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The King’s Heir - by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a 12 year old prince, his father was sick and his mother had long passed on. All he had left was his 21 year old elder sister, the princess Sophie. Now in those days there was great injustice towards women and women weren’t allowed to have a say in any matter. Their opinions were basically regarded as less than trash.   As the king lay on his dying bed he surprised everyone by saying that instead of giving the crown to his son because he is the male child, he would give his two children an assignment and whoever performs best would have his crown.   The king’s assignment for them was quite unusual. He spilt his kingdom into two, his daughter was to take one part and be it’s sole ruler while his son was to take the other part and to be it’s sole ruler. They would be allowed to do anything they want and at the end of one week whoever impresses him more would get the two kingdoms which he would join back into one.   Thus the prince and the princess set off to impress their father.   The prince even though he was young got generals together and they arranged for the army that was under his charge to go and start conquering everything conquerable. He was certain that he father would be impressed that even though he is just 12 he’s showing incredible leadership skills and extraordinary vision plus courage.   Princess Sophie on the other hand did things differently. She was always closer to her mother than anybody else and her mother always loved to teach her lessons with stories from the bible. The story of King Solomon had particularly struck her and made her understand the importance of wisdom. So now instead of conquering cities or doing something typical of a supreme ruler in those days, Sophie went to the royal library to study.   By the middle of the week Sophie was full of ideas to make everyone under her charge prosper, and so quite naturally by the end of the one week period her people were 20 times more prosperous than they used to be.   When the prince and princess went before the king for assessment, the king analyzed things and told his son that in going out to conquer others he only conquered two cities and lost more men than the sum total of all the remaining soldiers in his city. He had created war in a kingdom that previously had peace by taking his people to fight others to increase the kingdom. Besides being a king is not about inflating your power and thus your ego. It is about serving and protecting your subjects.   The king applauded the princess however for seeking wisdom, and for understanding that it is the most important thing for a leader to seek so that he or she can lead properly.   The king also commended her for making those he put under her charge 20 times more prosperous.   And so, the princess won. She became the king’s successor – the leader of both kingdoms combined; including the new cites her younger brother had just conquered.
The End.

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The Body Inside Your Body Is Not Your Body - a poem by Alfred

They say, every woman has the Right to do what she likes with her body/
But the Body inside your Body is not your body/
A baby is not the Mother, And the Mother is not the baby/
A Bentley is not the Driver, And the Driver is not the Bentley/
Your baby is not you, It's just Parked in your Body/
But if your Baby is your body, Why Abort your own body/
Let's not rename Murder, in other to commit Murder/
Let's not rename Genocide, and call it Parental Planning/
Or Planned Parenthood or Family Planning/
What kind of Parental Plan suggests killing the family?/
How can you be Pro-Choice by robbing the baby's choice?/
The decision to Live or Die belongs to the Life involved/
How dare you choose Death without hearing the Baby's voice/
The Pro-Choice movement is Anti-Choice/

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Our Boys In Blue - a poem by Alfred

Through Cold or Heat, Through Strength or Pain/
They Carry our Troubles, All Night, All Day/
They Risk their Future, To Keep us Safe/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
Without Police, No one would be Safe/
Bodies would paint the Street like Syria Today/
After the West played Chess and won the Game/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
Without Police in America, today/
Your Head and Your Body could be in different States/
One Part in Alabama, The Other part Up-State/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
We owe our Lives to Our Boys In Blue/
They carry the weight of the Red, White, and Blue/
And make it a Nation all Nations come to/
Have you said Thanks, To a Cop today?/

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Madiba Says - a poem by Alfred

Success awaits every man at the top of the hill/
But after she shakes your hands, you see another hill/
New hills grow taller if you pause to sleep/
Success has feet, she can just get up and leave/
A Real Leader must love this people more than he loves himself/
And be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for them/
He must be dead to self, and live for them/
Otherwise he might ruin them while saving himself/
Freedom doesn't mean having no chains on your wrists/
It struts forward to mean liberating others wrists/
So if you don't liberate others you're imprisoned yourself/
The walls are invisible but they are still there/
Education is the most powerful W.M.D/
To destroy the destruction of humanity/
Don't judge me by conquered Mountain Tops/
Judge me by the times I fell and got back up/

The Quotes By Nelson Mandela That Inspired This Poem:
1)  After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.
2)  Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice …