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An Act Of Kindness - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a King who had 20 children. The prophet of God who had given him life-saving advice in difficult times told him that none of his children where fit to rule, they were all rejected by God. Only one with a pure heart – a heart of kindness would be fit to be his successor.
   The prophet told the King that if he insists on the crown remaining in his bloodline and chooses the next King from any of his 20 children, that that child would be unkind to the people and the people would rebel against him which would result in a war that would wipe out the entire Kingdom.
   The King didn’t need faith to believe what the prophet had said, he knew all his children were wicked at heart and he knew from history that all wicked Kings end up destroying themselves and their Kingdoms eventually.
   So the King put a plan in motion to find who was worthy to be the next King among his people. He threw a party and commanded every young person in his Kingdom including his 20 children to be there but they were all to follow a route called ‘The Servant’s Path’ to get there.
   The King’s 20 children refused to follow the servant’s path they said it was too degrading and they went through their usual route.
   The King disguised himself as a poor old man and stood at the side of the servant’s path with two heavy bags of luggage, he begged all the guests passing by on their way to the royal party to help him carry his bags to his house which he claimed was many miles away. The interesting thing was that if anyone helped him that person would make it back to the party when it’s over because of how far away he described his house to be, so as you could guess people kept refusing to help him.
   Hours later Karen a disciple of Jesuswhose mother had always taught that Kindness is a precious and royal virtue, was passing by when the old man begged her to help him like he had begged the others. Karen apologized and told the old man that she was heading for the King’s party. That this was the first time the King had invited everybody: the high class, the middle class, and the low classcitizen of the Kingdom to an event and that the King might never do it again so this could be her last opportunity to see the King. She told the old man that ever since she was a little girl her Mom hadtold her stories about how brave and wise the King is and so she had always wanted to at least see the King – see what he looked like – to stand in his presence or at least in the same arena that he stood. She just wanted to stand in the presence of someone so worthy to be the King.
   Karen told the old man that she was sincerely sorry she couldn’t help and she continued on her way.
   The King though impressed by Karen’s character still noted that she lacked kindness. Even though she wanted to see the King so badly it should be a reason not to help someone in need. He had thought he saw kindness in her eyes he had wished she was the one. That would be the 1st though because it would mean choosing a female are his successor. A female ruler? Well anyone who didn’t like it wouldhave had to get used to it. But too bad she was not ‘THE ONE’, she hadn’t helped him, hopefully someone passing by might.
   With each step that Karen took away from the old man the more her heart ached. She felt bad that she was leaving the old man standing there all alone. She knew the odds that anyone would help him was next to none, if she didn’t help him, he would stand there for ages. Karen remembered the words of her mother, “Kindness is a precious and royal virtue.” Karen knew what Jesus would want her to do. So she exhaled as she said to herself, “Helping someone in need is way more important than standing in the presence of the King.” She turned around and started heading in the direction of the old man.
   When the old man saw her, he was shocked that she returned.
   Karenasked the old man to forgive her that she was being very selfish by not agreeing to help him. Karen was sincerely sorry and kept apologizing, then she gave the old man her water bottle to drink some water saying that he must be thirsty from standing under the sun for so long. She then picked up the man’s bags and said, “OK! Lets go.”
   Surprisingly instead of the old man to head in the direction he said his home was miles away in, he headed for the royal palace through the royal entrance. Karen asked him where he was going but the old man simply replied, “Just keep quiet and follow me.”
   Karen was confused but she just followed the old man. As the old man reached the principal royal gates of the palace he took off his clothes and beneath it was a much younger and stronger looking man wearing royal clothes. The servants rushed out to assist him. Then the once old man looked at Karen and said, “I AM THE KING.”
   Karen fainted on the spot. When she woke up the King ordered for her to be shown the bathroom and clothed in royal robes so that she can be brought before the prophet of God.
   When the prophet of God saw Karen, immediately the power of God came upon him and made him anoint Karen to be the King’s successor. All who saw how it happened knew without a doubt that it was God’s will for Karen to be the next ruler.
   The King then asked Karen to send for her family.
   Karen told him that the only family she had was her Mum.
   The King sent for her and when she arrived he told her that she and her daughter would now live in the palace and be treated as relatives of the King- they would be treated as royalty.
   The King then made his appearance at the party with Karen at his right hand side and in the presence of his 20 children and every young person in his Kingdom he announced Karen to be his successor. He said she would have absolute power when he is gone. Even when she gets married the power over all the affairs of the Kingdom would remain with her. So during her reign, the Queen would be more powerful than the King. The King would come second to her and her will would super cede his will. The Queen – Queen Karen would be the true ruler. This was a 1st but lets face facts this would have made many ignorant men to try to marry her (God forbid one of his son’s perhaps) with the idea that that would make him King and ruler of the whole Kingdom – a position they are not qualified for as they had all proved. Karen however had proved herself worthy of that position by showing an act of kindness. She was the only one who proved to have a loving heart – the heart of a true royal – the heart of a true ruler. So Karen would have ultimate power and every chauvinist in the Kingdom would just have to get used to it.


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