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The Voices In My Head - by A.B.King

  Once upon a time there lived a nice little girl named Rose. She was being raised by a God fearing Christian Mum who loved her with all of her heart and would even give up her own life to protect her.   Rose and her Mum lived in a country where the Government used the media to make people embrace the concept of believing that everybody has the right to believe what they believe. However, Rose’s Mum didn’t embrace this concept herself because she monitored the kind of information she let get into her heart so she wasn’t brainwashed like others and could still see that embracing such an ideology would also mean embracing that a terrorist would have the right to believe what he believes, a suicide bomber would have the right to believe what he believes, a racist would have the right to believe what he believes, even a person who does not believe in the concept has the right to not believe in the concept; hence the concept works against itself and is just plain stupid.   However, living in a country where many people had embraced the concept that everyone can believe whatever they want to believe created a world around Rose’s Mum and her daughter where all sorts of people with all sorts of dangerous beliefs lived around them.Rose’s Mum held fast to her bible and let her life and Rose’s life revolve around church, their home, school and their Christian friends from church.   Rose’s Mum told Rose to watch the company she keeps and to make sure that her friends where all Christians who firmly believed in the core precepts of Christianity. She was not to hang out with the wrong friends and she was especially never to talk to the neighbor next door who was a prophesied witch and held seances twice every week.   Rose followed her Mum’s rules happily and she never for a day wished that she didn’t.One day, while Rose was outside on the front porch enjoying th cool breeze while reading a book the witch next door called out to her and waved trying to get her attention.Rose tried to ignore her. She just kept reading her book. Her Mum was not around; it was just Rose at home alone and it would be 2 hours more before her Mum returns home from work. For some reason, Rose knew that the witch knew that.   The witch keep trying to get her attention until she told Rose that if she comes to her she would give her some money. A Hundred and twenty dollars to be precise.   Rose taught about all the things that she could be buying with 120 dollars.   5 minutes later, she was inside the witch’s house as a guest.   Rose looked around the house curiosity as she sat on the sofa in the witch’s house. It sure didn’t look like she expected it to look. It didn’t look anything like the witches houses in story books or cartoons that she’d seen. It actually looked cool. A little dark, here and there; she obviously needed a few more bulbs but it was still cool.   The Witch offered Rose some soda to drink but Rose said, “No! Thanks.”   “Ah! You still don’t trust me” the witch said.   The witch calmly put down the soda and sat beside Rose. The witch obviously had the skills of the best children’s school teacher because she soon had Rose relaxed and talking freely with her.Rose was slowly getting to trust the witch as all her preconceptions of what a witch should be or was slowly started crumbling down. Within the short period left before Rose’s Mum was to return home the witch had played cards with Rose, a pretend Tea party game with Rose and a one stage of a game about witches and wizards on her X-box with Rose.   The witch saw how much Rose loved the X-box game so she game Rose a Windows Phone as a gift and told her that it has X-box live built in and she can play as many games on witches and wizards on it as well as other games including educational games like puzzle games which would help her.   Rose said that she would keep the phone away from her Mum so that her Mum would not see it. If her Mum saw it she would ask questions and would find out that she had been at the witch’s house.   The witch smiled and said, “You are a very smart girl, Rosie.” Then she patted her on the head.Rose felt good about the complement. She loved being called smart. She also noticed that the witch called her Rosie instead of Rose. Rosie was what her own mother called her anything she did something that her mother was really proud about.   Rose was also excited about the fact that she now had a window phone. No kid in her class was allowed to have a cell phone because they were too young much less a windows phone. Even kids who belonged to rich families and where two classes ahead of Rose in school were considered two young by their parents to own a windows phone, only one of them had a phone and it wasn’t a windows phone. But now Rose had a windows phone. A phone she would hide from her Mum when at home but show it off for all the world (except her Mum) to see when at school. She would certainly be walking on cloud 9 when all the other kids in school see that she has a windows phone. As far as she was concerned this was the best gift that she had ever received.   Rose was so happy that she didn’t know when it happened. She didn’t know when she started to reach out to hug the witch, it was when her arms had truly wrapped themselves around the witch in a tender hug that Rose realized what she had done.   The witch was surprised but the witch quickly hugged her back. At first Rose was scared, but now it felt warm. It felt like a parent’s hug. There was nothing to be scared about. She may be a witch but she’s just like every normal person. Everything that her Mum taught about the witch must be wrong.   Rose left the witch’s house that day feeling like the happiest girl on earth. How could someone who made her so happy be evil? It cannot be. She can’t be evil.   That day, Rose succeeded in deceiving her Mum and her Mum didn’t have a clue that she was in the witch’s house.   And when Rose went to school the next day she did the phone from the teachers and showed it to her friends, enemies and everybody else in-between.   Rose became the most popular girl in school and her opinion carried more weight among the students than the vice principal.   As time went on Rose felt like revisiting the witch. She had a lot of questions to ask her and she was very curious as to how someone can be a witch and yet be so nice.   One night Rose received a text message on her phone. It was from the witch. Since it was the witch that gave her the phone in the first place she knew the phone number of the phone.Rose felt a little bet uncomfortable like her privacy has been invaded. She also felt that it was wrong for the witch to be texting her so late at night. However, deep down inside; Rose was happy to hear from the witch again.   The witch told Rose that the reason she is texting her at night is because she figures that that’s the only sure time that Rose can feel free to chat with her on her phone when her Mum is around because her Mum would think she is sleeping so she won’t be checking up on her.That looked like a good enough reason for Rose. They text each other through most of the night and Rose told the witch that she would be coming to her house the next day after school when her Mum was not around.   Rose had fun at the witch’s house the next day and we soon started visiting the witch almost every time her Mum was not around. She would try to make sure that none of the other neighbors would see her entering the witch’s house just in case they would want to tell her Mum that she is visiting the witch.   The witch would but games and books on witchcraft along with other things that had nothing to do with witch craft on the windows phone for her with her own money so Rose can ‘Enjoy’ it.Rose soon started embracing witchcraft. It wasn’t what most people taught it was.   After about a month of friendship, Rose and the witch had become close friends.   One day, the witch talked to Rose about spirit guides and told her that they can protect, advise and improve anyone who has them. The witch said that she has 3 spirit guides herself and doesn’t know what she would dow without them.   The witch said that all she had to do was to just get in yoga sitting position on her bed at home, memorize a short incantation, close her eyes, stretch out her arms and then meditate as she recites the short incantation and then she would have the spirit guide. It is just as simple as that. No weird stuff required.   The witch told her that she can do it anytime she wants to by herself at home. She sent the words of the incantation to Rose’s phone and told her that she doesn’t even have to do it if she doesn’t want to that it is not necessary for her to do it but if she wants to tap into the ancient secrets that made many men and women great in the past she should know that that very incantation was the beginning of the journey for them.   Rose left the incantation on her phone. She didn’t use, she just kept on enjoying her new found friendship with the witch.   One day, Rose was having problems with a Maths problem and she really couldn’t afford to fail her homework. So as she sat on her bed trying and trying over again to get the Math problem right and getting no head way she decided that she should use the incantation on her phone.Rose sat in yoga position on her bed. She then did what the witch said she should do but then after that nothing happened. Rose listened carefully perhaps she would hear a voice but still she heard nothing. She got up from her bed and looked around the room. Perhaps she would see her spirit guide but still nothing.   ‘Oh! I should have known’, Rose thought as she fell exhausted and disappointed upon her bed. ‘All that magic stuff is a hoax.’   Rose soon drifted to sleep. When she woke up two hours had past. Then she realized that she still hadn’t gotten her homework done and she had to submit it in school first thing tomorrow morning.   Rose started to do the homework and as she remembered how difficult it was, she made a face like if she found the calculations upon the piece of paper yucky.   Suddenly, she heard a voice in her head saying, “the answer is 14.”   Rose jumped out of her bed in fright. She looked around every fold on her bed, under her pillow, under the blanket and under the bed to see if she would see anyone or anything there but she didn’t.   Rose’s heart started to race like a reindeer with a lion hurt on it’s trail.   The voice told her not to be afraid, that it is not there to hurt her that it is a friend and that she is not going to see anything under the bed because it is in her head.   Rose was even more scared. She rushed to her windows phone and called the witch and told her what was happening.   The witch told Rose to calm down and after the witch had spoken to her about the experience and all that is meant to happen, and had answered all her questions; Rose felt calm.   She followed the witch’s advise and started to talk to the spirit. The spirit was very friendly and seemed to know a whole lot about Rose. It was a funny spirit and often cracked a lot of jokes so Rose soon quickly fell in love with it. It not only helped Rose with that particular Maths homework but it helped Rose with anything else that was school work related from that day.Rose soon was at the top of her class. All the teachers loved her and her Mum was so proud of her.   As time went on Rose became really close to her spirit guide, she was like her imaginary friend who had the ability to alter the events in her day if she requested they be changed.Rose lived like this for months until one day she noticed that her spirit guide was giving her orders more than she had been giving it. She didn’t know when the change took place. But she realized that she wasn’t in charge anymore.   Rose talked to the voice in her head about this and it told her to Shut Up that it’s in charge now and anytime that she tries to disobey it it would simply snap her neck and she would fall down and die.   Rose tried to protect but she immediately felt a smart jerk of her neck to one side of her body so fast that it nearly gave her whiplash and it hurt her real bad.   The voice then said, “I won’t be so gentle next time.”   That was only the beginning. That was the day that Rose discovered that she had become a prisoner in her own body. There was no running away from this prison. There was no running away from her own body. There was no running away from the voice in her mind.Rose wanted to text the witch and tell her what was going on but the voice in her head threaten to snap her neck if she tried it.   As the years went by; the voice forced Rose to be disobedient at school, pull pranks on the teachers that once loved her, rebel against her Mum, stop going to church, call her Mum all sorts of names and do all kinds of things that she didn’t want to do.   It hurt Rose’s heart when she saw the hurt on her Mum’s face as she would call her names. It hurt Rose so much that she was hurting her Mum’s feelings. But what could she do? If she didn’t do it her spirit guide would snap her neck.   Rose kept on being a prisoner in her own body and building the most negative reputation of a stubborn and rebellious child for her age since anyone could remember. Until one day Rose woke up one afternoon of and found herself sitting on the park bench. She didn’t know how she got there and couldn’t remember much that happened before that.   More mysterious things like this kept on happening and Rose soon discovered that her spirit guide had now gone beyond being a voice in her head and had now also become a co-inhabitor of her entire body. It was like two people where living in the same body. When the demon wanted to come out she would pass out and it would take complete control of her body and when it’s through doing whatever it wants it would got back into the background and she would wake up and find herself wherever it last left her body.   This was a whole new game. Rose threw caution to the wind and ran over to the witch’s house. She needed to tell her what was happening. She needed help. She needed all the madness to stop.Rose told the witch everything and the witch told her that well the relationship between her and her own spirit guide is between her and her own spirit guide that it is none of her business. But she should know that the same the spirit guide had allowed her to be herself and ask it for anything she wanted, she should also let the spirit guide be itself and ask her for anything. It is only fair.   The witch told Rose that she had now become one with the spirit guide. That the particular spirit guide she has is not only her spirit guide but is also her spirit husband. She may still be a kid but she should know that she is already married spiritually to a very powerful, domineering, controlling and manipulative husband.   Rose started to cry. She shouted at the witch that she didn’t tell her any of these things before she gave her the incantations.   The witch causally said she was sorry, truly with the air of someone who couldn’t care less. And she told Rose that she should relax and enjoy the ride that she takes a great many demon rides herself. Sometimes, she could be 50 different people in a day and she personally has over 200 spirit guides, and quite frankly she has stopped counting.   “You can call me Ben 10 of the future if you will”, the witch said as she chuckled loudly. “Don’t worry Rosie, you would get used to it.”   Rose got very very mad. She spat on the witch and stormed out of her house. She went to her house and picked up the windows phone. She marched back to the witch’s house, knocked on her door and threw the phone at the witch.   “Rosie Honey! Please lets talk…”, the witch started to say.   But Rose would not listen. She just kept on walking back home. Now she had seen the true colors of the witch. They obviously do not call them witch for nothing.   Rose went back home and lay on her bed and started crying.   Soon, she fell asleep.   When Rose woke up she found herself sitting in front of the dressing table and on the mirror written with lip gloss where the words, “SO YOU WENT TO SEE HER WHEN I TOLD YOU NOT TO. I WOULD KILL YOUR MUM THE NEXT TIME YOU GO TO SLEEP.”   Oh – No! Rose’s heart raced faster than it had ever done before. Her spirit guide was planning to kill her mother. It was just as easy as her falling asleep, then the spirit guide would take over her body and get the job done.   Rose had to do something. She had to warn her mother.   Rose stood up and ran to look for her mother. She ran out of the house on her bare foot and started heading towards where her Mum worked. Thankfully it wasn’t extremely far away, it was just 4 blocks away.   As soon as Rose’s Mum saw her she started to wonder what was going on but before she could even think, Rose jumped on her desk and began to talk so fast in-between trying to catch her breath that Rose’s Mum couldn’t figure out what Rose was saying.   Suddenly, Rose began to feel herself getting tired at an accelerated rate. She had felt this way before. She had felt this way many times. Her vision started to get blurry. She was beginning to pass out. And Oh – No! she was right in front of her Mum. When her spirit guide comes out the first thing it would do was to kill her Mum.   Rose couldn’t bare the thought that the next time she wakes up she would be standing over her Mum’s dead body.   She looked at her Mum one last time, and with what was left of her strength she said, “I’m sorry.” Then she fell backwards and passed out.   3 hours later, Rose woke up. She was constrained by a straight jacket and there were shackles on her feet. She was sitting on one end of a table that had an empty chair at the other end. The entire room was padded and their were no windows, just one closed door.   Oh – No! she was in a mental institution. Her spirit guide must have used her to kill her mother, they think she is responsible for her death and now who knows what the penalty for her would be.   Then it hit her and soaked that her Mum is dead. Rose began to cry and cry and cry. Her spirit guide had used her to kill her own mother.   Just then, the door opened and a man dressed like a psychiatric doctor walking in. He greeted her and asked her how she felt.   She looked at him like how do you think I feel? and said, “I know you’ll think I sound crazy but I didn’t mean to kill my mother…”   “What?”, the man interrupted.   “I didn’t mean to kill my mother”   “Rose, you didn’t kill your mother; you only attacked and tried to kill her but you didn’t succeed. Don’t you remember?”   “What? You mean she’s alive?” Rose asked with relief and joy starting to build up in her heart.Rose started to rejoice and thank God that her Mum was still alive.   The psychiatric doctor was confused and started flipping through the file that was supposed to explain her condition.   Rose’s Mum entered the room and Rose burst into tears and started apologizing to her Mum. She told her Mum everything from the first time the witch invited her into her house to the present moment as much as she could remember.   All the psychiatric doctor and nurses where astonished.   Rose’s Mum took the permission of the doctor in charge to go and call her Pastor to pray for Rose.   After a demon casing out session that lasted for over 3 hours, Rose was completely free. The spirit guide was gone never to return again.   Although some of the psychiatric doctors believed that Rose was now Ok! because of all the different strange things they saw happen within those 3 hours, the psychiatric doctors couldn’t let Rose go home until they had medical proof that she was Ok! in accordance to the law. At least now they didn’t have to treat her, all the had to do was sign her up for psychiatric evaluation.   Sadly, the psychiatric evaluation lasted for 12 months. So in addition to all that Rose had been through, she had to spend 12 months in a mental institution all because she didn’t listen to her Mum and not make friends with people her Mum told her not to make friends with.   We should all make only the right friends. No matter what we might gain from the wrong friends in the beginning, it would always turn out badly in the end. Never forget that.
The End.

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