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Will’s Last Crazy Adventure - by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a young teenage boy named Will. In-spite of the fact that his Mum dragged him to church every Sunday, Will never failed to party every Friday night. Every birthday party, teenage party or ‘My parents are out of town party’ had Will in attendance. In fact, if he wasn’t there it wasn’t a party.   One Friday ago, on his way back from a party Will had thrashed his Mum’s car in an accident so bizarre that you wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.   Thankfully, no one was hurt but we can’t say the same for the car. His Mum had to spend hundreds of dollars to get it back into shape. She warned him of all the many different things she would do to him if he ever touched her car again. She orally established the fact that it would be better for him to touch a black mamba’s teeth than for him to touch her car.   This Friday, in the afternoon, Will’s Mum who was a super charged single Mum tells Will that he has to stay at home to babysit his little sister.   Mum’s instructions were orders, they weren’t meant to be debated or veto-ed. So Will got the message loud and clear and nodded his head in agreement. It was when Mum left the house that he remembered that it was a Friday. Oh – Men! he would have to stay home on a Friday. Oooh! that hurt Will’s party hungry heart.   As Will stayed at home babysitting by watching TV with his little sister, some friends of his showed up. They inform of an afternoon party they wanted him to be at.Will tried convincing his friends that he really can’t go to the party, but 10 minutes later he was ready to pick up the keys of the car his Mum told him not to touch and he was heading out the door with his friends.   Will’s little sister blocked him and reminded him that Mum had said that he should say with her and on another note, she really doesn’t want to be left in the house alone.   Will tells his little sister that she shouldn’t worry that she’ll be fine. She’s a big girl now and he knows that she can do it, she just has to believe in herself. Besides, he wouldn’t be too long and he would be back before Mum gets back. It would be their little secret and he would bring her some hot fudge sundae on his way back.   Will’s little sister happily agreed. Even though she did not like the idea of staying home alone, the thought of a hot fudge sundae on that hot afternoon seemed to give her all the strength she needed.   Will drove to the party with his friends and as usual he was the life of the party.   About 30 minutes later, Will started to come home before the party had officially finished. He had just bought the hot fudge sundae. He had to drive real fast just to make sure he got home before his Mum. His friends were in the back sit yapping about everything from football to dance moves, just when a police siren begins to blast and they look out of their windows to see they last thing they wanted to see: a police car signaling them to pull over. Will didn’t have a driver’s license and even if he did; he certainly would get a speeding ticket. This was a nightmare.   The police car was driving very slowly and another car intercepted it, for a while getting in-between the police car and the car Will was driving. Will’s friends tell him that this was his opportunity to make a run for it, that if he’s too far away the cop would forget about it. There was no way the cop would chase him. He was using a faster car and they are pretty sure that the cop is lazy and besides he should have more important things to do like catching real bad guys.Will doesn’t like the idea. He thinks it’s foolish but he had to look like ‘The Man’ to his friends. Besides, if they were right he would be escaping a whole lot of problems, plus his Mum would never get to find out. Oh! he wanted his friends to be right. “Oh God! let them be right”, Will prayed to God beneath his voice so that his friends won’t hear him.   Will hit it and zoomed off as fast as the car could take him.   Five minutes later, he’s still being chased by police choppers and the chase is filmed from a chopper and aired on a local news station. Will now wonders what in the world made him think that any part of what his friends suggested was a bright idea.   Words cannot express what Will’s mum felt when she saw her son being chased by choppers and police cars on the local news.   5 hours later, after bailing him out of jail, his Mum only grounded him for like the rest of his life, and also, for as long as he’s under her roof he now has the responsibility of baby-sitting for anyone who would let him babysit their kids. Plus for touching the car she told him not to touch, she made him eat only once a day for three months.
The End.

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They Carry our Troubles, All Night, All Day/
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