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Runaway Dad - a short story by A.B.King

   Once upon a time in a city much like where you live right now there lived a little girl named Betty. She was a Christian girl. She lived in a Christian home … well sort of.
   The thing was that she lived with her Mum – only her Mum. Betty had come home from school one day only to find that her father was not around. He usually sat in front of the TV all day and never bothered to get a job. In his mind he didn’t need to because his wife was making enough money to keep his tummy full every day. So it was so unusual for little Betty not to find her father in front of the TV or anywhere in the house at all.
   Betty also noticed something strange, where was her Mum? Betty walked through the soberly silent house to her Mum’s room. She heard a faint muffed sound as she approached the door. As she slowly opened the door carefully peeping inside she what she saw couldn’t be true. She wasn’t seeing her super strong and organized Mum cry. … Or was she?
   “FFFrraaaaph!”, the door creaked as Betty was still slowly pushing the door open.
   Suddenly, with the speed of lighting Betty’s Mum’s eyes shot towards the door. Shock registered on her face but it was only for a second. Still, it was long enough for Betty to see it and to also see that she had been crying.
   With one quick clever swipe Betty’s Mum dried her tears with her palm and smiled such a wide smile at Betty that it was hard for Betty to believe she had just seen her Mum cry a second ago.
   “You’re back? So how was school today my little darling”, Betty’s Mum asked like everything was normal and nothing out of the ordinary had to her throughout her day.
   Betty tried to ask her Mum what was wrong but Betty’s Mum kept pushing the topic to the side. That day marked the first daythat she would live without a father. Anytime she ever asked her Mum about her father her Mum would either change the topic or give her an answer that doesn’t even try to answer the question. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months, and Betty hadn’t seen her father or known what had become of him.
   While in school one day, Betty got into a bit of a quarrel with another girl and then the girl in anger said something about Betty’s Dad leaving her Mum and now leaving with another woman in a different city.
   Betty was stunned. There was no proof to what she just heard but it was like her intuition just kicked in and made her know deep inside no matter how much she may want to deny it that what she just heard was the truth.
   When Betty regained her motion again, with tears streaming down her eyes she ran to the school gate, zipped past the school security man and headed straight home. She poured her heart out to her Mum crying all through; telling her Mum about what the girl in school had just said to her and asked if it were true.
    Betty’s Mum couldn’t keep the truth from her daughter anymore so she told Betty it was true.
    Weeks past by, Betty was still trying to adjust to being just another one of those kids whose got only one parent because the other one just packed up and left.
   Betty went to the library one Saturday and in between children’s story books she decided to read a Christian book for kids because it had a beautiful cover and pretty pictures inside even though it was not a story book.
   In the book, the author said that if you  ask God for anything you want and if you believe that you will receive it then you would.
A lot of the things in the book where just too awesome. It sparked something within Betty.
   Betty went home that day and prayed and prayed and prayed. She prayed that her father would return home. She had found out that her father wasn’t married to the woman he was now living with and that her Mum had not yet signed any divorce papers.
   If her father returned now things would not be as complicated as it would have been if he had married the woman he is now living with.
   Betty prayed regularly daily for her father to return, she would not stop praying until he did. Sometimes her Mum would pass by her room and see her praying for her father to return.
   One day, Betty remembered that in the book from the library there was a part in it that said something about sowing a seed of a winning a soul and asking God to do a certain thing for you.Betty decided to go out and win a soul for Jesus.
   It so happened that the place she went to preach to someone, was where her father had come to visit so even though she could not see or hear him, he could hear what she was saying to the person she was ministering to.
   After Betty’s Dad heard the sermon Betty preached to the fellow, he rushed out and hugged his daughter. He became a Christian and returned home after travelling back to the other city to end things with the other woman.
   When Betty’s Dad returned; he seriously & sincerely begged his wife to take him back and even though it was impossible to make it up to her he did all that he could to make it up to her.
   What’s more, he wasn’t the irresponsible guy who sits in front of the TV all-day any more. He got a job, loved to spend time playing with Betty and was also devoted to serving his wife like any real husband should. Glory be to God.


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