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Chosen To Slay A Demon - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time, in a land far far away there lived a man named Froth. He was a super martial arts type warrior. He was the chosen one who carried the chosen sword.
   Legend had it that the chosen one was to rid the world of the mighty evil demon, Karr.
   Froth believed that legend, and he had trained all his life to fulfill it.
   There was another side to the legend. It was that after Froth defeated Karr, that he would get married and live happily ever after with the beautiful Princess Jasmine.
   However, in reality, Princess Jasmine loathed Froth.
   Froth assumed that maybe after he fulfilled the 1st part of the popular belief and defeated Karr, the 2nd part would automatically fall into place. Maybe – perhaps – hopefully, the Princess would automatically begin to like him, he would court her, then marry her, then he would live happily ever after with her like the most perfect fairy tale.
   Froth also didn’t like Princess Jasmine always talking about Jesus and how he is God and about how powerful he is. Froth figured he would fix that when he married her and she wouldn’t care about Jesus like the other women in the land far far away in which they lived.
   Anyway, the faithful day in which he was destined according to legend to face Karr came.
   Froth did all his fancy martial arts sword play. It was pretty impressive and he might have actually emerged the victor if what he was fighting was human.
   Karr kicked Froth’s butt big time. He gave him a whooping he would never forget.
   Just as Karr was about to strike the final blow, Princess Jasmine jumped in front of Froth, blocking Karr.
   Froth was dumbfounded.
   Jasmine looked at Froth and smiled. She asked him if his strength and trust in his own ability had helped him.
   Princess Jasmine then told him to watch and learn how to defeat a demon.
   As the demon leaped to tear Princess Jasmine to shreds, Princess Jasmine shouted, “I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS.” Immediately, the demon screamed as it melted into vapor.
   “SEE”, Princess Jasmine said, turning to Froth. “You defeat demons by using the name of Jesus not using swords, weapons or Kung Fu. You defeat demons by using the name that is above all names, a name which you loathe. You could have died today if someone namely ‘me’ who believes in that name didn’t step in to save your arrogant life.” And walking away, Princess Jasmine added “… And you are not my type. Go look for another Princess. It is unwise for me to be yoked with an unbeliever.”
   No one knew what happened next to Froth because he left the land forever.
   The Princess later met and married a true Prince Charming who wasn’t arrogant and loved God with all their heart. And so the Princess and her Prince Charming lived happily ever after.


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