led to the discovery of what Mr. Zuckerberg‘s personal and business email addresses are. And that is where the big game is to be scored. Since it was his nature to use the same password everywhere, there is a 98% chance the same password would have worked on his email addresses.
    It would be like having access into personal & corporate email addresses of the Director Of The FBI.
    Of cause rather than selling that simple password "dadada" to the highest bidder for millions in a black market auction, the Hackers could have kept the password themselves since it is stream of getting continuous information which every new revelation could be sold again and again to the highest bidder amongst interested parties.
    Ok! but enough of asking ourselves; 'What Would Professor Moriarty Would Have Done Had He Found Himself In A Similar Situation', there is something more present and tangible to consider and that is You; what this means for you.

What This Means For Other Facebook Users:
   If you are on Facebook but you also are on LinkedIn or Evernote or one of all these other network sites that are always getting hacked; then your password has been compromised also and somebody may be listening in on all your conversations too.
   You can remedy the situation by immediately changing all your passwords and ensuring you don't use the same password twice, either by using a password manager or having a protected document on your phone & your laptop with a list of Usernames & Passwords from every possible you have. That way you can have millions of passwords and need to only remember one.
    Don't worry about the inconvenience of always going to open the encrypted file to find out the password, you would find that you won't need to go there every time. For example, you only logged into your Twitter account once on your phone after installation, after that you've need been asked to log-in again.
    Also, you often already use the "Remember Password" feature in apps & in your laptop's browser already.
    So it wouldn't be a problem.

Facebook Getting A Taste Of Its Own Medicine:
    Facebook is a company that so readily shares its information with the U.S Government without the user's consent.
    That is a breach of trust and in addition to its moral shortcomings & indecency, it should also have very steep legal ramifications.
    However, I guess, the law is above the law. Or perhaps I should say the one who has been given the power to create the law (a.k.a. The Government) is above the law (that it has the power to create).
    Now, I do not blame Mr. Zuckerberg. I view him as a victim in this regard. What else can he do? Disobey the government and not be their pun when they make the laws and the rules of the game?
   No! Mr.Zuckerberg is not to blame.
   I must disagree with anyone who blames him.
    However, it may not be your fault that you are a part of something, but when Karma comes around it bites you in the Ass too.
    In some little way, that is what has happened.
    On another note, let us remember that Mr. Zuckerberg and other key players of Silicon Valley has tried to fight this stranglehold the government has over all the information tech companies gather. And they have made the fight public especially since the revelations of Edward Snowden The Great.
    However, it is a battle in which it seems, the government cannot lose.

Facebook's Response Since The Incident:
And I quote:
"No Facebook systems or accounts were accessed,” the Facebook spokesperson said. “The affected accounts have been re-secured.”

What Lessons Can We All Learn From This:
- Don't use the same password everywhere.
- Pay attention to emails from social media sites alerting users that there have been some security issue with their system and that a very small number of accounts may have been compromised so they are appealing to users to change their passwords.
   The fact that nothing goes wrong with your account for days or even months doesn't mean that your account wasn't compromised.
   And if you happen to use that same password somewhere else also, change it.

How Things Stand Now:
   Mr. Zuckerberg's accounts have been restored and hopefully, he's learnt from his mistakes.

Advise For Mark Zuckerberg:
- First of, congratulations on handling the matter you way you did. I couldn't suggest you would have possibly handled it in any better way.
- It would be difficult to get rid of or even justly question the stranglehold the government has over you & your company's information database when you receive and do so many favors for politicians.
- Your real social media accounts shouldn't be your real social media account's page, they should be made and run by a small Celebrity Brand Management Team in your employ and not your personal thing. You are too big a public figure for it to be any other way.
    Your "Really - Real" and private social media accounts shouldn't bear your name or any link to you anywhere and should be known by only your closest friends and family.
   Of cause, you should oversee what the Celebrity Brand Management Team is doing with your social accounts that are available to the public but don't micro - manage.

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