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Just A Few Minutes More - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, there lived a little boy named Tom. He was a nice Christian kid with good values and strong Christian morals. His parents had done a good job in not only being good examples themselves but had also made sure they put Tom in an Bible Study program for kids that had teachers that were extremely skilled with kids that even when the most vile kid who hated all things to do with God encountered any of these teachers for only a day they would be begging to come back the next day and on a path to change.
   Today however, something very serious was up in Tom’s life; he would be having a test tomorrow and the teacher only told them about it today. Normally, Tom’s teacher would give Tom a heads up but for some lesson best known to teachers she chose to give them barely a day’s notice.
   Tom decided that as soon as he gets home he’s going to breeze through his shores as quickly as he could but make sure that he does them as properly as he could then after eating and a quick shower he would hit the books.
   When Tom got home he did all that he had proposed to do but when it came time for him to read he eyes brushed past the television and he noticed they were showing his favorite cartoon – and an episode he had not watched before. Tom turned his eyes away from temptation, he had a test tomorrow – he had to read. Tom started walking away but soon found himself walking back. “Just a few minutes in front of TV won’t hurt. I would just watch for 10 minutes tops”, Tom told himself.
   10 minutes later the cartoon had gotten so interesting that Tom couldn’t pull himself away. Tom promised himself 5 minutes more, but 5 minutes later Tom couldn’t possibly leave at the most beautiful part of the cartoon. Tom promised himself that Ok! he would go and read immediately after the cartoon.
   After the cartoon finished Tom got up to go but just then the announcer announced that they would be showing the sequel to the cartoon they just showed after the break.
   “Oh! Men”, Tom thought. Now the plot of the cartoon was struck in his head and he was tormented with curiosity to find out how things would turn out for the characters. He just had to know what would happen to them in the sequel.
   Tom decided that he would just only watch a part of the sequel. He would just watch enough of the beginning part that would help him be able to predict the ending, then he would go and read. However, 20 minutes later, Tom could not still predict how the story could end so he just said perhaps a few more minutes would help. But a few more minutes never helped him see where the plot was going so he kept on watching and watching until he finished watching the whole cartoon.
   Ok! that was that, the cartoon was over. A lot of time had gone already but there was still time to read. Tom got up to go but then the unbelievable happened; the TV announcer announced that they were going to show a cartoon that Tom had wanted to watch for ages. Tom couldn’t believe they were going to show what they were going to show but the thing was that Tom had wanted to watch it since forever. Tom knew that he really shouldn’t but Tom decided to watch it. He might never get another opportunity to watch it again. 
   Tom sat back down in front of the TV and watched the cartoon from beginning to end.
   Tom made up his mind that now no matter what he was going to go and read. So he covered his ear with his hands just to in case the announcer may say something had he likes and then he ran to his bedroom to read.
   Tom finally settled down to read. Sadly, it was already late and 3 minutes into his reading; Tom fell asleep on his reading desk with his face using the book as a pillow. Tom’s Mum came and found him in that position. She didn’t know about the test – she wasn’t told. She then carried Tom into his bed as he slept.Then she tucked him in. She kissed him good night, put off the light and left the room.
    “BBrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”, Tom’s alarm clock went in the morning.
   Tom woke up. Oh! No it’s morning. How did he get into bed? The Test – he hasn’t read. “Oh Boy! I’m in soup”, Tom thought. He didn’t want to fail the test. It was too late for him to read right now. Ah! But too bad for Tom. He was going to reap what he sowed. He was going to face the consequences of his irresponsibility. Next time won’t spend his time watching TV when he should be reading.
   Tom was so worried - he was almost crying. Tom knelt down to pray that someway somehow God would make his school teacher forget to give the test.
   Tom got up to get ready for school. When he looked out the window on his way to the bathroom he noticed it was snowing. The whole street was knee deep in snow – it had been snowing all night – he was snowed in and would everybody else. There would be no school today because of the snow in and they would soon announce it over the radio.
   Tom rushed to the radio and after a few commercials they announced it. “Hurray!!!” Tom screamed, he couldn’t contain his joy.
   Tom’s Dad asked him if he’s happy because he’s gotten an opportunity to watch TV all day. But Tom replied, “No way Dad, I learnt my lesson the last time. I’m going to read.”
   Even though Tom’s Dad didn’t understand what that was all about, we sure are mighty glad that Tom learnt his lesson.


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