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My Little Sister’s Garage Sale - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now, there lived a cute little girl named Diana. Today, Diana would be having a garage sale but unlike her previous garage sales her parents wouldn’t be around to supervise. This left the responsibility to her not so responsible but big brother, Timothy; who was fond of disobeying his parents as far as they never found out and it served his selfish desires.
   Timothy got bored of supervising and taught it best that he run off to go play. As far as his little sister didn’t tell their parents, he wouldn’t be in trouble with them.
   Timothy’s little sister begged him not to go that she didn’t like been left at home all alone but more importantly, by leaving he would be disobeying Mum and Dad. She reminded him that in their last Sunday School class the teacher preached about doing what’s right whether someone was watching or not. She pointed out that not only would he be acting without virtue by leaving, but he would also be disobeying and therefore dishonouring Mum and Dad; which is something that God warned against in the 10 commandments of Moses. In fact it is the only commandment with a promise. It promises long life to those who keep it.
   But Timothy brushed aside all that Diana had to say. He was not going to bore himself to death supervising her garage sale. He was going to play with his friends.
   Long after Timothy left, Diana realised she was not making as much money as she thought she would make. But that was until a guy with a briefcase and a black suit showed up. After a long talk he walked away with the Deed of Ownership of her parent’s house. Diana was proud of herself, even though the man was a tough negotiator she had managed to sell the house for 65 dollars. Although selling the house was not on the list of things she planned to sell, her parents would be very glad when they find out how much she sold it for.
   When Timothy returned minutes before he knew his parents would return and found out what happened he felt like dying. He explained to Diana that the man she sold it to had ripped her off and now they would all he homeless.
   Timothy knew he would have to take the blame. He couldn’t tell Mum and Dad that he wasn’t around when the man came. Besides even if he told his parents that he wasn’t there it would still be his fault for leaving. Timothy couldn’t believe the mess he was in.  He had disobeyed his parents may times before but this time, Boy! Was he going to get it. His tough boy persona faded as he sat on the pavement with tears streaming down his cheeks. If only he had listened to Diana’s previous words before he left and had stayed to honour his parents by obeying their instructions, none of this would have happened. Now whatever would he do? What was he going to tell his parents? And what would his parents do?
   Just then, Mum and Dad showed up. Timothy felt as though his heart fell out of his chest. He cried uncontrollably and apologized over and over again as he explained what happened. He told the truth and promised to never disobey them again.
   Then to his surprise, his parents smiled and calmed him down. They explained that the man who bought the house didn’t buy the house. He had been sent by them. The whole thing was a trick they pulled on Timothy so that he would learn a lesson and never again disobey them.
   Timothy was both shocked and relieved to hear that. He felt like someone just poured a bucket of cold water on his troubled soul.
   From then onwards, Timothy became a really good and obedient boy. He became a joy to his parents.


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