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More Than Just A Book - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time on a planet named Tor (a planet far far away) it was a time of peace and prosperity unlike the Planet Tor has ever seen before but a young scientist named Stone believed a flood was coming and tried to warn his people. Sadly, he had a reputation for being a scientist who has been known to propose ridiculous theories.
Dr. Stone and the daughter of the king of Planet Tor had a thing for each other.
   Sincerely, the king couldn’t see what his daughter Princess Jasmine saw in Dr.Stone. The King prohibited Dr. Stone from ever stepping foot on the palace grounds, he didn’t want Dr. Stone anywhere around him or his daughter. He also refused to grant Dr. Stone an audience to hear him out concerning the flood.
At midnight Dr. Stone sneaked into the palace grounds and he and Princess Jasmine rendezvoused in the royal garden.
Dr. Stone convinced her to persuade her father to give him an opportunity to prove his claims.
   Their midnight meeting ended with Dr. Stone respectfully and romantically telling Princess Jasmine how much he loves her and how much he dreams of marrying her through the most romantic poem you’ve ever heard.
   The next day, the king gave into his daughter’s plea and Dr. Stone was granted an audience with the king and the Royal Court for him to justify his claims.
Dr. Stone began to expound on how his life had changed since he read a bible which he found on a planet called Earth during a scientific excursion there.
   He told them that the creator of all the planets now speaks to him and he told him there would be a flood coming very soon that could wipe out their entire planet.
   The king asked Dr. Stone if he knew how crazy he sounds.
   Everyone laughed at Dr. Stone. Those who could take breaks inbetween their laughter pointed out a multitude of reasons why he must be wrong.
   It all ended with the king telling him that he should feel fortunate that he hasn’t had him thrown into an asylum and that he never wants to hear another word of this nonsense of Planet Tor being destroyed by a flood ever again.
   3 days later a great rain began to fall and after 3 months the rain still hadn’t ceased to fall. It was clear to even the most steadfast sceptic that the prophecy of Dr. Stone was coming true.
   By the 12th Month, with the rain still falling and more than half of the entire planet already submerged in water. The king decided they all evacuate to Planet Fodd and beg the king there to accept them all as slaves as that is their only chance of survival.
Dr. Stone went to the Princess and told her to tell her father that he knows a way to solve the tragedy so they shouldn’t go.
   The king was reluctant to give Dr. Stone a chance but he eventually agreed and stopped everyone from leaving to Planet Fodd to become slaves and then he waited with arms folded to see how Dr. Stone would solve the problem of the flood.
Dr. Stone lifted up his hands and prayed for the rain to stopto the creator of all the planets who he had read about in the bible.
   Immediately, the rain stopped.
   This reminded Dr. Stone of the story of Elijah in the bible, how he made it stop raining and how he made it rain again through prayer although that was a lot different.
   Everyone rejoiced that the planet was saved and that day was marked throughout the planet as Dr. Stone day. A day that would be celebrated for generations and generations to come.
   The king threw a party in his castle for Dr. Stone and all the movers and shakers of the planet were there.
   Everyone on the planet was curious about the bible. The king had Dr. Stone’s Copy of the bible re-printed and made available for free for everyone on his planet. Everyone was hungry to get to know who is this creator of all the planets, and the hunger led many to their salvation.
   Now Dr. Stone had gained favour with the king he could finally ask his permission to marry his daughter; something that Dr. Stone and Princess Jasmine had always wanted.
   The king granted them permission; and Dr. Stone and Princess Jasmine lived happily ever after because a life in Christ is a life of happiness forever.


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