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All Roads Are Blocked - a short story by A.B.King

   John and Lucy where a white missionary couple who had been posted to Nigeria to start a church. They hadn’t been having much success. Nigerians weren’t responding to them and the ministry the missionaries worked for had already sent them a letter that they would have to be posted to another country.
   Lucy hadn’t been accompanying her husband in carrying out the steps he took to start the church because the ministry they worked for did not believe in women being called into the ministry. They believed a woman’s place was at home – managing the menial affairs of the home.
   Lucy’s husband had gone out to win souls one last time in Nigeria. He had thought that it was God’s plan for him to be a missionary in Nigeria. He was disappointed that he would have to leave.
   As usual Lucy was left to stay at home.
   Lucy was praying in the Holy Ghost while doing some shores in the kitchen when she heard the voice of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost instructed her to take a stroll round the neighbourhood.
   Lucy taught it was a weird request but she was an obedient disciple of Jesus so she stood up and left the house.
   Lucy spoke in tongues in light whispers as she walked and took in the sights. After a while she noticed the cars beside her were moving rather slowly. A hold up on that road? That was unusual. She’d passed that road lots and lots of times but had never experienced a hold up. Considering the structure of the roads and the number of people who had cars in that area; there was never supposed to be any go – slow there. What was wrong today? She walked a little further and from what she could vaguely understand from men speaking their native dialect; she got that something serious was going on way out in front that had blocked not just that road but all the roads that led to an important intersection.
   Sudden fear slipped into Lucy’s heart as the picture of her husband lying dead on the road flashed in her mind. She immediately rebuked the image from her mind and forged forward to see what it was, but every bit confident it wasn’t her husband’s corpse.
   When she got there she saw a group of women sitting on the floor in the middle of the road.
   A man acting on behalf of the women told Lucy to step behind a line that the women had drawn with libation but Lucy refused.
   Someone in the crowd behind the line in a brief explanation shouted out to Lucy that the women were protesting, and even though they were holding bibles, they were using black magic to place a curse on anyone who stepped beyond the line. The women were going to hold up traffic and not leave there until they had been heard.
   Black Magic? Lucy thought. Then that’s all the more reason why she shouldn’t obey them and step beyond the line.
   Lucy made it very clear that nothing would make her stand behind the line.
   Feeling insulted, the leader of the women protesting walked up to Lucy and slapped her with her black magic instrument and said quite audibly for the crowd to hear, “Behold, she is deaf.”
   Lucy calmly said, “I can still hear you.”
   The leader of the women got mad, then she slapped her twice with her black magic instrument and said, “Behold she is insane.”
   “Actually, I’m still very much sane”, Lucy said with a smile on her face.
   The whole crowd was shocked. Black Magic didn’t work on this strange white woman.
   “Now it’s my turn”, Lucy shouted but without losing her natural sophistication.
   Lucy started speaking in tongues out loud. The whole atmosphere became tense.
   All the women stood up and rushed to her to beat her, but Lucy immediately stretched out her right hand in their direction and in boldness shouted, “Breathe on them precious Holy Spirit.”
   Immediately all the women fell to the ground and strange things started happening. Some started vomiting snakes, some scorpions, and some others really gooey & disgusting substances.
    The whole thing turned into a crusade when Lucy started preaching the gospel.  She also taught them how to protest peacefully and reasonably.
   By the time Lucy was through, they had become her congregation.
   When news of this reached her husband and later spread throughout the world wide ministry that they worked for. The General Overseer of the ministry they worked for was hit by it, it went against everything he was raised to believe about how God works, but now it was just too obvious that God works through women too and in God’s sight women are just as important as men and just as men can be called by God to be ministers; women can be called too. So not only did Lucy and John get to stay in Nigeria and pastor a church after all. They also got to change a doctrine of discrimination that had been disguised as truth that had been practised and preached for many many years in the global ministry that they worked for.
   God sure works in mysterious ways.


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