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Love Stories: A Miracle At Christmas - by A.B.King

Ray and Lilly where getting ready for Ray’s Dad’s arrival. He always came every Christmas season. Funny thing is he hates Christmas. He was so unlike them. They were strong Christians but he wasn’t. They weren’t racists, but he was a member of the KKK. They were always happy and encouraging, but he was always frowning and discouraging. His excuse for his frequent discouraging remarks was that he was only being realistic.
   The list of differences could go on and on but the thing was that he was family and Ray and Lilly couldn’t turn their backs on family.   Ray, Lilly and their four children gathered together to pray. They prayed that this Christmas would be a special Christmas. They prayed that God’s gift to them his Christmas would be the salvation of Grandpa. 
  30 minutes later, Grandpa walked through the door. He was still as strong and energetic as many 36 year olds even though he was in his sixties.
   After they had welcomed him and they had cracked jokes which he only grunted to instead of laughed to, the youngest child for some reason took it upon himself to minister to his Grandpa after he had settled down and finished eating.
   The rest of the family just kept quiet when the youngest child started. They didn’t plan it that way. They wouldn’t have ever planned it that way but since things were already in motion they could only hope it would work.
   Grandpa listened to the youngest child for a while. After which he interrupted his grandchild and listed whatever reasons KKK members tell themselves are good reasons for someone to be a racist.   Even though everything Grandpa said could only be classified as Justifying Evil, the room grew silent. The vibe of the most awkward of awkward moments floated around the room. The rest of the family knew that anything they said now could easily turn into a quarrel which could then turn into something that would cut him off from their family forever.
   2 days later, they told Grandpa that they were going to help out at a charity function. He didn’t want to go. He grumbled about it, but for the sake of his son and Grandchildren he decided to go.
   Everything was going smoothly until Grandpa said something racially discriminating and refused to dish out some food for a poor teenage African - American boy. Everyone else present now knew that he was a racist. That single act took things to a whole other level and a lot of things were boiled up in people’s hearts to say but no one spoke up.   The poor teenage African - American boy however, didn’t complain. He just acted like he didn’t hear what was said and shifted to someone else who would dish out food for him even though everyone knew that he heard what was said.
   Ray and Lilly were greatly disappointed. They wanted to leave but as Grandpa saw how uncomfortable he made them he decided to leave himself instead. He told them that they should stay, that he knows how much they love to help people. They shouldn’t leave because of him, rather he would leave while they stay.
   Lilly tried to say something but Grandpa said, “I’ll walk”, then he turned and started walking back home.
   It was late and Grandpa had walked about a block when a bunch of young African - American men jumped him and said, “So you are the racist who dared to come into our neighborhood?” They started beating him and when they saw a KKK tattoo beneath his sleeves they got so mad that they didn’t mind killing him at this point. They started stomping him harder with their heavy designer boots.
   Grandpa knew his body. He knew that he couldn’t take anymore. He knew that only a little more of this and he would no longer be among the living.
   At that moment, Grandpa wondered if God was real. He looked up and said, “God, please if you are real, help me.”
   Suddenly, he heard a voice. It was a familiar voice but he couldn’t quite place it because his head was spinning in quite a whirlwind of a migraine headache. He turned on the floor for a better view. Perhaps it was someone God had sent to save him. God is real after all.
   However, he felt his hopes fell to the ground and dashed to pieces when he noticed that it was the African - American teenage boy that he had refused to help. Oh! Great, he would probably have his revenge by joining his black friends to send him 6 feet deep.
   Grandpa was shocked to his bone however, when he heard the boy begging the other African - American boys to leave him alone. Grandpa couldn’t hear much but he heard him say something about Martin Luther King and also something about God.
   Grandpa passed out. When he woke up, the African - American teenage boy was standing over his hospital bed and telling him not to worry that the doctor said that he would be fine.
   Grandpa was shocked and he asked the boy why doesn’t he hate him? Why did he help him? Why did he save his life?
   The African - American teenage boy explained to him that because he is a Christian hate has no room in his body. Hate cannot abide in the same place where the Holy Spirit abides therefore he cannot have hate in his heart for him or for anybody else.
   Before Ray, Lilly and their four children could rush to the hospital after getting the news, the African - American teenage boy had already led Grandpa to Christ and left. He wasn’t an angel, but Ray, Lilly and their four children knew that they had gotten nothing short of a mighty miracle.
   A couple can do anything when they stand together and pray. This miracle was the answer of prayer. A family that prays together stays together. Prayer works. Prayer changes things.

The End.

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