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Love Forgives - a short story by A.B.King

   Everyone stood speechless. They couldn’t believe what the 23 year old John had just done at his own father’s funeral. John could see it in their eyes, what he had just done ranked number one on the list of taboos they could ever imagine to happen at a funeral. The looks in their eyes got too uncomfortable for John. A part of him told him he deserved it based on what he had just done a few seconds ago. Another part of him told him that he had no right to feel guilty. These people don’t understand. If they had lived in his shoes they would have probably done worse. John couldn’t stand it any longer. He turned around and ran away from the funeral service. His finance, Mary ran after him. Even though she didn’t understand what it was all about; whenever he hurt, she hurt.
   John rushed into his car. His finance got in after him.
   John was confused. He wanted to be alone. He shouted to his finance to get out the car but she refused. After a while, it became obvious that no matter what he said to her, she would not leave his side. She would never walk away from him especially now when she believed he needed her most even though he didn’t know it.
   John gave up trying to get her out of the car. He started the car and started driving fast like he was trying to out run his problems.
   John’s finance tried to get him to stop the car. She tried to get him to talk to her. She tried to reach deep down into his soul, but he just kept resisting. He kept on driving madly down the road.
   She put her hand on his right hand which was on the steering wheel and immediately he just burst into tears. She had touched something deeper than just his hand. She had touched his heart with the love she had for him.
   John started to explain why he hates his Dad so much, as he drove the car. He told her a truly touching story of abuse, pain and neglect. He told her his story. He told her all that his Dad put him and his Mum through. He held nothing back.
   All he said was so intense that it became understandable that a few minutes ago he had not only spat on his father’s coffin but had also ran his foot through it as though he wanted to squash him as the roach he was – it was as though John felt his Dad had used death to escape reaping what he sowed – as though he wanted him to feel some pain.
   John’s finance looked intensely at John and told him that she is not going to pretend that she knows what he’s going through but she knows that based on what he had said, the devil has been strongly trying to destroy him since he was a child.
   She told him that the thing is if he continues like this with so much hatred and unforgiveness in his heart - the devil wins. She told him that we should forgive people no matter the gravity of their offense just as Jesus forgave us not weighing the gravity of our offenses.
   She told him that he just can’t let the devil win. She wouldn’t let him (John) let him (Satan). She just wouldn’t. She said that Jesus believes in him (John) and so does she.
   After a few minutes, the words of John’s finance finished working on his heart. He could no more see any sense in hating his Dad. He forgave his Dad right there and then. He could feel it in every fibre of his being.
   He stopped the car. Turned to his finance. Looked into her eyes, and then he said, “Thank You.”


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They Carry our Troubles, All Night, All Day/
They Risk their Future, To Keep us Safe/
Have you said a Prayer, For a Cop today?/
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