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A Cure For Royal Boredom - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a young King called Justin. Justin was bored of life because to him he had tasted everything. He had enjoyed everything enjoyable. He practically owned everything ownable, yet there was something missing. He couldn’t figure out what it was but it was definitely missing.
   One could say that the King needed Jesus, that when you have a void in your heart that nothing else can fill – try Jesus. But the thing is that the King had tried Jesus too. There truly wasn’t anything the King hadn’t tried.
   One day the King called all his wise men and magicians and all kinds of different leaders of different beliefs to help solve his problem.
   At the end of the meeting, the King decided that he must journey far away into a place where no one knows him. He would live his life for 3 months as someone else other than himself. That way he may get to experience something he had never experienced before.
   The next day, the King walked the streets of a colony of his that was far away from the mother nation. Nobody knew who he was and thanks to his disguise as a commoner, everyone taught he was a commoner.
   As he walked, he heard the sound of a trumpet. Everyone quickly stopped what they were doing and formed a path in between them. Then they got on their knees and bowed their heads down in obeisance. It was a form of greeting only reserved for the king, one not intended to be used on any mere official of the King who was in a far away colony.
   2 minutes later, a General who the King did not even know rode his beautiful black stallion between the bowing crowd.
   Am I going to have to bow down to one of my own generals? A general that apparently has formed the habit of obtaining an honour from the people that was forbidden for anybody but the king to enjoy. The colony was so far away from the mother nation that the General figured the King would never find out. The King wondered if this defiant general would render the same punishment to those who refused to bow to him (the King) on the days he wasn’t pretending to be a commoner. Well, he taught it best not to wait and find out. So he did something he had never done before. Something no king had ever done before, and he hated it. He ( the King ) bowed to his own General – a subject of his.
   After the general passed and all where free to stand. An official walked up to the disguised King and asked him for his tax money.
   “Taxi Money?”, the king shrieked incredulously. He had never paid taxi money before. No one he knew had ever paid taxi money before. Then again he had never bothered to mingle with commoners before.
   By the end of two days, the King had been spat on, stolen from, gotten hungry for the first time in his life, had had to beg of food, had considered getting a job, had to beg for a place to sleep and a bunch of other things he never imagined were possible for anyone to do.
   He got so fed up he returned to the castle. His advisors asked him what was wrong that he didn’t stay the whole 3 months, and he told them that if he ever gets the idea to dress up and blend among the commoners again they should knock him over the head to snap him back to reality. How could he think any good could come out of a King pretending to be a commoner?
   At that moment his wife began laughing at him and she laughed for a very long time.
   He asked why she was laughing and she started to explain that he should learn to be content with what he has. If you don’t learn to be content with what you have when you have all you need but not all you want, the day you would have all you want you would still not feel content and would still want more.
   Sometimes you could have everything you could ever need yet desire to have what you already have just because you don’t know you already have it. It’s kind of like when you are looking everywhere for a bunch of keys that’s in your pocket or looking everywhere for a pen you are holding in your hand.
   She told him that everything he could ever need is in Jesus. Once he believes that, he would walk in the reality of this truth. She also told him that he has to focus on only Jesus. Jesus is the only way to God. He cannot serve more than one God. He would have to get rid of all his magicians and all kinds of different leaders of different beliefs in his kingdom.
   The king decided to obey his wife and he lived happily ever after. Thanks be to Jesus.

                                                              THE END.

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