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In The Home Of An Atheist - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place called LA, there lived a 13 year old boy named Julius. He lived with his Mum, Dad, 4 brothers and 2 sisters.
Yeah! It was kind of a large family.
   Julius’ parents weren’t Christians as a matter of fact his Dad hated preachers and anytime he saw one walking down the road he would cross to the other side of the road. He even would shout at his kids if he found them watching a preacher on TV. They were the worst of the bunch to him. “They are messing with your heads”, he would say as he grabs the remote and changes the channel. “They just want you money that’s all”, Julius’ father would tell his kids.
   For some reason, Julius did not share the anti – Christian mindset his fellow brothers and sisters had which was instilled in them by their father. Julius felt a burning need to know God in his young heart but since he didn’t dare find out what would happen if one of his brothers or sisters or worse his father caught him reading a Christian book, Julius’ only opportunity to read a Christian book or the bible was on occasional visits to the school library which there rarely ever was time for.
   Julius fell sick one day and his parents had to take him to the doctor. After one test after another the doctor diagnosed him with a terminal disease (in other words it wasn’t curable and he was going to die).
   Julius was extremely downcast when he found out. He was hospitalized and the only opportunity for him meet this family was on hospital visiting days during visiting hours.
   The equally sick fellow that Julius shared his hospital ward with was a Christian and he and Julius quickly became friends. It was from him that Julius got a lot of questions about Christianity answered. His new friend whose name was Ben also loved to watch Christian TV and since there was only one TV in the ward, the two of them had to watch Christian TV together which was something Julius had never had the opportunity to comfortably do before.
   Julius was growing every day in God’s word and even though the doctor said that he only had a few more days to live Julius was happier than he’d ever been in his life. The closer he got to God with each revelation about God that he heard from a preacher on TV the better he felt in his spirit. Julius didn’t know that the sermons were healing his body too but it was doing just that – gradually.
   One evening, a healing minister’s show was on and the minister gave a word of knowledge that a 13 year old boy lying in a hospital bed and had been diagnosed with a terminal disease and is waiting for his death has just been healed.
Even though the preacher didn’t mention Julius’ name, Julius had enough faith to know that it was him. He then got up from his hospital bed and started doing what he couldn’t do before. Ben cheered him on as he lay on his hospital bed. Julius bent and turned doing things that he could not do since had the disease.
   Julius praised God and danced for most of the night. He was going to surprise the doctor the next morning when the doctor came on rounds.
   The next morning when the doctors and nurses came on their rounds, Julius waited for them to start first. The Doctor and nurses had on their professional faces of pity they use for patients that they believe are going to die soon.
   To the amazement of the Doctor and the nurses, Julius jumped out of bed and started doing things that he couldn’t do before – he was doing things that someone diagnosed with the terminal illness that he had been diagnosed with shouldn’t be able to do.
   The Doctor got scared since he had no faith at all, he begged Julius to stop jumping around and asked the nurses to help restrain him.
   Julius told the Doctor that God had healed him but the Doctor told him that he was only being delusional; that being delusional is a normal side effect of the terminal disease.
   The Doctor didn’t believe in God he said that there is no God and science disproves the existence of God.
Julius then asked, “How can the study of what was created disprove that there was a creator? If there is no creator then nothing was created and if that’s so; science is the study of nothing.”
   The Doctor didn’t know how to respond to what Julius just said. He had never heard anything like that before. It certainly was food for thought. And it was coming from a 13 year old boy?
   “Ok! Mr. Doctor”, Julius said, “Why don’t you run all your tests on me and see if I still have the terminal disease.”
   “It is a waste of time”, the Doctor said, “I know that you really want to believe that your terminal disease just got up and walked away because of some supernatural reason but the truth is it’s simply not possible.”
    Julius persisted and kept insisting he was healed until the Doctor agreed to run the check up just to get him to keep quiet and to prove that supernatural healing just isn’t possible.
   The doctor ran the tests and to his surprise it proved that Julius was healed of his terminal disease. Julius was not going to die anymore.
   The doctor ran the tests over and over again but the results remained the same – God had supernaturally healed Julius.
   The doctor still refused to believe that there was a God. He said that though he may not know what it is, there must be some logical explanation for this. However, when Julius’ family heard the news they were all over joyed and the believed in God. They all became Christians and are now proud members of a thriving bible believing church in their neighborhood.


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