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My Online Friend Is The Devil - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time there lived a little 12 and a half year old girl named Robyn. She was a nice Christian girl from a nice Christian home. She was very popular in school but was in no way a snub nor did she and her closest friends run around making any other student’s life miserable.
   Robyn had a little sister named Janet who was quite nosy but Robyn loved her anyway and loved to play with her whenever she was at home after school and had finished her homework. The sisters were 2 and a half years apart in age.
   Robyn was also very close to her Mum. They had a very healthy relationship and neither could prevent herself from being overjoyed merely by the presence of the other.
Robyn’s Mum guarded her daughter devotedly like every good mother should. And like every good mother should in a world filled with new ways to communicate with new people, a mother should also come up with new ways to monitor and control who her kids communicate with and make friends with in other to prevent them from making friends with the wrong people which will result in the destruction of their kid’s future.Hence, Robyn’s Mum had installed a safe browsing software on the laptop that her daughter uses.  The software doesn’t allow Robyn browse any site that her Mum hasn’t approved. This gave Robyn’s Mum peace of mind and a general lack of worry when she knew her daughter was alone in her room with a laptop that had an internet connection.
   In school, a certain online social network or ‘friends –site’ just became popular. Everyone in school was just getting on it and since Robyn was one of the cool kids, she got wind of it just when it was starting to get cool. She and her close circle of friends had to do things first before everyone else in school get into doing it.
   As was the custom whenever Robyn wanted her Mum to approve a new site she had heard about, Robyn told her Mum about the site so that her Mum would check it out and then decide whether she would approve it or not.
   Robyn’s Mum checked it out but she refused to approve it because she said that it was unsuitable for kids and she doesn’t like the nature of the type of little girls that were on the site.
   Robyn pleaded with her Mum and tried to convince her that it’s just a friends – site and that it is safe but her Mum still refused.
   Robyn’s little sister, Janet had quite a day watching her big sister follow her Mum all around the house thinking up reason after reason as to why her Mum should approve the site while her Mum kept saying No! atever necessary interval while she carried out routine activities. It was all a little amusing to Janet.
   In school the next day, all of Robyn’s friends where talking about the website. Robyn felt painfully left out. She even felt more like the odd one out whenever a friend would ask her what’s her username on the website; that they ‘ill like to add her as one of their friends on the site. And then, Robyn would have to tell them that she’s not on the site.
   After days of not being able to do one of the cool things that her group of cool friends do, a friend comes to her and tells her that she knows why she’s not on the friends – site and that she knows how to fix the problem. She tells Robyn to meet her during recess the next day.
   The next day during recess, Robyn met the friend and the friend gave Robyn a CD – ROM.
   The CD – ROM contained a program that when run on a computer it would display the password of anything that is password protected on that computer.
   Robyn could hear the Holy Spirit tell her not to take the CD – ROM but still she refused to heed the voice of the spirit. She knew what it meant if she takes the CD – ROM. She knew the risk it held if she takes the CD – ROM. She knew the temptations she would be opening herself to if she takes the CD – ROM because now she would be able to access whatsoever website she wanted; not only the friends –site that she had craved to join for the past few days.
   Robyn felt heavy in her heart. She could hear the Holy Spirit speaking to her clearly in her heart telling her not to take the CD – ROM.
   It turned out the pressure of peer pressure, curiosity and belonging in the crowd; where the pressures that were going to prevail. Robyn walked away with the CD – ROM.
   When Robyn got home she ran the CD – ROM on the laptop and got the password of the safe browsing software that her mother used to control the sites that she surfed. She could now access any website she wanted. She could now join the friends – site that her Mum didn’t want her to join.
   One day while browsing, Janet walked in on her. Robyn literally jumped out of her skin in fright and immediately closed the laptop as she sat with it on her bed. “WHAT?”, she barked.
   Janet told Robyn that Mum needed her in the kitchen (and actually that was true even though Mum didn’t send Janet to fetch Robyn). Janet had just come into Robyn’s room to play with her big sister but Robyn’s initial fright at seeing her made her curious as to what Robyn must have been browsing. So she needed an excuse to get Robyn quickly out of the room so she could check out what she was browsing. She knew that the only thing that could make Robyn leave whatever she was doing and run out of her room was if Mum calls her or needs her for something. Hence, the claim that Mum needed her in the kitchen.
   Before Robyn zipped past Janet she told Janet to stay out of her room. Janet casually walked away like she didn’t have the slightest intent to enter Robyn’s room but as soon as Robyn was out of sight she turned and ran into Robyn’s room to open the laptop and see what Robyn was up to.
   Janet was sad to see that her big sister had been browsing the site that Mum told her not to browse. She knew that Mum could not have given Robyn access to the site therefore something else must be up. She decided not to confront Robyn about it but she was going to be keeping a closer eye on Robyn from now on.
   Robyn soon became close friends with another girl online that was her age, and whom she had never seen before. After months of friendship they decided to meet.
   The new friend chose the spot where they should meet and she told Robyn to come alone and not tell anyone where she was going because if she did the person may tell someone and one way or the other her parents may get to hear about it and then they would end their friendship and punish her for using the website they’d told her not to use.
   Robyn agreed to set out alone on the day they’d arranged to meet. However, Robyn didn’t know she was being followed by her younger sister, Janet.
   When Robyn arrivedat the spot, a big strong man came out of nowhere and grabbed Robyn. Just as Robyn started screaming he covered her nose with a handkerchief that had been dipped in chloroform, which made Robyn faint immediately.  He then started to carry her to a car that was close by.
   Janet was watching all of this. She quickly rushed for the closet telephone and called the cops. The person who answered her quickly took down the details she gave, then asked Janet that if it is possible that she should take a pen and paper and jot down the license plate of the car the kidnapper is putting her sister in so in case the cops are not able to arrive before the kidnapper leaves they can still catch him. The person also told Janet to be careful and to do it from a safe distance but if she can’t she shouldn’t worry that the cops are coming.
   Janet immediately got out a pocket coloring book that was in her pocket along with a crayon and ran to the place she taught was safest to hide, and she wrote down the license plate number of the car.
   Janet then ran back to where the telephone was and called Mum who was with Dad at the time.
   Mum freaked over the phone. She was so confused. She told Janet to stay there that she was coming. She then told Dad what was happening. They both rushed for the car and started driving to where Janet had said she was. Mum called the cops on her cell phone as Dad drove while praying in tongues at the same time. After that phone call, Mum called the Pastor of the church they attended, after briefly telling him what was going on and asking him to pray she joined her husband in praying in tongues as he drove.
   The cops got to where Janet was just a few minutes after the kidnapper drove away with Robyn lying unconscious and tied up in the boot of his car.
   Janet gave the cops the license plate of the car and they alerted all units to be on the lookout.
   Mom and Dad arrived to where Janet was. Two cops where with her but all the other cops in the district were on the alert; looking for the kidnapper.
   After the cops spoke to Mum and Dad, they got Janet to the side and they prayed in tongues for a long time – they prayed till they received a word of knowledge in their spirit that the kidnapper had been caught and Robyn was Ok.
   All the while the cops just looked at them strange but in spite of the fact that outwardly they would want to classify the family as weird, deep inside their hearts they admired the family for their courage to belief in their faith. Another family would have broken down and would have been crying hysterically but this one simply ran to God first and put all their trust in him believing that they wouldn’t need to go anywhere else cause they believe God is supreme and he has the final say.
   3 minutes later, the two cops got a call that they’ve got the kidnapper and that the girl (Robyn) was alright. She had just regained consciousness.
   Somehow the two cops knew that the wrapping up the matter so quickly had to do with the strange looking prayer session that they just saw. They just knew it had to be the prayer.
   The two cops told the family the good news. They noticed that even though they rejoiced they didn’t receive the good news like people who weren’t expecting it, rather they received it as though they were merely receiving a confirmation for what they had already believed. It was like a doctor telling a pregnant woman that she’s a few weeks pregnant.
They already knew everything was Ok. The family believed God strongly. The two cops couldn’t doubt that.
   Robyn was reunited with her family. She came clean with them about the CD – ROM and the website. Instructions were given, apologies where made and all was forgiven.
   Robyn had learnt her lessons, now she would always obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and her parent’s advice & instructions as far as it is in accordance to God’s word.


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