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Greed Is Greedy - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called LA, there lived a little boy named Dan. His mother was a widow and although she couldn’t provide Dan with everything his little heart with a big appetite desired. She ensured she gave him the best gift any parent could give: a solid foundation in the teachings of Jesus Christ.
   Although Dan’s Mum saw to it that Dan had clean clothes with no holes in them, nice sneakers and lots of books; Dan still craved more – He wanted to be like kids who always have the newest and the latest fashion. The kids who always flaunted what they had in the faces of the other kids. That was what Dan wanted to be. He wanted to be that kid in school who had everything.
   Dan soon did his best to make friends with those type of kids. It wasn’t easy because they don’t usually make friends outside their circle. They were the ‘haves’ and Dan was among the ‘have - nots.’ But Dan, if nothing else proved to himself that where there is a will there is a way.
   As Dan got into the ‘Have - Crowd’, with time he noticed there was a kid among them who didn’t have a rich background like the others. The kids name was Larry and he came from a poor neighbourhood just like Dan, yet he still managed to have everything money can buy.
   Dan asked Larry what was his secret. It took Larry some time to open up, but months later when he could trust Dan, he told him that if he really wants to know he should meet him in the alley beside the grocery store at midnight.
   Ok! That was a strange time and place to meet, Dan thought. But if this was going to let him have everything he ever wanted, Ok then!
   Dan snuck out of his home that night, careful not to wake up his Mum and he got to the alley just in time to meet Larry.
   Larry gave Dan a cotton mask.
   Dan was like, “Does this mean what I think it means?”
   Larry looked at Dan, placed both arms on his shoulders and said, “What do you think? You are either in or out. You know too much now. I’ve never trusted anyone like I’ve trusted you. It’s best that you are in. Besides what we are about to do is cool. The Grocery store is insured against theft so they actually aren’t losing a dime.”
   Dan thought about it. Larry had a point with that last part. Besides outside his Mum, Larry was the only other person to tell Dan that he trusted him and it felt kinda good too. So Dan decided to choose; in.
   Dan ended up getting caught, Larry got away. Larry denied ever knowing Dan.
   Dan found himself in Juvie. He was now tagged a bad kid for the rest of his life. He had disappointed his Mum and broken the heart of a woman who worked two jobs every day to try to make ends meet and provide more than just food on the table for him.
   As Dan sat in Juvie, he realised something. He realized that it was his greed that has got him there. Greed is Greedy, it never stops lusting to lusting for more. Inspite of all that God provided for Dan through his Mum, Dan still wanted more.


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