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Alice's Secret - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called Alabama, there lived a little girl who could play the piano all so marvelously. She was a joy to her parents and was often the talk of the town. Her name was Alice. Her name was everywhere and whenever there was a concert that a promoter wanted to be fabulous and high in attendance, Alice had to be in it.
   Alice and her best friend Mary-Rose were both raised in Christian homes.
   Mary-Rose always wanted to be a star just like Alice but she didn’t know Alice’s secret. She needed to know Alice’s secret – What made Alice ALICE? -What made Alice so special? – What made Alice a star at such a young age?
   Mary-Rose asked Alice over and over again the question, “What is the secret of your success?” And each time all she would get is the simple answer, “I don’t know, I guess I’m just talented.”
   No matter how many times Mary-Rose heard her best friend Alice say it she still couldn’t bring herself to believe that was all it was to it. After all there are lots of talented people in the city. Talented people are everywhere yet they were not remarkable in whatsoever they were talented in like Alice and none have used to impact those around them like Alice.
   What made Alice so special? What made her different?
   Mary-Rose did all she could to find of out what Alice’s secret was.  It was around this period that stories started being whispered from ear to ear that Alice had sold her soul to the devil in exchange for talent, fame and fortune. Now that was a serious accusation. If Mary-Rose didn’t know Alice personally she might have believed these stories. But then again aren’t such people good at hiding who they really are especially from those who are very very close to them.
   Mary-Rose decided to stalk her friend one day so Mary-Rose followed her throughout the portion of the day that she could from a distance safe enough to prevent Alice from seeing that she was being followed. Mary-Rose wanted to know if she would catch Alice going to a secret Satanic meeting or something.
   The stalking went on for days until it was beginning to turn into a week. Mary-Rose would have stopped the stalking a long time ago but false stories have a way of fiddling with one’s curiosity.
   Mary-Rose later gave up though and she still didn’t find anything wrong.
   Mary-Rose then remembered advice she had received from her Grand Mum many years ago. It was that, “Whenever you need help or an answer; know that God is always there for you. No aid is too expensive or too cheap for God to give and no question is too big or too irrelevant for God to answer.”
   Mary-Rose then decided to pray.
   God answered her prayer. He revealed to her Alice’s secret. He let Mary-Rose playback over and over again her memories of all that she observed when was stalking Alice. And under that unction of the Holy Spirit with the Holy Spirit going through those thoughts with her, Mary-Rose’s eyes opened and she saw that Alice spent a lot of her personal time practicing and practicing and practicing how to play the piano in spite of how good she already was. That was it – That was Alice’s secret: PRATICE MAKES PERFECT.
   Alice was so good at what she did because she practiced a lot. She had talent but having talent is only the beginning. You have to nurture your talent. You have to work on your talent – You have to work hard on your talent(s) and pretty soon your gift(s) and talent(s) would take you places – to King’s palaces and esteemed places.
   If you do something consistently for hours every day; you would become an expert in that thing – a pro that others who do that thing but not as much would have something to learn from.


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