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I Ain't No Blabbermouth - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a primary school located in the city of Port Harcourt, a little boy brought a gun to school. His name was Tom. He loved to listen to rap music and was always talking about the newest music video on MTV Base that portrays black people acting like mindless barbaric animals who are verbally at each other’s necks.
   Tom loved secular hip hop and has always been around it because his elder brother loved to listen to it and was in a campus gang: “the Buccaneers” to be precise.
   Today, Tom had stolen his elder brother’s gun from where he carelessly kept it and brought it to school with him. Tom taught nobody knew he had the gun but John his classmate had seen it from distance when Tom reached into his school bag to bring out his books but trying very hard to prevent anyone from seeing the gun when he did so. It was easy for Tom to think that nobody saw him since he was at the back of the classroom and besides the classroom was too rowdy with students too busy with their noise making as a primary school classroom normally is when a teacher or a school staff figure isn’t present.
   John wandered if he should quietly walk out of the noisy classroom so as not to draw attention and to march straight to the principal’s office to report Tom but if John did that he could be labeled a “Blabbermouth.” John didn’t want to be labeled a blabbermouth. He wanted to be cool and a blabbermouth is the opposite of cool. No one wants to talk to a blabbermouth. No one tells secrets to a blabbermouth. No one wants to be friends with a blabbermouth. If John told the principal about the gun Tom brought to school he would be tagged a blabbermouth and he would have no friends. He would kiss the dream of being one of the coolest kids in his school goodbye.
   John tried to convince himself of a good reason why he shouldn’t tell. John knew he was a Christian so he knew what was the Christian thing to do. He knew what was the right thing to do. He had good Christian parents he always told him to live by God’s word.
   John heard the voice of the Holy Ghost inside him speak to him – telling him to report Tom to the principal. Tom considered the risk or rather the obvious outcome which was being tagged a blabbermouth. Tom gave the Holy Ghost the excuse that what if he didn’t see it well – what if it was a toy gun? It would only make the principal mad at him for wasting her time and the student mad at him and label him a blabbermouth – and all for nothing.
   Even though John knew deep down that it was a real gun, he used the “What if it’s only a toy gun excuse to” pipe down his conscience.
   “And on the chance that it’s a real gun which you know it is?” the Holy Ghost asked John.
   “It’s not a real gun and if it is a real gun at least I know he not going to hurt me. I’m safe. I’ve never done anything to offend him that would make him want to kill me. So I guess if it’s a real gun I guess I’m glad he didn’t bring it because of me” John answered.
   “So you are saying it Ok! as far as it’s for someone else”, the Holy Ghost asked.
   “No, I mean … I mean. Ok! What if there is a reasonable explanation for all this. What if he didn’t bring the gun for anybody? What if the gun got into his bag by accident like for instance what if his brother or something or someone who’s living with him used to bag for something and forgot his gun in it? Tom would be shocked to find it in his bag on when he got to school and he’s probably scared right now and doesn’t know what to do but certainly wants to keep it out of sight until he gets back home and returns it to its rightful owner?”, John asked the Holy Ghost.
   This conversation between in the Holy Ghost and John happened on a personal, kinda like an in the mind thing. It’s basically like when you pray in your mind as in you are talking to God without speaking out loud and God speaks to you and you can hear his voice in your head.
   So nobody around John heard what was going on between the Holy Ghost and John, not even the person sitting next to him had a clue.
   School proceeded as usual and during recess John went to play tag as usual.
   While playing tag Tom came up to John with something conceal with a large handkerchief. Tom whispered into John’s ear, “This is for the time you laughed at me when I newly transferred.”
   “BAMM !!!”
   It all happened so fast. There was screaming everywhere. Boys and Girls where running in every direction in fear. Teacher ran out to the playground with caution and some reached for their cell phones to call the cops.
   John’s eyes closed. John fell to the ground dead with Tom standing right in front of him holding the gun.

                                                         *      *      *
   Tom ended up facing the fate that little boys in the city of Port-Harcourt face for committing murder; the same one adult face – the death penalty.
   John however was buried by his family and loved ones. Oh! If only he had listened to the voice of the Holy Ghost. If only he had not put the fear of being called a blabbermouth and being called uncool in front of doing the right and responsible thing. If only he cared about everybody enough; that even though he thought the gun wasn’t brought for him he cared enough for others to not want to see them hurt, he would have been alive today. How sad.


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