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Vickie & The Scary Movie - by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a cute little Christian girl named Vickie. She badly wanted to watch a scary movie that wasn’t rated for kids.   Vickie’s Mum who was a devout Christian woman refused to let her see the movie.Day after day, Vickie would beg her Mum to allow her see the movie. Vickie would get a firm “No!” each time.   Vickie kept bugging her mother. She soon started complaining and blaming her mother for not being caring, for not treating her like a human being and for not loving her.   Vickie got more determined and desperate to see the movie with each passing day. She would leave “You don’t love me” stickers all over the house in places that her Mum would see it; like on her Mum’s shampoo container, on her Mum’s dressing mirror, on the kitchen door, on her Mum’s drinking cup, etc.   Vickie went even as far as interrupting a chat between her Mum and her friend who came to visit. Vickie embarrassed her Mum by telling her friend that her Mum was controlling, mean, and didn’t love her.   Vickie’s Mum’s soul was constantly tormented by Vickie’s schemes and pleas.   One evening after a whole lot of tormenting, Vickie’s Mum just couldn’t take it anymore so she went out and rented the movie. She put the DVD into the DVD player and called Vickie to watch it.  
   Vickie was very happy. She was finally going to watch the movie. She thanked her Mum and hugged her, but her Mum didn’t respond with any sort of gladness.   Vickie sat through the movie that late evening. Starting from that night Vickie had a series of violent nightmares every night for months. She was afraid to fall asleep every night all because of the scary characters & events in that movie that she had watched. Oh! if only she had known she would have gone along with her Mum when she didn’t want her to see the movie understanding that her Mum is wiser than her and only wants what’s best for her.
The End.

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Our Boys In Blue - a poem by Alfred

Through Cold or Heat, Through Strength or Pain/
They Carry our Troubles, All Night, All Day/
They Risk their Future, To Keep us Safe/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
Without Police, No one would be Safe/
Bodies would paint the Street like Syria Today/
After the West played Chess and won the Game/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
Without Police in America, today/
Your Head and Your Body could be in different States/
One Part in Alabama, The Other part Up-State/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
We owe our Lives to Our Boys In Blue/
They carry the weight of the Red, White, and Blue/
And make it a Nation all Nations come to/
Have you said Thanks, To a Cop today?/

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The Body Inside Your Body Is Not Your Body - a poem by Alfred

They say, every woman has the Right to do what she likes with her body/
But the Body inside your Body is not your body/
A baby is not the Mother, And the Mother is not the baby/
A Bentley is not the Driver, And the Driver is not the Bentley/
Your baby is not you, It's just Parked in your Body/
But if your Baby is your body, Why Abort your own body/
Let's not rename Murder, in other to commit Murder/
Let's not rename Genocide, and call it Parental Planning/
Or Planned Parenthood or Family Planning/
What kind of Parental Plan suggests killing the family?/
How can you be Pro-Choice by robbing the baby's choice?/
The decision to Live or Die belongs to the Life involved/
How dare you choose Death without hearing the Baby's voice/
The Pro-Choice movement is Anti-Choice/

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Rather Than Hate The Rich, Become Rich - a poem by Alfred

Crucify the Rich, Burn them at the Stake/
Punish them for succeeding, where the rest of us has failed/
Their Remote controls the State like the TV channels they made/
Only 1 per cent are safe, 99 per cent are slaves/
Occupy the 1 per cent, Hello to Project Eliminate/
We don't need rich people in the world, walk 'em to their grave/
Like Marie Antoinette, and then We Would Eat Cake/
All Rich People are Evil, Greedy, and Really Vain/
Away with Rich people, Let us dig their graves/
They plan to dig ours, I can see it in their ways/
Who needs the Rich to build Banks, Skyscrapers, and Planes/
Who needs the Rich to build Rockets to take us to Outer Space/
Wealth can't create more jobs than poverty makes/
Poverty is what this country needs, take wealth away/
Destroy the Rich to make the world a better place/
I hate Rich people, even though I work all day/
I'm sure it's no so I could be Rich some day/
And if I get Rich I would give it all away/
Because I hate Riches, I'…