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The Webcomic - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in the great country called America, there lived a 13 year old Christian boy named Jimmy. He had wonderful parents and cute little baby brother.Jimmy was a good kid so he liked reading, watching educational TV programs and also listening to motivational & business audio podcasts.   One day, Jimmy stumbled upon an interesting audio podcast that spoke volumes to him. The speaker was saying that you don’t have to wait for the future to do what you’ve always wanted to do. You can do it now – you don’t have to wait to make money. You can do it now. It doesn’t matter how young you are; you can still do something to be productive right where you are.Jimmy listened to that podcast over and over again. He felt like the speaker was talking to him personally. He felt like the message was for him. He had connected to it.   Jimmy started looking for a way to be productive. What could he do easily as a 13 year old kid that he could market and make some money, yet it wouldn’t take up most of his time and affect his school work?   Jimmy later remembered a sermon he had once heard that emphasized that your hobbies and talents are a good indicator to know your profession and purpose in life.   Jimmy asked himself, ‘What was it that he loved to do that he did better than anybody else and could make money from doing it?’   Jimmy didn’t have to think very hard, the answer was simple. It was drawing cartoon characters and telling jokes. People made money from drawing cartoons and comedians made money from telling jokes. Jimmy wanted to pick one but later discovered he didn’t have to as the two disciplines come together in comic strips.   That was it. He was going to make a Christian webcomic and make money from selling advertisement space on the website.   Jimmy told his parents about his idea. His father discouraged him but his mother encouraging him.   Since Jimmy was too young to open his own merchant account in a bank for an online business, his mother opened an account for him in her name.   It just made Jimmy’s father object some more. He really didn’t like the idea.   However, Jimmy is bubbling over with enthusiasm. He tells his friends but his friends think he is crazy and disapprove of it, pointing out reason after reason why it’s a good idea.   Jimmy feels a little downcast and goes back to listen to the business podcast & also to God in prayer.   Jimmy asked his Mum to help him with some activities for the business. She said no that it’s his business not hers. Besides the reason she approved of it was so he can learn and also believe that he can do something great without depending on anyone but God.   Eventually, the business kicks off and things are looking interesting. Viewership starts to grow. Things are looking promising and his awesome Mum is cheering him on.   Down the horizon, trouble comes as there are no advertisers. Jimmy’s dad is like I told you so but his Mum remains encouraging. Telling him that she knows he can figure out a way to save is business.   Jimmy goes to God in prayer and then then the Holy Spirt tells him to do an online search for any easy to understand book on how to start and build an online business.   Jimmy searches and finds one. He reads it devotedly. Weeks after he finished reading the book and had begun to apply all that he read his business started growing and earning profits for him at an exponential growth rate.In a matter of months, thousands of dollars was flowing into the account his mum had created for him in her name.   Jimmy’s dad didn’t know what to say about it but he still felt that what Jimmy was doing was not meant for a little boy.   The following year, a recession hits America and Jimmy’s dad loses his job. He tries all he can to get a new job but he just couldn’t find one.   That was when all the money that Jimmy had been making and was still making came in handy as he now became the bread winner of the family.   Jimmy’s dad eventually got another job a few months later but during that time he was out of a job guess why there was still food on the table. It was because of the Jimmy’s Christian web comic business; an idea he had tried to squash.
The End.

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