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Jaundiced - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a kid who loved to make fun of people. His name was Donald. He was a very troublesome boy. His parents didn’t pay much attention to him even though he was the only child. His father was always rushing off on one business trip or the other and his mother was always doing something that took top most priority for her with the local women’s club.
   One day a new exchange student transferred into Donald’s class in school. His name was James. The thing however about James was that he was suffering from jaundice. That means that he had a medical condition that made his skin and the white part of his eye become yellow.
   To make matters worse, James had another medical condition that made the pupils (the black part) of his eyes face the wrong direction so when he wanted to look at someone he had to look in the wrong direction for him to actually see that person properly. So if he wanted to look at you he had to position himself in a way that it would look like he is looking beside you and not directly at you.
   James as the new kid wanted to blend in and was hoping to make some new friends on his first day in his new school but unfortunately for him Donald existed.
   Donald had found a new prey he would never get tired of making fun of.
   Each day James would pray to God to help him blend in then go to school only to be met by Donald and his ill-mannered jokes which stirred up everyone in school to make fun of James. Hence, James returned from school every day in tears.
   This went on for weeks and weeks and weeks.
   One day, the school janitor found James sitting alone and crying after school when everybody else had gone. He was crying in the small closet where some of the janitor’s extra cleaning tools where kept.
   After the janitor had persuaded James to tell him what was wrong, the janitor talked to James and told him that he should know that God created him and so he has no right to call or think of himself as ugly. Besides, how we look on the outside doesn’t matter, it’s how we look on the inside that matters. Time would most likely steal external beauty from everyone but nothing and nobody can steal your inner beauty from you.
   The janitor told James about the love of Jesus – about how much Jesus loved him - about how much he meant of Jesus. The presence of God was strong in the atmosphere as the janitor spoke.
   James had been in church many times before, in fact he normally was in church every Sunday but he still had never heard the gospel like this. He had never realized how deep God’s love for him was. The janitor ended up leading James to Christ. He also told James not to care about what people think of him; that what is actually important is what God thinks of him. He should come to school bold and brave with his chest out and shoulders high because he has found love and rest in God who loves him. He shouldn’t let people’s making fun of him get to his heart. He should work with the Holy Ghost and keep those words from getting into his heart. The Janitor also told him to fill his heart with God’s word daily and he gave him some links to some powerful daily podcasts by some great and anointed men & women of God that he the janitor loved to listen to.
   The next day when James came to school he kept his head high and never let the making fun of him get to him.
   Donald was shocked and shaken by this. He tried everything he could but nothing was getting to James.
   How could it get to James? He was confident in God’s love for him and his heart was too full of love.
   As time went on, students started to respect James for his attitude – his courage and confidence in who he was. Donald on the other hand was upset and soon found it a challenge that he became obsessed with to make making fun of James a cool and fun thing to do again.
   The more Donald now tried to get people to make fun of James, the more it killed Donald’s popularity and decreased the number of people who liked him while it made people admire James all the more.
   A mysterious stranger came to Donald one day and warned him to stop trying to make James life miserable but Donald didn’t take heed he kept trying to make James’ life a misery and no matter how unsuccessful he was he just kept trying.
   Weeks later Donald woke up one morning and when he looked into a mirror he discovered he was jaundiced.
   James however was healed by God of the jaundice and the other medical condition with his eyes. Faith for healing had been building up in his heart from all the wonderful Christian podcasts he had been listening to and the atmosphere of faith is the atmosphere for miracles.


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