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Destiny Lost - a short story by A.B.King

   Marnie stood above the kitchen sink with tears in her eyes as memories from the past came to mind.
   She remembered how as a little girl a preacher had singled her out at a crusade and had said she would grow up into a mighty woman of God, the likes of which had never been seen before.
   She remembered her teenage years in high school. How she was on fire for God. All the lives that she touched all the people that she changed.All the miracles that she performed.
   She remembered when a classmate was sick and for some unknown reason the nurse that manned the school’s sick bay wasn’t around. Her classmate’s condition worsened at a dangerously increasing rate and when the teachers where just about to get her into the principal’s car to rush her to a hospital, Marnie stopped them and prayed for her sick classmate. Instantaneously, her sick classmate was healed. The principal said they should still take her to the hospital just in case. The principal ended up paying a hospital bill for nothing because the doctor said she was perfectly fine, after checking her up.
   A string of miraculous events followed in Marnie’s life in high school. It seemed as though anytime anyone got sick he or she headed to Marnie’s classroom to ask her for prayers.
Marnie not only preached in school back in those days, she preached wherever she had the opportunity to do so.
   Back then, everyone believed she would grow up to become some really famous and powerful preacher, but look at her today. How far from their expectations could shepossibility get?
   Now she was doing dishes for a man who was legally her husband and had forbidden her to go to church.
   She remembered when it all changed in University. When she was isolated by everybody because of her ‘Too – Goodie – Two Shoe-y-ness’; as they called it. So she decided it was best to cut corners and compromise a little - Try to fit in with the crowd just a little – Try to ease up a little on her Christ centred beliefs so that everyone would stop avoiding her and treating her like a freak of nature.
   She started going to night clubs but she made up her mind not to drink or sleep with anyone there and so she didn’t.
   She started hanging out with girls from the coolest sororities but she made up her mind not to officially join them so she didn’t.
   She started cutting down on the hours she spent studying in the library to avoid being classified as a nerd but she ensured she didn’t totally stop going to the library.
   She knew the most important thing to change if she wanted to get out of her ‘Jesus Freak Persona’, was to seriously alter her participation with the school chapel. She still attended church meetings but was no more a member of the school chapelboard.
   She enjoyed the fact that the students in the University didn’t treat her like a Jesus Freak anymore so she went ahead and did something she’s never done before – She got a boyfriend.
   Today, years aftergraduating from University, that boyfriend was now her husband. He was verbally and physically abusive. He also cheated on her a lot or actually more than a lot.
Today, she was carrying his burden and doing the dishes, wondering what kind of life she would have had. Wondering about the destiny of hers she let flyout the window.
   Marine had had enough and she made up her mind to leave her lying, cheating and manipulative husband.
   After months of court battles and pop up out of nowhere beat downs, Marnie was living on her own with her son. She was free of the monster she married.
Marnie tried to get back on the close relationship she had with God. She started going to church again. Reading more, Praying more. She gave no way for even an atom of compromise but things were just not the same. It wasn’t like how it was in her high school days.
Marnie was downcast, she’d ignored God had compromised now she had lost her gifts. She must have lost her calling. She must have missed out on fulfilling her destiny as a great woman of God She had lost it forever.
Marnie settled for an average single Mom life. When she passed on and went to heaven, she was told that there was a lot she could have done for the course of Christ.
Marnie was sorry and said truthfully that she had been sad about that all her life and when she tried to get back on track after leaving her husband it was too late. She had lost her destiny and her gifts forever.
Marnie was then told that there is no such thing as losing a God – given destiny or gift. That the gifts of God are without repentance. When God blesses you with something, he never takes it back from you.
Marnie was told that that time she tried to get back on track that no matter what happened she should have kept at it. That she would have still saved millions of lives. She would still be allowed into heaven but she could have entered into heaven with millions of saved souls to her name.
   She didn’t miss out on her destiny because she compromised even though compromise is very wrong and it affected her greatly. She missed out on her destiny because she thought God withdrew her destiny and her gifts as punishment for her compromise.


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